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Behind Enemy Lines

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    Source: <a href="http://www.sdboltreport.com" target="_blank">SD Bolt Report</a>

    A conversation with Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Jake Plummer as they prepare for the San Diego Chargers.

    On preparing for the San Diego offense
    "I think we see a lot of diverse offenses in the league. They were very effective last year. they were balanced in both the running game, and the passing game and they did an exceptional job red zone."

    On the injuries of cornerback Champ Bailey and running back Mike Anderson
    "I would say, on Friday, I should be able to give you an idea. They are getting treatment and we are going to look at it on Friday."

    On this game being a "must win"
    "I think everybody looks at every AFC West game as a must win. If you do not look at it that way, you are not being realistic. Because I think we all understand that it is not, but if you don't look at it that way, I think you are probably not going in the right direction in this organization, especially at home."

    On the importance of Sunday's game against San Diego
    "I think we talked about that Monday with the people (media) that were here. We just didn't play good- We just didn't play good collectively. You miss an assignment here, and you're not getting the job done there, all of a sudden the momentum starts going in the other direction and you are fighting and uphill battle. Those things do happen, we just hope that they don't happen very often. You look at it and dissect it then you move on. After Monday, you have to get ready for San Diego and that's what our football team did. We were pretty tough on ourselves while we were looking over the film on Monday. You review it, go over it and then you get ready for San Diego. You can't look back, you have to look forward."

    On running back Tatum Bell's ability
    "I think all of our backs are talented. I've got belief that if one of our backs go down, then the other guy will step in and get the job done."

    On Bell's development as a running back
    "Tatum has done a pretty good job since he has been here. It is like all running backs: Until a guy plays consistently through a season, you really don't know. He has been injured since he has been here and when he has played, he has been productive. He averaged over five yards per carry, which is pretty good, especially as a rookie. I think he was the leading rookie in the National Football League last year, so he did some good things, especially when he missed half of the games, or close to it. The growing curve is constant and I think he will only be getting better."

    On wide receiver Ashley Lelie
    "Our football team knows what kind of football club they (San Diego) are. We have the same guys that we had a year ago. (Wide receiver) Ashley (Lelie) has had some great games, and Ashley has been very consistent this year throughout the preseason and camp. He didn't play one of his better games. He has to look at it, be tough on himself and get ready for the Chargers."

    On the feelings a team takes away from a loss
    "You don't have to use it as motivation. We work our rear ends off trying to prepare for the games and if you don't play well, of course everyone is going to be disappointed. It is hard to get over it in a days time. Sometimes it takes a few days, but you can't dwell on it. You can't look back – You have to look forward. Yeah, there is some disappointment. There is not a team in the National Football League that lost that doesn't have that bad feeling inside of them. The only thing you can do is get ready for the next week. Everybody is in the same situation."

    Jake Plummer

    On what adjustments need to be made after the Miami game
    "Well, we need to find a way to stay on the field. One for 12 (on third downs) isn't going to win many games in this league. We have to find a way whatever it is to stay on the field. If we can do that, that will help out with a lot of the issues right now."

    On San Diego's pass defense against Dallas
    "They lost just like we did. Obviously, we didn't do some things well. We did some things well. Every game has its own ebbs and flows. We have to go in there ready to set the tone to run the ball and pass the ball. Just because they did last week doesn't mean they will this week. Last year, they struggled against the pass a little bit too. They have a very physical pass defense. They're doing some different things. I think that with time and the game plan, we might be able to take advantage of some looks. Just because (Cowboys quarterback) Drew (Bledsoe) did it doesn't mean we're going to go out there and do it. It gives us the opportunity to go out there. There are definitely some plays to be made."

    On what the team does with the disappointment from the Miami game
    "Obviously you let it hurt and learn from it. With 15 games left, you can't let it linger. It's not how we wanted to start, but if we go and beat San Diego at home then no one will really think about that game. We've got to win in our division."

    On what the team has been focused on this week
    "There are still some things that we can do better. As 11 guys out there, there isn't one guy on that offense that didn't make a mistake that hurt a play or didn't allow us to make a play. That's me included along with everybody. It's just taking responsibility and doing your job and playing as a group so we can get better."

    On the surprise of how poorly the team played in Miami
    "I'm surprised and shocked that we're still talking about it. We're playing San Diego this week, and they are a division rival. You guys are talking about it amongst yourselves. We're moving on. We have to move on. As players, you have to. I'm not going to sit here and mope and whine. We're not going to sit here and worry about what we did down there. It's over. It's done. We don't like how it happened. Now what we're going to do is go play San Diego."

    On any concern over running back Mike Anderson's injury
    "Knowing Mike, he's going to be back. He's one of the toughest guys I've ever played with. I've had rib injuries, and they're not fun. They're not pleasant. As long as there is nothing that can hurt him worse and if there is pain involved, Mike is going to be out there playing. I know Mike. I know what he can do. If there is something that could possibly hurt him further or cause us to lose him for the year, then he has to be smart. As far as toughness goes, they don't come as tough as him. If his rib will allow him to get out there, then he'll be playing I'm sure."

    On the importance of this game
    "I think that regardless of when you play your rival, it is your division rivalry and that is always a must win. Down in the end of the season, if you win your division, you have home field (advantage). It doesn't matter what happened prior to this game. This is just a big win that we must get and they are in the same boat and they need it bad. So, we have to let what happened last week go and get ready for San Diego. They are going to be coming in here ready to play, and we are going to be ready to play also."

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