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2 Rounds, My Mock V2.0

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Boltjolt, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Of course when Cutler gets traded this will go in the crapper...lol

    First Round

    1. Detroit Matt Stafford, QB/ Georgia

    Kitna, Gone, Orvlosky, gone, Culpepper is the starter who isnt going to be their future. This is a must pick at this time imo.

    2. St. Louis Eugene Monroe, OT/ Virginia

    Pace released, Bulger is fragile so they must get another franchise LT.

    3. Kansas City Aaron Curry, LB/ Wake Forrest

    Best LB in the draft and a need. The trade of Cassell kills the thought of getting Sanchez which probaly wouldnt of happened anyways.

    4. Seattle Jason Smith, OT/ Baylor

    The Seahawks signed Houshmanzadah so that brings down the need to get Crabtree so they focus on another area of need.

    5. Cleveland Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB/ Texas

    I had him here a month ago and some said it was too early. Seems this pick is gaining some steam since then. The Browns only got 8 sacks from the OLB position last year.
    This is just what they need.

    6. Cincinnati Andre Smith, OT/ Alabama

    So many ways to go here. The Bengals were 30th is sacks allowed, and 30th in sacks. At least they were consistant there but they have since lost Stacy Andrews to FA'cy and Levi Brown could possibly to shopped. They have Anthoney Collins but i think this is a huge hole here as they have to protect Palmer and get a running game going.

    7. Oakland Jeremy Maclin, WR / Missouri

    Could be Crabtree as well but speed always wins out with Al Davis.

    8. Jacksonville Michael Crabtree, WR/ Texas Tech

    They released Matt Jones and now have nobody at WR unless you consider Reggie Williams somebody. He dont do much for me. Could go OT as well
    but they did sign Tra Thomas as a FA. At 35 he is a short term solution though.

    9. Green Bay BJ Raji, DT / Boston College

    Making the move to a 3-4 is made a lot easier when you land the best NT in the draft.

    10. San Francisco Everette Brown, DE/OLB Florida st

    Niners need to generate a pass rush and Manny Lawson has been a diapointment.

    11. Buffalo Aaron Maybin, DE Penn st

    Bills need to get a pass rush too. They had a lot of trouble in that department last season. May be a bit early for Maybin but not much and the Bills raent new to
    grabbing players abit early.

    12. Denver Brian Cushing, LB/ USC

    Im sure some would think Maualuga would or should be here but he dont do much for me and Cushing imo is a better player and had good numbers at his proday and hada really good short shuttle time which is an important stat actually. Just had better numbers than Rey all around on top of being a better player. Denver signed LB Andra Davis as a FA but really....why?

    13. Washington Michael Oher , OT / Ole Miss

    Jon Jansen is an injury waiting to happen and he could be done.

    14. New Orleans Malcolm Jenkins, CB/ Ohio st

    Could go LB as well and they did sign Jabari Greer but Jenkins falling here is a good value for them and Greer is only ok anyways.

    15. Houston Vontae Davis, CB/ Illinois

    I had Micahel Johnson here last time and Johnson lit up his proday and is a feast or phamon type of player so i think he still possibly go here but Davis gives the Texans another good CB to pair with Dunta Robinson.

    16. San Diego Tyson Jackson, DE/ LSU

    No OT here worth the gamble imo and they arent going to pick a RB so the Chargers get a replacement for Igor Olshansky.

    17. New York Jets Chris Wells, RB/ Ohio st

    Just dont think they will pick Sanchez here and they do need a WR as well so that could also be the pick but Thomas Jones is 30 now and Wells gives them a bigger RB and a good one-two combo with Jones and Wells
    is the near future RB of this team.

    18. Chicago Darrius Hayward-Bey, WR / Maryland

    A blazer and a need for the Bears. Could also go OT here.

    19. Tampa Bay Mark Sanchez, QB/USC

    I dont really like this pick for them. But, they did throw their name into the Cutler derby but that isnt the same thing as as drafting a rookie with 16 starts on his resume. Still, if Gruden were still there,
    this would make a ton of sense and in a way it still does since Griese just isnt the answer and Luke McCown is so far unproven and doubt Josh Johnson jumps to head the of the class. Sanchez does have a lot of potentual he just wont help them at all this year. Another consideration would be DT Peria Jerry. If Sanchez dont go here, hec he could fall to the 2nd round imo.

    20. Detroit (from Dallas) James Laurinaitis, LB/ Ohio st

    Laurinaitis had good numbers at his proday and showed good change of direction in his short shuttle (4.18) and is a better cover guy than Maualuga and is why i have him here.

    21. Philadelphia Knowshon Moreno, RB/ Georgia

    Could go OT but they did sign Stacy Andrews. Could go either way. Moreno gives them a guy to pair with Westbrook and have a good tandem.

    22. Minnesota William Beatty, OT/ UConn

    Some may say Britton is the better prospect but for me i didnt like him having the shortest arms of the top OT's.

