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10 Most Overrated Things in Sports

Discussion in 'All Other San Diego Sports' started by Deb, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Deb

    Deb BoltTalker

    Jul 10, 2007
    10 Most Overrated Things in Sports

    Kyle Beakley (Scribe)1 comments
    148 reads
    July 16, 2008

    No. 10: Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Sure, every hockey nerd talks about the "passion" and "pride" behind the final drive to capture the immortal Stanley Cup.

    However, let's not forget that more than half the teams in league, even those with losing records, are invited to take place in the supposedly prestigious event. What's the point of playing those 82 regular-season games in the first place if a team that's 42-40 can knock out a 70-12 team with four lucky wins?

    Also, I don't think Lord Stanley envisioned games between Nashville and Atlanta or Dallas and Phoenix when he donated the trophy. There are too many small-market, faceless teams present in what should be a marquee event.

    Every round being best of seven is just too damn long. Cut early rounds to five or even three games so we can get the crappy teams out of the tournament and get to the good stuff already.

    Besides, does anyone else find it odd that a sport played on ice ends in June?

    No. 9: John Madden

    Once upon a time, John Madden was a groundbreaking commentator who brought plain talk, humor, and passion to what was previously a boring and stoic job held by the likes of rock-stiff Paul Christman.

    Now, color commentary is just a weekend hobby for Madden, who could make a living by simply sitting home and watching millions pour in from sales of his overblown video game franchise.

    He's saluted as the god of televised sports, but Madden is really no different than the drunk, obnoxious guy sitting on the corner at your local sports bar. You know, shouting innocuous comments ("When your team scores more points than the other team, you usually have a good chance at winning the game").

    Madden just criticizes plays for no apparent reason other than just to be heard ("he's gotta hang on to that ball, because otherwise he drops it and it's fourth down"), and playing favorites (particularly Brett Favre and the Oakland Raiders in Madden's case).

    Oh, but John Madden is different from your local sports bum in that he has a telestrator. So, he gets to scribble on your television set like a 4-year-old armed with a 64-pack of Crayola Crayons drawing all over his parents' wall. It's called expert analysis, then he get paid umpteen million dollars by NBC.

    Where's the love for Phil Simms?

    #8: The SEC

    Hey, I got some news for you SEC fans: from top to bottom, your little conference really isn't that much different from any other in Division I football.

    Sure, there are the powerhouses like Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama, but how about cupcakes like Vandy, Mississippi State (don't give me the oh-but-they're-gonna-contend-this-year crap), and Kentucky.

    The Pac-10 has the same balance of powerhouses and cupcakes as the SEC. For that matter, so does the ACC, and, to an extent, the Big 10.

    Yet, somehow SEC fans think that their teams should get a special bonus each time new BCS rankings come out, just because their team is in the supposedly "toughest" conference.

    Riots ensue throughout Florida if the Gators at 7-1 aren't ranked above USC at 8-0, because after all, that one loss is due to the fact that the SEC is just so tough!

    Guess what SEC whiners, if you think your conference is too tough, then switch to the Big East or go independent. Otherwise, shut up and accept the fact that the SEC isn't anything special and is just a lame excuse for your team's chokes.

    No. 7: ESPN

    "The Worldwide Leader in Sports" has ruined the sporting experience more than any other single force in the universe.

    Instead of actually showing games, ESPN's schedule consists of SportsCenter for 12 hours per day, a few hours of poker, a few hours of sportswriters screaming at each other, a few hours of replays of those sportswriters screaming at each other, and then maybe three hours of actual sports coverage, if they get around to it.

    If that wasn't bad enough, ESPN destroys the few actual sporting events they show with bad announcers, cheesy graphics, constant hype, and hip-hop theme music to attract a younger audience (mind you, a younger audience with a 10 second attention span who will probably turn the game off after three minutes to either play Madden 2008. Or, of course, they can watch the highlights on one of the 15 SportsCenter replays).

    Remember when families gathered around the set to watch the NBC Game of the Week?

    Remember Brent Musburger shouting "You are looking live at the Los Angeles Coliseum!...", followed by Pat Summerall's soft dulcitones calling the NFL action?

    Forget it. It's all down the tube thanks to the cookie-cutter world of ESPN.

    No. 6: Notre Dame

    How can a team which hasn't won a BCS Bowl game in 17 years be granted its own independent television contract and have a special clause for inclusion by the BCS to boot?

    Simple, it's because Notre Dame has perfected its status as a pure showpiece of college football.

    Notre Dame's prestige rests on bursts of success from ancient times. The aura of the Four Horsemen and The Gipper put Notre Dame on the map, and it still continues to this day (even though The Gipper would probably puke if he saw the state of Notre Dame, and for that matter, college football today).

