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2 Games, 2 Losses, 2 Points, 2 Much!!!

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Curtis Egan
    <em>BoltTalk Staff Writer</em>

    <a href="http://assets.espn.go.com/media/apphoto/5ef08e5b-242b-4592-8cd7-c6bb0eaf70a6.jpg"><img class="alignright" title="Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler fumbles the ball during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the San Diego Chargers in Denver, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008. The Broncos beat the Chargers 39-38. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)" src="http://assets.espn.go.com/media/apphoto/5ef08e5b-242b-4592-8cd7-c6bb0eaf70a6.jpg" alt="" width="183" height="243" /></a>Chargers vs. the Broncos- It is a storied rivalry that dates all the way back to the days of the AFL. These teams hate one another, and it shows when they play one another. This game was disappointing to say the least for Chargers fans, but there are many lessons that can be taken from this ugly game.

    The first lesson would be this; DO NOT BUY INTO THE PRESEASON HYPE! Proclaiming a team Superbowl Champions before the first game is played is silly at best! How many people said the Chargers had the best shot to reach the big game? How does that look now? What about the people who proclaimed this defensive unit a "Shutdown Defensive Unit"? How does that stand up with two ‘for reals' games to judge them by? What about those who said the AFC West was ours- Well I will man up. I thought our defense was all that and a case of chips. I thought the west was ours. I love this team, this defense especially. Perhaps that is why the last two games left such bitter taste in my mouth.

    Well Charger fans, as far as the Superbowl goes, the Chargers are not showing the moxie to make it to the playoffs, let alone win their way to a Superbowl. Our Defense, long a staple of the Chargers, the one unit that could be counted on through thick and thin is now playing as a mere shadow of their former selves.

    They have been arguably the weakest link so far this season. They have not been able to stop the run, can't stop the pass, and have not been able to pressure the opposing Quarterback- Not good my friends, not good at all.

    I find myself wondering if the days of proudly screaming "YOU CAN'T RUN!" are over. I hear we have an excellent Corner who wants to get 16 interceptions this season. Could I suggest getting 16 passes defended first? Tackling is horrible at best. It seems our Defense would rather lay a big hit on the opposition, rather than wrap someone up and take them down. What is the result you ask? Glad you asked- The result is yards after contact. The Chargers are giving up too many yards after contact. Way too many.

    As far as winning the west goes, we are now 2 "½ games behind Denver, and 1 "½ games behind Oakland. Sorry, had to swallow a little bile as I typed that-

    Many of us fans are frustrated and rightly so. We have the right to expect the team to be prepared, and the team to play to the levels we KNOW they are capable of. Many fans are calling for the head of Norv Turner, the Chargers Head Coach. Makes sense, the team has not looked prepared. With any good leader the ‘buck' should stop at them- The team did not play well at all in the first half against Carolina. The Offensive unit picked it up n the second half however, and they played well against Denver. That is why I believe the true problem lies just below the head coach.

    The problem is with the Defense, and thus, the Defensive Coordinator. Ted Cottrell has not had his unit ready to play, they have not been playing with any fire, passion, or aggression. That, my fellow fans is far too many checks in the no column for my liking. No fire. No Passion. No Aggression. I want to see the mean defense that knows the ball is theirs and will knock the snot out of anyone who gets in between them and their ball. Not the team that gets personal fouls called against them for playing frustrated. I want to see a defense that will knock the taste out of the mouth's of opposing quarterbacks. Not create comfy pocket for them to stand in and survey the field. I want a defense that does not rely on the receiver to miss the ball or drop the catch in order to create an incompletion. So far, this is not the Chargers defense. The Chargers are ‘nice guys' who welcome the other team to explore the field.

    I want my run hating, lip busting, back breaking, teeth cracking, quarterback stuffing mean defense back again. As they are playing now, the Chargers defense is soft. They are playing bend and try not to break defense. Not acceptable. There is no other way for me to call it. I love the Chargers defense. Perhaps that is why it is so hard to take them playing soft. Reacting (and slowly) instead of attacking. The way I see that, that is on Big Teddy C-

    Is this a call or Ron Rivera? Nope- Ron is the Coach of out Inside Linebackers. In my opinion they have played the poorest as a unit out of any unit on the team. It does not put Ron in a very good light in my opinion. Not at all. That said, I would welcome anything that lights a fire under the posteriors of our defensive layers.

