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Boltjolt's complete 2008 NFL Mock Draft

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Boltjolt, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Finished this last Sunday and was waiting for some trades to come thru which did happen so i have revised it. I was going to make more trades scenarios on my own as i have done in the past but decided not and just went with a straight draft w/ no trades. Barring another trade, this is what ill submit for my Final. If there is another trade then oh well. Hopefully Jason Taylor wont get traded before the draft and i think Miami wil be asking too much for him anyways.

    Not sure i like the draft i gave our Bolts as i have many players that was said to have visited get drafted ahead of our slotted picks in the 5th round, but i have to be fair.

    Version V3.0 Final
    04/24/2008 10:17:37 PM

    Round 1

    1 Miami Dolphins Jake Long T Michigan

    Whether Jake plays LT or RT doesnt matter. The Dolphins OT's are weak at both and they cant get any takers to trade down with.

    2 St. Louis Rams Chris Long DE Virginia

    Rams have a hole at DE and Little can still play but is 34. They need to get younger and more talented.

    3 Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan QB Boston College

    I think the Falcons are bluffing when they say they have Ryan rated not much more than the other QB's. They need a QB so why pay a DT or DE #3 money?

    4 Oakland Raiders Darren McFadden RB Arkansas

    Al Davis loves speed and McFadden has it. He just sign Fargus to a bigger deal and what this means with this pick is he can trade or release Lamont Jordan who hasnt lived up to his expectations.

    5 Kansas City Chiefs Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

    KC has many needs such as CB and OT but this is their best value here and he is an instant upgrade.

    6 New York Jets Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State

    Gholston is a perfect fit as a OLB in a 3-4 and should do great there. This guy has huge potentual to be one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.

    7 New England Patriots (from San Francisco) Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

    They lost 2 CB's and a S to FA'cy and im having Jenkins as the first CB off the board.

    8 Baltimore Ravens Ryan Clady T Boise State

    The Ravens were told by Jonothan Ogdon to treat him as if he is retired and go about business as if he wont be there so they have to go in that direction.

    9 Cincinnati Bengals Sedric Ellis DT USC

    The Bengals are a mess! Chris Henry has been released, Chad Johnson wants out, Chris Perry cant stay healthy, Willy Anderson is aging and Levi Jones has a bad knee. Thats just the offense. So what do you do? Im picking defense! They have holes in their defense too so this is BPA and their DL needs an upgrade in the middle.

    10 New Orleans Saints Leodis McKelvin CB Troy

    This is a toss up between McKelvin and Rivers. McKenzie is fine but Jason David was not the fix they probably thought he would be. From what i saw, he wasnt that great and their backups are in their 30's.They did sign Randall Gay as a FA from the Patriots so it isnt as huge a need as before but for BPA that is a need, I have to go CB here.

    11 Buffalo Bills Devin Thomas WR Michigan State

    After looking at the Bills other WR's, i moved Thomas up here. Josh Reed in 6 seasons hasnt done much and Roscoe Parrish can make plays but is small at only 171 lbs. Thomas has size and speed to tandem w/ Lee Evans.

    12 Denver Broncos Keith Rivers OLB USC

    This was a tough choice. Had them taking a OT in my last version and it could be the right pick and should be but Rivers is hard to pass on when their LB's need an upgrade pretty badly. Shanahan hasnt always made the best choices lately either. Rivers is still a need pick and is getting a lot of hype these days after a solid proday, but if im Denver, im getting the hard to find LT. Just what i think he will do.

    13 Carolina Panthers Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt

    The luck of the draw here for Carolina. They need a LT pretty badly and Williams is the only one left here that can play it.

    14 Chicago Bears Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh

    Was going to give them a RB and have in another mock but it seems OT is really a sore spot for them so ive decided this is more important.

    15 Detroit Lions Jerod Mayo MLB Tennessee

    Mayo is good in coverage and can be that MLB in their Tampa Two scheme. May be a bit early for him but he fits their system well and he wont be there in the 2nd.

    16 Arizona Cardinals Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tennessee State

    Arizona has moved Rolle to safety replacing Holt who moved on to Carolina. DRC is a nice fix.

    17 Kansas City Chiefs(from Minnesota) Derrick Harvey DE Florida

    Well hey, they trade Jared Allen to the Vikes where Rick Spielman now resides and he loves to give away draft picks as he has in the past at Miami. This pick should be an OT and is a need but with Harvey still sitting there, it is very hard to pass on him and with Dorsey and Harvey on your DL....that is one big upgrade!

    18 Houston Texans Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois

    Ahman Green is 32, Ron Dayne is 30 and newly signed Chris Brown is guaranteed to be hurt. Mendenhall is the type of player Kubiak wants.

