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10 Ways the Chargers Can Beat the Patriots - Sports-Central.org Article

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Big Bolts, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. GreyHoodie

    GreyHoodie BoltTalker

    Jan 15, 2008
    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    10 Ways the Chargers Can Beat the Patriots
    By Ryan Day

    1. Get Philip Rivers in a rhythm

    is he even playing? River might get into a great rhythm at trash talking the with Pat fans. Won't help Billy V score points.

    2. Run, run, run as fast (and hard) as you can

    Is LT going to be 100%

    3. Dominate the time of possession

    New England has lost the TOP battle and won the game. When scoring the scoring drive only take 72 seconds it doesn't eat much time off the clock.

    4. Make interceptions

    agreed but he throws on avg less than one per game

    5. Hit him and hit him hard

    agreed, but don't blitz too often or Welker will kill you

    6. Lengthen Brady's field

    I was impressed with your punter in the Colts game, much better than the Pats punter. Your goal should to use him less, not more.

    7. Punish the receivers

    Have to catch them first to tackle them.

    8. Get into the Patriots' heads.

    Did they seem distracted after spygate when they played the bolts earlier this season. Good luck with that.

    9. Show that you're the more physical team
    Their defense is overrated and their offense looks like Madden on Easy Mode.

    I have heard people now say when they had a great game video game, "he put up Brady numbers"

    10. Make this a Cinderella season

    Now that was solid football analysis at its best.
  2. GreyHoodie

    GreyHoodie BoltTalker

    Jan 15, 2008
    Colt fans seemed to have vanished from the Patriot boards too.

    The Bolts are playing good ball. And I have stated elsewhere on the this board I respect the Bolts and am not writing them off. I would say the Bolts are the toughest opponent the Pats have faced all year and would put them as the #2 football team in the league right now.

    But the author of that piece is a homer and it lacks any real football analysis. CHFF is football analysis, that piece was crap.

    I predict a Patriot fans and Chargers gamblers will be happy on Sunday. Pats win but don't beat the spread.

    I am guessing 10/2/05 is the last time the Chargers beat the Pats....

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