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Back to the ol' drawing board

Discussion in 'American Football' started by !~BOLT~!, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. !~BOLT~!

    !~BOLT~! Well-Known Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Ok, so another post season early exit by our beloved Bolts, piss and moan more if needed, its your right.

    I for one didn't take this loss too hard as I am growing numb to post season losses. I used to handle it different. Wouldn't say I had a drinking problem but I'd knock back a six pack within a few minutes following a loss and top it off with a half gallon of jack daniels and a ufc style match between me and my dog. Luckily I realized that was an inhumane way of handling a loss...I was hurting my liver.

    So for whatever reason I feel only an emptiness as opposed to mad piss drunk rage. (I'm still drinking just no rage) its inevitable that there will be finger pointing, and calling guys out. Some rightfully so, some not as much.

    I say we fast forward through the personell squabbles we have as we will all just be pissing in the wind. Chances are you play this game again tomorrow and we win with the same guys. We didn't today so yada yada yada, its april for us now so onto the draft.

    I for one would like to select anyone who can contribute to the running game, as ours is lacking in many ways. Some say BEEF, which sounds great, but shouldn't we be able to run behind mcniel, deilman, and hardwick (the left side) ever???!!! Even with manu on the same side we watched countless one yard gains all year. Should we upgrade from any of those positions? Maybe a few of our lineman are more hype than hope. Sproles is a great option out of the backfield when we spread the d out, that's about it. I don't know about any of you, but I feel like we just watched l.ts last game. And most likely rightfully so. He just can't do it anymore, maybe with a better run blocking line, so which is easier to replace? A) who can make feet out of inches of space, or draft and sign the 90's cowboy o line.

    You've got to be kaeding me that this guy has such a high fg pct. What a joke this kid is. Kicker wise, flip a coin and bring in anyone with playoff experience.

    My ideal draft will be a solid d lineman to sure up the front 7, followed be a), or vice versa.I think our linebacking corp will be dominant next season, merriman should be much better off than he was this year. Our d backfield has made strides this year and got a lot of young guys much needed experience.


    Oct 4, 2009

    this is what we need him and brandon marshall.... we need that intimidation factor!

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