    19 Philadephia Eagles Phillip Merling DE Clemson

    This one was kinda tough for me and it depends if Lito gets traded or not but he hasnt as i do this mock. Merling only did 17 reps which is a concern for me but he was productive and the Eagles need to get younger here even tho they do have Victor Abiamiri in the mix. Merling gives them compitition and some talent.

    20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Limas Sweed WR Texas

    Joey Galloway will be 37 this season and Michael Clayton....what happened to him? Sweed brings size and good speed for the Bucs.

    21 Washington Redskins James Hardy WR Indiana

    I think this kid is going to be a surprise. How can you surprise when you are rated as a late first to early 2nd? Other teams are going to wonder where he was on their draft board.

    22 Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland) Aqib Talib CB Kansas

    They could go WR here too but opt for a CB. Talib is linked to a possitive drug test for marajuana durng his time at Kansas and has had some alledged other issues but Jerrah is also alledged to be very high on him and Talib isnt off of his list. Jerrah may have even started those rumors ;)

    23 Pittsburgh Steelers Branden Albert G Virginia

    They like to run first so losing Faneca needs to be adressed. Steeler fans may argue that a OT will be picked here first but Albert is said to be able to play not only OT, but even LT. Versitility is a good thing.

    24 Tennessee Titans Quentin Groves DE Auburn

    Took me a while to be convinced Groves is a good fit here. He is a talented player and would do well as a OLB in 3-4 but is also fast enough to play LB in a 4-3 along with being a good pass rushing DE in a 4-3. Jeff Fisher could do some different things with Groves.

    25 Seattle Seahawks Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon

    Dont know how popular this is going to be for Seahawk fans but there is no OG worth taking and i just dont think Keller or Davis is a good value here. They just signed Julius Jones who probably is wondering what he has to do to be a feature RB someplace right now. However, Stewart actually is a great value here and will help Jones tremendously in their rotation. Oh and since Alexander is most likely not to be back, that makes this pick that much more sensible.

    26 Jacksonville Jaguars Kentwan Balmer DT North Carolina

    They trade Stroud and Meier is 31. Balmer brings youth and a big body of talent next to Henderson.

    27 San Diego Chargers Gosder Cherilus T Boston College

    Chargers could go a couple ways here. They could make the pick or trade down but since a OT is still here who i believe is on their board, they make the pick and they need some depth badly at RT. Cherilus could win the job if not right away, sometime during the season which either way makes the depth better because Clary could even step in at LT should McNeill get injured where Cherilus could not fill in there.
    If AJ trades down this pick then i believe he will pick OT Duane Brown in the early 2nd round. If Cheriles is not around by this pick, id say it's a gimme he will try and trade it.

    28 Dallas Cowboys Felix Jones RB Arkansas

    Alright, im buying this scenario that ive seen over and over again. And why not, they do need to replace Julius Jones and i do think Felix is better so its not just that he is from Arkansas,.....or maybe it is. He still is better than Julius who should of been their 2nd stringer to Barber two years ago.

    29 San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis) Cliff Avril DE/OLB Purdue

    I am moving Avril up the boards and he is really a good fit for a 3-4 team and should do well as a tandem with Manny Lawson. They did sign OG Jeb Terry in FA'cy and Bryant Johnson so that allows them to go for a edge rusher here.

    30 Green Bay Packers Kenny Phillips FS Miami

    Needing a CB they find themselves with Phillips still on the board which isnt as big a need but he will give somebody to compete with Bigby or maybe they move Collins to SS.

    New England Patriots( Forfeited for cheating)

    31 New York Giants Dan Connor OLB Penn State

    They lost Mitchell and Torbor as FA's so Conner fills a hole and could very well end up starting.
  2. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Round 2

    32 Miami Dolphins Brian Brohm QB Louisville

    John Beck was a 2nd rounder last year but hasnt established himself so he will now compete with Brian Brohm.

    33 St. Louis Rams Sam Baker OT USC

    Personally i dont like USC OL as they seem to get overrated for being on a good team. Baker is imo better than Jacob Roggers was but since Rogers is out of the league, that isnt saying much. Thats just my opinion, others will disagree. In anycase, the Rams need a OT to replace Orlando Pace and who knows, maybe Baker can.

    34 Atlanta Falcons (from Oakland) Pat Sims DT Auburn

    Falcons need to plug the middle of their defense and Sims gives them more talent.

    35 Kansas City Chiefs Antoine Cason CB Arizona

    Situation here and in desperate need of some talent. Surtain is still there but probably for not very long term.

    36 New York Jets DeSean Jackson WR California

    The little guy falls a bit because, well....he is 169 lbs. Very electric player and has home run threat everytime he touches the ball but he is small and could have injury concerns.