    Along with its signature golden helmets, catchy fight song, and leprechaun logo, plus mild success from Ara Parshegian in the '70s and Lou Holtz in the '80s, Notre Dame has become the NCAA equivalent of the NFL's Cowboys: a haven for frontrunners.

    Notre Dame is also a favorite team of Irish-Americans, who merely by the team's nickname feel a birthright to be a Fighting Irish fan, even though they may live thousands of miles away in San Diego or Augusta, Maine.

    Notre Dame is a relic of a bygone era. Its success is not only limited, but also overblown by their legion of blind fans and friendly media. It doesn't deserve an independent TV contract, a special BCS exception, or nearly half of the praise it gets from sportswriters.

    No. 5: The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry

    I don't know about you, but I usually consider rivalries to be close battles between hated foes.

    Let's compare records since 1918: Yankees, 23 championships. Red Sox, 2 championships.

    Seem a little lopsided to you? It sure does to me: Yankees-Red Sox is a minor rivalry.

    In fact, a better word for "rivalry" would be "jealousy", particularly jealousy by Boston fans towards Yankees fans for always being better than them. And, on the other hand, Yankee fans have no reason to show any animosity towards the Red Sox, other than wanting them to shut the hell up with all their whining and complaining and Bambino sob stories.

    Plus, a true rivalry needs to be climatic and special. Ohio State and Michigan only play once a year. Duke and North Carolina play twice. Meanwhile, the Yanks and Sox play each other 14 times in six months.

    It's a passionate rivalry in September when playoff spots are on the line, but is there anything really "rivalrous" about an April game between these two clubs, other than the fact that the media goes crazy to promote it?

    Where is the real competitiveness here? There isn't any, to be quite honest: it's all artificial.

    Jealous Boston fans and grumpy front running Yankee fans who want someone to yell at when they don't win a championship for all of two years create it.

    Sure, there have been great moments like the Bucky Dent game, plus the 2003 and 2004 ALCS. But, other than that, the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry has been a media-created fallacy.

    No. 4: Non-BCS Bowl Games

    We all love the BCS Bowls, plus other New Year's Day bowls to an extent, like the Capital One Bowl and Gator Bowl.

    But, does anyone really get pumped up for the New Mexico Bowl or the Humanitarian Bowl?

    Is there even a point in playing these meaningless games? Stadiums are always half empty.

    Reruns of "The Jeffersons" get higher TV ratings. You'd be lucky to walk around all day and even find one person on the street who can name a player on either team in some of these pathetic games.

    But, the counter-argument is always: "Oh, well bowl games are for the players. They enjoy it, so shut up."

    Really? So a 6-5 team, whose players are already getting a free education and the privilege to play on a national stage really need to travel to Idaho to play a hyped-up game to potentially improve their record to 7-5. Proving that they're just above mediocre?

    Please. Bowl games are just big commercials in disguise (as are all sports, frankly). The game means absolutely nothing, besides another event for degenerate gamblers to bet on.

    I'd rather watch a local pee wee championship game where the kids actually care about the outcome than watch the Generic Desperate-for-Ad-Space Company Bowl in Nowheresville between Troy State and Florida Atlantic.

    No. 3: All-Star Games

    Remember when Pete Rose ran over Ray Fosse to win the 1970 All-Star Game?

    Forget it, those days are gone. Now, All-Star games are just friendly get-togethers for overpaid athletes. What should be an intense contact sport, becomes a genial game of croquet.

    Who really cares to see the game's best players on one field/court/rink when they're playing for absolutely nothing (except home field advantage in the World Series for baseball, which about two percent of All-Stars will care about)?

    Is it such a big thrill to see Derek Jeter and Manny Ramirez playing for the same team? It might have been neat back in 1965, but with free agency today, Manny and Derek could very well be playing on the same team next year.

    Speaking of free agency, the luster of watching the game's greatest players together is gone. Watching a Red Sox-Yankees game is pretty much like watching an All-Star Game. Their players account for almost the entire field of starters.

    The only fun All-Star events anymore are the Home Run Derby and the NHL Skills Competition—a unique twist that showcases the talents of top athletes.

    But, just playing another game and hyping it up to the max isn't anything to write home about. I wouldn't mind if they canned the All-Star Games.

    #2: The Super Bowl

    Every year, the entire nation gathers around a TV set to watch the Super Bowl— which usually turns out to be one of the crappiest games of the year.

    For all the hype and all the spectacle, the Super Bowl usually leaves you with the feeling of, in the immortal words of Harry Caray, "opening up a box of ******* Jacks and not finding a prize inside."

    Very rarely, we get a treat like this year's Giants-Patriots game, or Adam Vinatieri's last-second field goal in 2002, or Mike Jones making the game-saving tackle on the one-yard line.

    But, for every magical Super Bowl like those above, there are twice as many horrible ones: remember the Ravens' romping of the Giants, or John Elway's destruction of Atlanta, or even worse, the absolute snore fest of the Steelers and Seahawks?