    23. New England Rey Maualuga, LB/ USC

    Needing to get younger at ILB, the Patriots grab Maualuga here. Been rumored that they like him a lot but i dont buy all rumors but he makes sense here for them. I also could see Matthews going here. I think he
    could play ILB in a 3-4.

    24. Atlanta Brandon Pettigrew, TE/ Oklahoma st

    They need to upgrade at TE and though Pettigrew is a better blocker than reciever, he will be a good one.

    25. Miami Clay Matthews, LB/ USC

    OK, here is my deal. I have Cushing going at #12 and Rey at #23 and Matthews is better than Rey and just as good as Cushing imo. So, just me thinking here but i have to fit him in someplace in the first round.
    Parcells likes tough guysand they dont really have a big CB need anymore with them getting Erik Green in FA'cy. They can use another good LB and i think he can fill in at ILB. Dude can fill in someplace
    and excell.

    26. Baltimore Alphonso Smith, CB/ Wake Forrest

    McAlister is gone and although they signed Foxworth, he isnt anything great. I think they still need a CB more than Miami does.

    27. Indianapolis Peria Jerry, DT / Ole Miss

    Seems the Colts have a big hole at DT and Jerry is great value here for them.

    28. Philadelphia (from Carolina) Eden Britton, OT/ Arizona

    They still get a OT who can eventually be their startter down the road. Andrew on one side and as i said they have Justice and Heremans to play LT but Justice has been a disapoinment.
    I also give Delma's considersation here but it is too early imo.

    29. New York Giants Hakeem Nicks, WR/ N. Carolina

    Who knows if Plax is coming back.

    30. Tennessee Percy Harvin, WR/ Florida

    Been searching for a top WR for a while and Harvin is a blazer. I think he could still go higher than this.

    31. Arizona Donald Brown, RB/ UConn

    Tough choice between McCoy and Donald Brown and i like both but im giving the nod here to Brown since McCoy seems to keep shrinking.

    32. Pittsburgh Alex Mack, OC/ Cal

    Having retained Starks at OT they could go CB here wit the loss of McFadden but Hartwig is getting long in the tooth as well.

    Second round

    33. Detroit Ziggy Hood, DT/ Missouri

    34. New England (from Kansas City) Clint Sintim, OLB/ Virginia

    5. St. Louis DJ Moore, CB/ Vandy

    36. Cleveland LeSean McCoy, RB/ Pittsburgh

    37. Seattle Louis Delmas, S/ Western Michigan

    38. Cincinnati Michael Johnson, DE/ Georgia Tech

    39. Jacksonville Sen' Derrick Marks, DT/ Auburn

    40. Oakland Robert Ayers, DE / Tennesee

    41. Green Bay Ron Brace, DT/ Boston College

    42. Buffalo Shaun Nelson, TE / Southern Miss

    43. San Francisco Josh Freeman, QB / Kansas st

    44. Miami (from Washington) Kenny Britt, WR / Rutgers

    45. New York Giants (from New Orleans) Chase Coffman, TE / Missouri

    46. Houston William Moore, S / Missouri

    47. New England (from San Diego) Max Unger, OC/G Oregon

    48. Denver Darius Butler, CB / UConn

    49. Chicago Phil Loadholt, OT / Oklahoma

    50. Cleveland (from Tampa Bay) Sean Smith, CB / Utah

    51. Dallas Rashad Johnson, S / Alabama

    52. New York Jets Brian Robiskie, WR / Ohio st

    53. Philadelphia Patrick Chung, S / Oregon

    54. Minnesota Jarius Byrd, CB / Oregon

    55. Atanta Marcus Freeman, LB / Ohio st

    56. Miami Conner Barwin, OLB / Cincinnati

    57. Baltimore Larry English, DE/OLB / N. Illinois

    58. New England Derrick Williams, WR / Penn st

    59. Carolina Paul Kruger, DE / Utah

    60. New York Giants Jamon Meredith, OT / S. Carolina

    61. Indianapolis Coye Francies, CB/ San Jose st

    62. Tennessee Fili Moala, DT / USC

    63. Arizona Duke Robinson , OG / Oklahoma

    64. Pittsburgh Jerron Gilbert, DT/DE / San Jose st
  2. BoltsFanUK

    BoltsFanUK Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    The knock on Cushing is that he didn't play 3rd downs at USC
  3. AnteaterRaider

    AnteaterRaider Carpe Diem et omni Mundio Staff Member Super Moderator Podcaster

    Jan 19, 2006
    Don't think I'd take Jackson over Malauga and in addition the Packers won't grab Brace if they managed to snatch Raji in the first round
  4. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Maualuga is overrated and i dont want him at #16. He dont do much for me.
    And i know i made the mistake with Brace which ill fix in my final mock. Id put English in his place and slide Brace someplace else in that one.
  5. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    Tyson Jackson doesn't replace Igor, he is Igor - in black face. :icon_tease:

    Wait, I take that back. At least Igor could bench 225 more times. :lol:

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