    37 Atlanta Falcons Tracy Porter CB Indiana

    Losing big mouth DeAngelo Hall calls for a replacement and Porter replaces the same speed that they lost in Hall. Very fast and has good hands. Could be a great one in time.

    38 Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco QB Delaware

    Kyle Boller is finally a bust for the Ravens. I thought he was a huge reach when they drafted him and now he is out of the plans as far as being their starter. Flacco brings a big arm, which Boller had but he also brings a more talented player. Boller was overrated.

    39 San Francisco 49ers Anthoney Collins OT Kansas

    They lost Kwame Harris............OK, thats a good thing but i have to say someting , right? Collins i think is overated but he does have a lot of potentual. Staying in school could of helped him go higher in 2009. I think he goes this high for his potentual because he is still a bit raw.

    40 New Orleans Saints Trevor Laws DT Notre Dame

    To say this is a huge need is an understatement so thats all i will say.

    41 Buffalo Bills Dustin Keller TE Purdue

    Wih the tragic loss of Everett to a broken neck, the Bills are thin at TE where Robert Royal is their starter. They did sign Courtney Anderson as a FA so maybe "thin" isnt the word i should use for that possition. Talent is a better one. Keller is a very fast TE and was productive at Purdue. Just needs to refine his blocking and they have a gem.

    42 Denver Broncos Early Doucet WR LSU

    Their #1 WR Brandon Marshall could be out or at least take some time to get back in the groove after slicing up his arm. Brandon Stokely?....come on! And then you have newly signed Keary Colbert who did nothing at Carolina. Add it all up and it = A big need!

    43 Carolina Panthers Calais Campbell DE Miami

    Campbell provides value at a lessor need but Rucker is going to be 34 so Campbell could be a great young tandem with Charles Johnson.

    44 Chicago Bears Reggie Smith FS Oklahoma

    Mike Brown cant stay healthy so they cant rely on him. Smith is insurance and the heir when Brown is done which could be very soon should he get hurt again.

    45 Detroit Lions Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech

    Flowers may go higher than this in the actual draft. I really like him as a player but i think teams will go for some faster CB's first(Porter, Talib) who they feel have good upside. Could be a mistake for them but only time will tell. Detroit imo is getting a very good CB here who does play fast and considring who they have now for CB's, Flowers may start right out of the gate.

    46 Cincinnati Bengals Malcolm Kelley WR Oklahoma

    The Bengals just cut Chris Henry and Chad Johnson is not happy. Houshyurmomma is still a stud but after him and unhappy CJ, they have Antonio Chatman who is ok, but at 5'8", 182 lbs...who is he scaring? Kelley drops because of his slow 40 time but another player that happened to is doing well and good. His name is Anquan Boldin.

    47 Minnesota Vikings Chad Henne QB Michigan

    Henne has some game, a strong arm and could have a good shot at beating out Jackson if he learns the system fast enough.

    48 Atlanta Falcons (from Houston) Fred Davis TE USC

    Cutting Alge Crumpler certainly leaves a hole at TE. Davis probably wont even complain to management either.

    49 Philadelphia Eagles Donnie Avery WR Houston

    Avery had a knockout type workout and moved himself up the boards. Perhaps even higher than this. He was very productive at Houston and Philly needs that type of WR. IMO they overpaid for Kevin Curtis who may make a better # 3 WR.

    50 Arizona Cardinals Jamaal Charles RB Texas

    Edge is 30 now and may be time to work in another RB. Thing is , the Cards never really had another real good one. Charles is very fast and isnt elite, but he runs hard and can take it to the house if he gets that crack to get thru.

    51 Washington Redskins Lawrence Jackson DE USC

    The Skins just need some talent at DE with youth. Jakson was productive at USC.

    52 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Patrick Lee CB Auburn

    The Bucs let Brian Kelly walk and resigned Sammy Davis who is horrible. Ronde Barber is still good but for how much longer? Lee lacks experience but brings a world of talent and has decent size. Will benefit from learning his first year from Barber while getting in some playing time.

    53 Pittsburgh Steelers Tyrell Johnson FS Arkansas st

    This one for me is a toss up. The Steelers do need a OT too but they did resign Max Starks for another year so they at least have a player there and i already gave them Brandon Albert. They also can use an upgrade at safety where Anthoney Smith is better known for making predictions and getting an ear full from Tom Brady.

    54 Tennessee Titans Mario Manningham WR Michigan

    Manningham is a good value here at this pick. Manningham has had issues of late with the drug tests and teams scratching him off their lists, i just dont know if Tennessee is one of them.