    By the time you sit through the two weeks of media hype, six hours of pregame coverage, and the awful pregame concerts, you're probably expecting something spectacular. Instead, the NFL gives you either a lopsided game whose outcome is pretty much decided by the second quarter, or an overly conservative snore fest with neither team willing to pull out the fireworks.

    Unless your team is playing in the big game, it's rarely worth your time, not to mention all the bucks you'll shell out on pizza and nachos.

    No. 1: The Olympics

    Does anyone else want to puke when NBC plays those sappy commercials: "For two weeks, the entire world will come together in Beijing."

    Please. The Olympics are touted as some magical international-building event, which ends all wars thanks to the efforts of a few amateur athletes.

    In reality, the Olympics are an international political playing piece, which celebrates domination by world superpowers, and serves as the ultimate global billboard for greedy multinational corporations.

    And honestly, the only thing that makes the Olympics worth watching is the fact that it happens only every four years, and the USA always wins a bunch.

    Have you ever sat back and really taken a look at the kinds of events that get shoved down your throat during the Olympics? I have.

    Please shoot me if I have to watch one more gymnastics competition, featuring some of the creepiest-looking people on Earth twirling around bars.

    Am I really expected to sit through a 1000-meter race or even worse, hurdles? Can we lose the field hockey and soccer and put on an intense sport like water polo?

    And please, enough swimming and diving. How many variations can we possibly put on an already dull sport? I'll still be just as bored when watching a medley as I am when watching the butterfly stroke.

    Why do we really care about these inane sports with even more inane athletes? Does anyone have a life? Are we so attached to the tube that we'll actually sit and watch people racewalk for God's sake?

    It's pretty sad that The Olympics is a marquee event. It's the most overrated thing in all of sports.


    BOLTS4LIFE Banned Banned

    Oct 13, 2006
    I agree with just about all of this except the Super Bowl.

    With that said... where's the World Series?
  3. TrojanHorse

    TrojanHorse BoltTalker

    Jun 1, 2008
    Seeing the "SEC", I would approve of the list, but "non BCS bowl games" are often better than the BCS versions. The BCS looks more to make money, and for that reason, will give the public poor match ups that lead to lopsided victories.
  4. Lightning's Girl

    Lightning's Girl Mod Chick =) Staff Member Moderator

    Jan 15, 2007
    Well, I'm one of those sentimentalists who loves the Olympics, but I agree with most of this list and think the World Series ought to be added.
  5. LV Bolt Fan

    LV Bolt Fan Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2006
    I disagree with the Yankees - Red Sox rivalry.

    There's nothing better than the Sox beating the Yankees, The Padres beating the Dodgers, or the Lakers losing! :yes:

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  6. Shamrock

    Shamrock Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    He should have put USC up there instead of Notre Dame and the SEC.

    They claim a National Title that isn't theirs, as the REAL National Champion in that year was LSU (SEC). The Trojans were ranked #1 by the AP, not the BCS Title. The PAC-10 accepts a GUARANTEED bid (more than ND gets) from the BCS every year, and the money that goes along with it. The PAC-10 is a signatory conference that created the BCS and is OBLIGED by contract to honor the rules used to select the Nat'l Champ. Yet, a school in the PAC-10 doesn't honor it's own conference or the agreements it signs .... but they accept the yearly BCS bid and money even when they aren't in the running for a title. Amazingly hypocritical.

    Not to mention that year, the Condoms needed a blind eye from Pac-10 refs to use the "Bush Push" to beat Notre Dame. How about the Pac-10 refs blatantly ignoring pass interence by USC vs Fresno State, then calling a phantom PI call on the Bulldogs? Two "gift" games just to get to the Rose Bowl vs Texas.

    Then, you've got the procession of NFL busts that come from Pete Carroll's factory of thugs. Arrests and underachievers at the pro level.

    USC is the most overblown and overrated school in the nation.
  7. TrojanHorse

    TrojanHorse BoltTalker

    Jun 1, 2008
    *11 National championships
    *7 Heisman Trophy winners
    *The most players in the NFL hall of Fame
    *The most pro bowl appearances by any school
    *more players to appear in the Superbowl than any other college
    *farmed more coaches into the NFL than any other program
    *29 bowl victories puts them second to only Bama, but SC has the better bowl winning percentage
    *440 players drafted, places them 2nd all time
    *71 first round draft picks are the most of any program

    Despite for the fact you may not like them, look at those numbers and tell me how they're overrated or overblown?

    And as far as the AP trophy of 2003, in case you didn't understand what happened. USC finished the regular season ranked #1 in both the coaches and AP polls. The computer spit them out as #3. By contract, the coaches were told they couldn't cast a final vote for USC. So what the people ended up with was #2 vs. #3, to see who is #1? That makes sense?

