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2009 NFL Season: Upcoming Milestones

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Deb, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Deb

    Deb BoltTalker

    Jul 10, 2007
    2009 NFL Season: Upcoming Milestones

    Why are milestones so great? Well, for one thing, they can help define a career. Milestones help shape a picture of how a player performed. Everyone knows about Brett Favre breaking all the records in 2007. Touchdowns, yards, wins by a quarterback, etc.
    Well guess what? Those are all critical milestones.

    I think one reason milestones are so important is because of how they live on. We'll forever remember Emmitt Smith breaking the all-time rushing record. We remember when Jerry Rice broke all the receiving records. We remember when Reggie White got his 100th sack. It simply lives forever.

    So here we go. This is a complete list of all the potential upcoming milestones in the 2009 NFL season. Many are predictions. You must take into account that some of these players are not currently starters, or there could be injuries involved. But barring variables, here's what could be coming up.

    20,000 Passing Yards

    Jake Delhomme 17,877

    Chad Pennington 17,391

    Carson Palmer 15,630

    30,000 Passing Yards

    Donovan McNabb 29,320

    Brad Johnson 29,054

    Kurt Warner 28,591

    Tom Brady 26,446

    Drew Brees 26,258

    Jeff Garcia 25,537 (Huge longshot, career long is just over 4000 yards)

    Jon Kitna 27,293

    Trent Green 28,475

    40,000 Passing Yards

    Kerry Collins 37,393

    50,000 Passing Yards

    Peyton Manning 45,628

    10,000 Yards Rushing

    Clinton Portis 9,202

    100 Rushing Touchdowns

    Edgerrin James 80

    10,000 Receiving Yards

    Hines Ward 9,780

    Amani Toomer 9,497

    Chad Johnson 8,905

    Reggie Wayne 8,129 (Would need to break single season receiving record to reach 10,000 yards)

    15,000 Receiving Yards

    Isaac Bruce 14,944

    Marvin Harrison 14,580

    Randy Moss 13,201

    1000 Career Receptions

    Terrell Owens 951

    Tony Gonzalez 916

    Torry Holt 861

    100 TD Passes

    Eli Manning 98

    Tony Romo 81

    Phillip Rivers 78

    200 TD Passes

    Tom Brady 197

    Donovan McNabb 194

    Kerry Collins 186

    Kurt Warner 182

    Drew Brees 168

    100 Sacks

    John Abraham 84

    Joey Porter 83

    50 Interceptions

    Ed Reed 43

    Champ Bailey 43

    Sammy Knight 42

    Dre’ Bly 40

    Coaching 50 Career Wins (Including Postseason)

    Marvin Lewis 46

    Lovie Smith 39

    Again, many of these possible milestones will not happen. Jon Kitna, Trent Green, and Brad Johnson aren't even starters, so odds are they won't do much of anything. Torry Holt will need to nearly match the all-time receptions record to reach 1,000 receptions. Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne will need astounding seasons to reach their respective milestones.
    With this in mind, though, I am confident that many of these will be accomplished next season. We'll just need to wait and see.

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  2. Sydalish

    Sydalish Addicted to Sports

    Nov 11, 2007
    PR - 100 TD Passes - that will be a fun game when he hits it!! :yes:

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