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2013 Mock Wishlist

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Bolts4lyfe, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Bolts4lyfe

    Bolts4lyfe BoltTalker

    Mar 25, 2012
    Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan

    Chargers have to get Rivers protection Fisher is a step in the right direction. Money wise it'll be damn near impossible to just cut Gaither so we can have Fisher come in and play the right side for a year until we feel like we can move on from Gaither. WE NEED THIS GUY


    Logan Ryan CB Rutgers
    Ryan is a player I like, he has a great attitude, work ethic and loves to tackle. Im not sure if Cason and Jammer will be back or if Wright and Gilchrist can step up. As far as reports go, Ryan isn't going to be Devin McCourty but damn is he close

    [​IMG] Alvin Bailey OG Arkansas

    Again too many ??? marks on the offensive line, RG/LG, Vasquez, Troutman, Green. Bailey has been a huge factor in the Razorbacks offensive success. He is suited to play RG but can also switch over to LG if needed. Along with protecting Rivers our run game needs some serious help as well.

    Devin Taylor OLB South Carolina

    Devin Taylor is a Big athletic freak, I love the idea of pairing him up with his old team mate Ingram. Taylor didn't live up to the 1st round hype he established in 2010 but I feel like with his size and speed he can become a solid player in the NFL.


    Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois
    I know grabbing 2 CBs this year isn't ideal but like I said earlier we have a lot of questions and a lot of holes. Hawthorne has great awareness and ball hawking skills. Could be a steal at this spot



    Manase Foketi OT West West Texas A&M

    Foketi was very dominating at West Texas and played very aggressive against speed rushers, I figure he could play as depth for now and hopefully develop into our future right tackle. He has the potential to play in the NFL



    Josph Fauria TE UCLA

    I still believe L. Green is our tight end of the future but if we can get Fauria in the last round I would be ecstatic, 6'7" 255 would make a great red zone target for Rivers, he needs to work on his blocking but that will come with time and coaching
  2. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    Only ones I don't agree with are Fauria (he won't fall that far) and Taylor (who is literally just a long DE - his athleticism is completely overstated. All accounts out of the Shrine game practices I'm hearing are that he's still inconsistent and that's against lesser OL talent than he was facing in the SEC).
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