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AJ / Norv

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Heir Coryell, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Heir Coryell

    Heir Coryell BoltTalker

    Aug 29, 2011
    I recently saw a comment by Rich Gannon where he stated that he realized there was a problem between AJ and Norv regarding talent evaluation. I think normally Gannon is a boob, but the more I think about it and in light of Norv's parting comments, I think he may have a point. It seems young guys never saw the field or weren't successful when they did. Was Norv's offense so complex that only seasoned vets could understand it? Does it take 2 years for a RB to learn how to pick up a blitzer?

    The most frustration I have regarding Norv is his slow development of young players, but maybe they just aren't the right players for the system. James Mouton is apparently so bad he can't sniff the field. I wonder what the conversation was in the offseason regarding Robert Meachem - they sure fast-tracked Alexander when he showed anything because he worked in the system - of course, it's hard to take 7 step drops when the line only gives you 3 seconds to throw so that kinda eliminated Meachem's game.

    Then I look at Spurlock versus Goodman. What am I missing here? Why release Spurlock when I think we all can see he's at least equal to Goodman...and can be used in the offense? Who's making these calls on talent once they hit the practice field? I think there was a pretty strong disconnect with players signed and players Norv could get behind and use - just another reason Norv sucks.....
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