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Bill Williamson AFC West Chat 09/03/09

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Skuzzlebutt, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Skuzzlebutt

    Skuzzlebutt BoltTalker

    Jan 10, 2007
    Bored at work... here are the Chargers bits out of Bill Williamson's AFC West chat on ESPN.

    Tim (El Cajon, CA)

    Mornin Bill!! Who do you think the Chargers keep, Michael Bennett or Mike Tolbert?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:03 PM)

    I think Bennett. He cna doa lot of things.


    Bob (Oakland, CA)

    Do you see Oakland even having a shot of beating SD in Week 1?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:06 PM)

    Sure, it's a home game. But the Raiders may need a little fortune in that game and they must find a way to stop the run.


    Joey Gladstone (San Francisco,CA)

    Did we see the best of Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson last year or can they build on their breakout years and become one of the AFC's best pass-catch duos?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:08 PM)

    Jackson is getting better and Rivers is in his prime. These guys are going to be good together for a long time.


    David (San Diego) <------this is me

    I think the key question in SD is if the Bolts can start fast. With opponents like Oak, Bal, Mia, and Pitt, will the Chargers be able to start fast? What is their 4 game record?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:13 PM)

    It gets easier after that, but it's a tough three-game stretch with Baltimore, Miami and Pittsburgh. They have to win those two home games against the Ravens and the Dolphins. Mentally, the Charegrs can't start slow again.


    Joey (RutlandVT)

    Will dareen sproles get 500 rush yrds?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:19 PM)

    That would be a good number for him and the Chargers. That would be nice production. I think it can happen.


    Steve (San Diego)

    Do the Chargers have the roster to dominate the division for the next 3-4 years?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:22 PM)

    If they keep their key players, they will be good for awhile. But the other teams are going to get it together eventually, so the Chargers have to stay ahead of the game.


    Brigg (Las Vegas)

    Charger fan here. I find the lack of pass rush in the preseason disturbing. I realize they have only been pressuring with 4 guys most of the time, but still, they should be able to get more pressure than they are to avoid a repeat of last years defense. What are you thoughts?
    Bill Williamson
    (2:24 PM)

    There is too much talent on that defense for there to be no pass rush in the regular season.


    Mike (NJ)

    T.O. or Vincent Jackson?

    Bill Williamson
    (2:35 PM)

    Right now? VJ.

    (Bill earlier mentioned he will be in Oakland for Monday night but would like to see the games in Cincy or Baltimore)
    Tom (Simi Valley, CA)

    Miss the Monday Night game? Here, I'll write your column for you "The Chargers defeated the Raiders 34-0 behind ____ TDs from LaDainian Tomlinson and ___ TD passes from Phil Rivers. The Raiders had 76 yards of offense and generally looked incompetent, led by JaMarcus Russell." There you go. Go to Cincy or Baltimore. You're welcome.
    Bill Williamson
    (2:59 PM)

    Thank you.

    That's all I got, enjoy.
  2. RM24

    RM24 BoltTalker

    Jul 27, 2007

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