    The fact is I think AJ needs to reflect on his desire to employ every ex-bills coach. We could not keep Wade Philips (an ex-bill defensive coordinator) so we got Ted Cottrell (an ex-bill defensive coordinator). I am guessing that AJ felt some level of comfort with Big Teddy C due to the time they spent together on the Buffalo Bills staff. Well maybe it is time for AJ to seek comfort elsewhere. It is AJ's call to make, I know. But AJ says he wants to win a Championship. This defense will not result in a Championship. Not playing the way they currently are. I hope AJ has the testicular fortitude to rethink some decisions should t defense continue to play ‘nice' with the other teams.

    On offense I think the team has done what they needed to. They have moved the ball and scored enough points to win both games- Unfortunately the opposition ended up with more points-

    Philip Rivers has lead the tea on multiple touchdown drives per game. However it is clearly apparent that LT's toe is hurting him more than we have been lead to believe. With the current play of Tolbert and Sproles it is time to sit LT and let him get right. Sit LT now. Have him healthy for later.

    As for the Denver game, I am not typically one to buy into conspiracy theories, but how can a Charger fan watch the game and not buy into it. The referees in this game handed the Bronco a victory on a silver platter. They affected the game, not just officiate it. Furthermore the defense let them do it.

    First there was the mystery fumble that lead to a Denver touchdown. Chris Chambers caught the ball, and went down with the defender on his back. Chambers hit the ground, defender on top of him, then the ball was stripped, and carried into the end zone for a Denver touch down.

    Perhaps the refs were out of place. They must have been, because if a receiver catches the ball, is talked, hits the ground, is touched by the defender, then that is an end of the play. THE GROUND CAN'T CAUSE A FUMBLE! Chris Chambers was down. If the referees did not see this, then why did they not call the play and in-completed pass? Instead the Referees called it a fumble-

    Further upon the challenge, it was found that the replay equipment did not work. Amazingly Ed Hochuli stood by the replay equipment for two minutes them cam out and said that the pay stands as called. Let me get back to this in a moment-

    So the call was bad, amazingly so. The replay equipment conveniently did not work. That would be bad if that was it was all that happened. But it wasn't. In the final minutes of the game, Cultler went back to pass the ball. The ball slipped out of his had tumbling backwards towards Ed Hochuli. The Chargers recovered the fumble at the ten yard line. In time for ole Ed to blow his whistle and wave the play of and an incomplete pass- WHAT?! The ball went backwards! A backwards pass is a LIVE BALL! Thus there was no reason for a whistle! Ole Ed has been around long enough to know that. So he reviewed the play (yes now the replay equipment appeared to work). Ole d said it was a fumble but he called it dead, thus Denver got the ball back with more room to spread the Chargers defense. Then the Broncos cut through the Chargers Defense not once but twice for 8 points and a 1 point lead. Thanks Ed-

    Now I will hand it to the Broncos, they took advantage of their opportunities and the Chargers did not stop them. Our defense is not playing well at all. If they had been playing half as well as they did last season, Ed's piss poor officiating would not have mattered.

    Now for that damn replay equipment! What did the Broncos hire the Geek Squad t set their stuff up?! They can't even get the relay equipment to work on a nationally televised game?! The NFL needs to enact a rule. That rule must state that if replay equipment is not working, the home team will forfeit two time outs. If it is the first half, one time out can be removed fro each half. If the home team does not have the time outs, they will be penalized 15 yards on the field. I bet that would cut down on replay equipment being on the fritz.

    That said, there is actually a bright side. First and foremost, it is only the second game of the season and to losses does not put an end to the season. There are many opportunities left. While it is concerning that the Chargers are not playing up to expectations, but that can change. We have time yet. In both games we have been in a position to win the games.

    The offense is playing well by large. They have done their part in my opinion, to put the team in the W column. The defense can, and I believe will get better, hell they have to. They can't get much worse can they? No. Please do not answer that.

    The team will improve, they will win games. There will not be any give me games. They will have to earn it, no one will give them anything. Will they win the west? Who knows- Will they win the Superbowl? Hell lets make the playoffs first! W have 14 game left, the team needs to take them one at a time and concentrate only on the next opponent.

    Next up, Brett's Jets. We can beat these guys, but the defense has to be ready to play. It is time for the Chargers to get right. If they cant then it I time for AJ to make some decisions.

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