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Lightning's Girl
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Feb 2, 2018
Jan 15, 2007
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Jan 19, 1959 (Age: 59)
Home Page:
In front of the computer---duh.
Nursing Facility Surveyor/Writer

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Lightning's Girl

Mod Chick =), Female, 59, from In front of the computer---duh.

Staff Member Moderator

Still riding the rollercoaster, but this is the kiddie version. :-) Feb 22, 2014

Lightning's Girl was last seen:
Feb 2, 2018
    1. X FACTOR
      X FACTOR
      Where the hell you been....all going ok?
      1. Lightning's Girl
        Lightning's Girl
        Hi---sorry for worrying you. I've been battling a nasty case of mixed mania and depression and having problems with work because of it. I don't know if I'll even have a job soon. I was sort of forced to come "out of the closet" with my bipolar because I HAVE had so much trouble learning the job. Far better to be thought crazy than stupid, I say. Otherwise, I'm a lot better now. Thanks for caring! :-)
        Apr 19, 2014
      2. X FACTOR
        X FACTOR
        always care.....I am killing at the new corp. position and am 2 wks away from 1 yr clean!
        Apr 21, 2014
      3. Lightning's Girl
        Lightning's Girl
        I'm glad you're doing well!!! And congrats on passing the one-year mark!!!

        I did lose the job. My last day was Friday. Other than being bummed about being poor again, I'm not upset....the job was way over my head and I felt utterly incompetent. Just a poor fit is all. I'll just have to find something somewhere else. :-)
        Apr 29, 2014
    2. HUN
      Checking in again to see how you all are doing. Hugs.
      1. Lightning's Girl
        Lightning's Girl
        Hi Carrie!
        Hubby continues to do well. He had a CT recently which showed his tumors have shrunk a little! He feels perfectly normal, and to look at him you'd never think he was sick. For my part, I've been in a nasty mood episode and finally he made me call my doctor, who put me on a new/old med. I'm OK now.

        Thank you for thinking of us. Hope all is well in your world!
        Mar 29, 2014
    3. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Still riding the rollercoaster, but this is the kiddie version. :-)
    4. HUN
      Hi. LG. This is Carrie. Just stopped by for what seems to be my bi annual visit. I read the thread about your husband and felt I needed to send a quick note. . What a lucky man, in many ways. From your posts I glean that your family has had a good life. Second, he'll have his private nurse with him and advocating for him through this. Your family will be in my prayers.
      1. Lightning's Girl likes this.
      2. Lightning's Girl
        Lightning's Girl
        Hey Carrie!! Great to see you!! How have you been?

        Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us. :-) But you know, I'm the lucky one here---this man has put up with ME for 33 years, bipolar and all. He's doing well right now....thank God the tumor is a slow-growing kind, and he's getting oral chemo to stop it (we hope). He could live several more years if it works like it does for some patients. Yay!!
        Sep 21, 2013
    5. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Off the rollercoaster......finally! Not a ride I wanna take again anytime soon.
    6. LT-Express
      lol well since you are on a rollercoaster ride check your pm's chica!
      1. Lightning's Girl likes this.
    7. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      On a rollercoaster ride........where the hell else?
    8. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Gonna be a looooooooooooong offseason......hope it's at least interesting!
    9. Lightning's Girl
    10. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Getting ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!
    11. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      SOOOOO glad it's summertime!!!
    12. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      R.I.P. Junior Seau #55.....forever a Charger, forever in our hearts
    13. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Waiting for August.........
    14. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Celebrating our first legitimate W all year!!
    15. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Trying to justify last week's clusterf*** to bosses and co-workers
    16. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      Enjoying bye week.....I'm still trying to get the palpitations to stop!!
    17. Lightning's Girl
      Lightning's Girl
      I'm so ready for some football, I'm about to get UNready!! BRING IT ON!!!
    18. JohnnyX
      Adult section, how do I get in?
    19. YuoGotOwn3d
      how would I get admitted to the adult section?
    20. Zot
      A little help please...I did the "Adoption" thingy and can't see it when I post. Also, I can't see my signature. Yes I did go thru user CP then options. The box for sigs WAS checked. What am I doing wrong???

      Thanks, in advance, for the help.

    21. Thumper
      Big Shout Out to the MOD Chick!
      1. Lightning's Girl likes this.
    22. Deb
    23. clontarf_bolt
      Howdie, would it be possible to get admitted to "The Political Playground?"


    24. Buck Blincoe
      Buck Blincoe
      How does one get admitted to "The Political Playground?"


    25. Game123
      Look, LG, as I've said before, Prop 8 isn't about you personally. There's something bigger than either of us at stake here. If you want to call me names and childish things like that because I disagreed with you... so be it. I think I'll eventually get over the loss.

    26. SD Native WY
      SD Native WY
      Thank You Babe !!!!!!!!!!!
    27. Deb
    28. BOLTS4LIFE
    29. montanabolthead
      Thanks for the kind words. Glad to have the opportunity to serve!
    30. BOLTS4LIFE
      A gift to you from "YELLING PRODUCTS!!!"

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    Jan 19, 1959 (Age: 59)
    Home Page:
    In front of the computer---duh.
    Nursing Facility Surveyor/Writer
    Charger Fan Since:
    I've been a Chargers fan forever! Married 33 years with 4 grown kids ages 22-31; 4 grandsons, a granddaughter, and a step-grandson; 3 cats; and one very spoiled Pug mix dog.

    God, Family, and Country come first, then CHARGERS football! I also enjoy being a nursing-home surveyor and part-time writer, blogger, and moderator. :D


    Remember: You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to.