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A Fisher/Adams divorce is drawing near

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Johnny Lightning, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006
    A Fisher/Adams divorce is drawing near
    Vince Young(notes) may be the factor that causes one last irreparable crack between Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher and team owner Bud Adams. Regardless of some of his past comments, it’s pretty clear Fisher hasn’t been comfortable with Vince Young as his starting quarterback since the beginning of 2008. And now, per Adams’ comments to media, it has finally gotten to the point that he may force Young back into the mix
    That never bodes well for a relationship, particularly when the coach just happens to be the longest-tenured head man in the NFL, and has more than earned the right to call all of the shots when it comes to who plays. So there is bound to be some serious private friction over this push by Adams, which Fisher already seems to be resisting.
    And in the light of some of the other things that have happened (the 0-6 start, the Peyton Manning(notes) jersey incident), you have to wonder if Fisher isn’t ready for another challenge. It’s not an unreal scenario. Counting his takeover of the team in 1994, this is his 16th season running the Titans. That basically makes him the coaching version of the Rosetta Stone among his counterparts.
    Now frame that in the realities of the team. Unless Young suddenly and unexpectedly reverses course, the Titans are in for at least a partial rebuild. This coming offseason, they could be looking for a new quarterback, while also needing help on the defensive line and a continuing chapter at the wide receiver spot. But the quarterback issue in particular could be daunting. Barring another fluky Matt Ryan(notes)/Joe Flacco draft, it’s going to be a set of growing pains that Fisher may not want to go through. It’s not unthinkable that he could walk away from the Titans, or get fired, then sit out one season and resurface in another franchise that has at least some of the major parts already in place (Chicago Bears, anyone?).

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