    If the old format was still in place this year, Ohio State would have played Virginia Tech in the BCS championship game, because the computer spit out VTech as the top team in the nation, despite the fact that LSU (also with 2 losses) kicked the crap out of them in the regular season. LSU (The BCS champion) would have actually been left out of that game.

    As far as "busts" go, some players wish they can be a "bust"like a Troy Polamalu, Lofa Tatupu, Carson Palmer, Kenechi Udeze, Mike Patterson, Justin Fargas, Lendale White, etc. It's silly how people want to look at a Mike Williams, Dwayne Jarrett, and even Reggie Bush, then suddenly act as if those other players don't exist. :icon_shrug:

    The fact that you said Notre Dame, after just a 3 win season, and being televised every damn week, should be taken off the "overrated" list was laughable. I should have stopped reading there. Notre Dame got more hype at 3-9 than the majority of programs in the top 25.
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  8. Shamrock

    Shamrock Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    That's some comedy.

  9. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Why aren't Brady & Belichick on the list?? :icon_shrug:
  10. Concudan

    Concudan Meh... Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 5, 2006
    Or the manning clan?
  11. Chuck F.

    Chuck F. Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2007

    LSU has just been very fortunate that USC choked it up is the Stanford game......they would have played USC instead of a ****** Ohio State team. USC usually peaks in the bowl game and near the end of the year with the exception of the inexplicable loss to UCLA 2 years ago. I can think of 2 or three years recently that USC DID NOT win the championship that they would have crushed the national championship winner. Good thing for the rest of college football there is no playoff system. Dating back to the last year Palmer played with them....IMO they have been the best team in college football. I actually would argue that despite everyone raving about Pete Caroll, he's not a very good coach. That team is loaded with talent.
  12. TrojanHorse

    TrojanHorse BoltTalker

    Jun 1, 2008
    I'll give Carroll and his staff their credit, because USC is never short on talent. Pete took over a USC team that finished 10th in the Pac in 2000. That's last place, with Polamalu, Fargas, Palmer, etc. In one year, they were bowl eligible, and by his second year, a college football force.
  13. WonderSlug

    WonderSlug Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2005
    The SEC is overrated?

    The SEC is the *ONLY* conference that has won EVERY BCS National Championship game it had a team playing in.

    LSU won twice.
    Florida won once.
    Tennessee won once.


    PAC-10? 1-1
    ACC? 1-2
    Big Ten? 1-2
    Big 12? 1-2
    Big East? 1-1

    ****, they're the only ones that even a winning record in BCS national championship games.

    But then again, this article comes from The Bleacher Report, the same stupid *** site where some lame brained Raider fan wrote an article claiming that the Chargers have decreased in talent and the Raiders are now equal and could actually beat the Bolts this year. :icon_rofl:
  14. TrojanHorse

    TrojanHorse BoltTalker

    Jun 1, 2008
    *The SEC claims to be the best conference "top to bottom", yet they always have the same 6 on top, and the same 6 on bottom. The bottom is horrible. All the other conferences have teams on the bottom now that won the conference sometime in the past 20 years, showing more parity.

    *The SEC also claims to be the hardest road to the BCS championship game, yet they're playing in most of those games. That contradicts the entire logic. The Pac 10 played twice, and had to be undefeated both times to get in. One loss USC and Oregon teams were left out, but a 2 loss SEC team just got in.

    *The SEC claims no one can just walk into their conference and start winning. Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Les Miles did.

    *The SEC claims to be the most talented league in college football, but the ACC has more players on NFL rosters, followed by the Big 10, with the SEC placing 3rd.

    *A recent article showed the SEC to have the most starters in the NFL, but don't get caught up in the smoke and mirrors, and really look at each of them. 3 of those starters are Rex Grossman, Brodie Croyle, and Jamarcus Russell. Whoopie!

    *Pete Carroll is 3-3 against the Big 12. He is 4-0 against the SEC, and only one of those games were close.

    *What the past 2 SEC conference runner ups (Arkansas and Tennessee) have in common is that both were embarrassed by Pac 10 programs to open their seasons (USC and Cal), before going on to plow through the SEC.

    *In 2008, UCLA will host Tennesse, and Arizona State will host Georgia. If the SEC wins both those games, they would still trail the Pac 10 by one game in head-to-head match ups in this BCS era. The Pac leads 9-6, and only 4 of those victories came from USC.
  15. Chuck F.

    Chuck F. Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    LSU is just lucky they haven't had to play USC in a championship game.. USC is lights out in these big games......of course they can thank USC for playing awful football against crappy teams causing them to miss the BCS championship game. Sure, USC lost that legendary game against Texas(I always blamed Carroll for that loss) but other than that...since '02 they usually peak and are monsterous in these bowl games.
  16. Thumper

    Thumper WHS

    Aug 24, 2005

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