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Last Activity:
Jun 23, 2018 at 6:51 PM
Apr 29, 2008
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Oct 19, 1978 (Age: 39)

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Well-Known Member, 39

Nutriaitch was last seen:
Jun 23, 2018 at 6:51 PM
    1. Concudan
      Post something lets see your adoption siggie!
    2. Nutriaitch
      who knows? :icon_shrug:
      you can never trust them dam bananers:lol:
    3. CajunlostinCali
      OMG, did that bananna just flip me off? :trout:
    4. CajunlostinCali
      1st game at the new box, sweet! You picked a humdinger with the Tulane game. Speaking of which, you need to repost the making of the green wave! :lol:
    5. CajunlostinCali
      "that's the 1st friend request I've ever sent.
      you should consider yourself "special"

      Thanks, I think! :lol:
    6. CajunlostinCali
      thanks feller!
    7. CajunlostinCali
      How is it I am not your friggin friend? :icon_shrug:
    8. -Scar-
      :lol: sorry....i didnt want people to think im tryin to take members from here...and the young tigers on the board probably dont know as much as you about LSU history...

      You'll See i'm Sorely Outnumbered So Far...I Just Got A 2 Trojan Fans To Join....But it's A Pretty Diverse Crowd....:cool:

      Check It Out And Use Me As Your Reference...
    9. -Scar-
      :flag:yessir...i aint been here much because im getting my own board off the ground anymore...but i still stop through time to time because im like the only USC fan and one of 2 charger fans on my own spot...but all in all its going pretty well...

      hell theres even like 3-4 LSU fans on there so im alwasy in a healthy discussion about football and fanhood

      :thumbup1:plus i've been doin my own podcast...tryin to perfect the format..:icon_shrug:

      but yeah..im alive and well just been busy between so many projects including my music production...

      throw fatherhood, work schedule and relationship in with all that and it creates a busy stressful existence :lol:
    10. -Scar-
      Humble Season In The Bayou Ay????
    11. -Scar-
      Man You Should Upload A Pic...
    12. CajunlostinCali
      Best I can tell it may be on the NFL network but I am pretty sure you don't have a package. There is no other TV listing listed otherwise Check your PM for online details.
    13. CajunlostinCali
      You listening to the game on Saturday? Hester is gonna get some play no doubt. Best I can tell is it is on Sirius channel 140 or I can sport you the radio station online you can listen to it there.
    14. -Scar-
      :cool: Was It A Custom Or Did You order It Already Made?...And Please refer Me To Where i May Obtain One...:cool:
    15. -Scar-
      Doesn't Matter Much To Me When We Got Em It's Just The Fact That We Got Em :cool:

      And In Recent News I Was Playing NCAA 09 And Crushed An LSU Fan 42 10 With The Mighty Mighty SC!!!

    16. -Scar-
      We Have 11 Total Championships...Will Be A Lonnnng Time Before Alot Of Teams Catch Up To Us.....

    17. -Scar-
      LSU DEFINITELY Won't...

    18. AnteaterRaider

    19. -Scar-
      But Neither Of Them Will Win It All This Season

    20. -Scar-
      25 Year Span >>> 45 Year Span


    21. -Scar-
      Yeah But Those Were All In The Days Of Leather Helmets Too :thumbup1:
    22. -Scar-
    23. -Scar-
    24. -Scar-
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    Oct 19, 1978 (Age: 39)