    55 Seattle Seahawks Martellus Bennett TE Texas A&M

    They let Pollard walk so they really dont have much talent here at all. Bennett is a big target adn for his size has some decent speed. Also played some basketball at A&M and only gave that up just last year so his potentual is pretty high.

    56 Green Bay Packers (from Cleveland) Justin King CB Penn st

    King is a very good athlete with good speed. Has been inconsistant and did not fair well against some of the better WR's in this draft but he has good tools to work with and will be learning from a couple of good ones in Charles Woodson and Al Harris.

    57 Miami Dolphins (from San Diego) Andre Caldwell WR Florida

    Andre showed some good speed at the combine by running a 4.37 and has been productive in Urban Meyers offense. You know what they say about Florida WR's, .....but that was when Spurrier was the HC. We havent had a chance to grade them from Meyers system yet, even if it is very similar. If he does catch on , he will be a very nice combo with Ted Ginn when they both come into their own.

    58 Jacksonville Jaguars DaJuan Morgan FS NC State

    Gerald Sensabaugh was resigned but Sammy Knight once again moves on to another team. Dont know why,......... he stinks but keeps finding work. Morgan provids depth and will compete for a starting possitionEither way he is an upgrade.

    59 Indianapolis Colts Xavier Adibi OLB Virginia Tech

    The Colts Cut Rob Morris which leaves a spot for an upgrade. Adibi just recently gained some weight which was probably for the combine and needs to keep it on. Good athlete who is always around the ball . Very productive player but he does need to bulk up some.

    60 Green Bay Packers Chilo Rachal G USC 6-4 315

    Daren Colledge hasnt been that great at OG and at one point got replaced till that guy got hurt. Rachel is a good value here.

    61 Dallas Cowboys Earl Bennett WR Vanderbilt

    TO is getting up in age and so is Terry Glenn whoi missed most of last season. Bennett has some good tools. Runs good routes and has been very productive.

    62 New England Patriots Curtis Lofton ILB Oklahoma

    Seau if he comes back is 37 or 38 and Tedi Bruschi is 34. They need to get younger and Lofton is a great prospect to learn behind those guys.

    63 New York Giants Thomas Decoud FS Cal

    Losing Gibril Wilson opens a hole in the secondary. Decoud has pretty decent size, but doesnt get a lot of INT's. Only been playing safety for two seasons so he has upside. The Giants did sign Sammy Knight who i mentioned earlier about 5 picks ago, but Knight stinks..as i also mentioned, and will probably be on his way out again after next season while Decoud learns the ropes and takes his place in 2009.
  3. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Round 3

    64 Miami Dolphins Shawn Crable DE/OLB Michigan

    65 St. Louis Rams Eddie Royal WR Virginia Tech

    66 Kansas City Chiefs Roy Schuening G Oregon State

    67 Carolina Panthers (from New York) Chris Johnson RB East Carolina

    68 Atlanta Falcons Duane Brown OT Virginia Tech

    69 New England Patriots (from Oakland) Carl Nicks OT Nebraska

    70 Chicago Bears (from San Francisco) Andre Woodson QB Kentucky

    71 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Buffalo) Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech

    72 Buffalo Bills Charles Godfrey CB Iowa

    73 Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota) Oniel Cousins OT UTEP

    74 Carolina Panthers Erik Ainge QB Tennessee

    75 San Francisco 49ers (from Chicago) Tyvon Branch CB/S UConn

    76 Detroit Lions Matt Forte RB Tulane

    77 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Pollak C Arizona State

    78 New Orleans Saints Phillip Wheeler OLB Georgia Tech

    79 Houston Texans Tony Hills OT Texas

    80 Philadelphia Eagles Quinten Demps FS UTEP

    81 Arizona Cardinals Jason Jones DE Eastern Michigan

    82 Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota) Jerome Simpson WR Coastal Calilifornia

    83 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marcus Harrison DT Arkansas

    84 Washington Redskins Josh Barrett SS Arizona st

    85 Tennessee Titans Steve Slaton RB West Virginia

    86 Seattle Seahawks John Greco OG/OT Toledo

    87 Detroit Lions (from Cleveland) Jeremy Thompson DE Wake Forest

    88 Pittsburgh Steelers Jordy Nelson WR Kansas st

    89 Jacksonville Jaguars Erin Henderson OLB Maryland

    90 Chicago Bears (from San Diego) Ray Rice RB Rutgers

    91 Green Bay Packers Brad Cottam TE Tennessee

    92 Dallas Cowboys Dre Moore DT Maryland

    93 Indianapolis Colts Darryl Robertson DE Georgia Tech

    94 New England Patriots Orlando Scandrick CB Boise st

    95 New York Giants Lavelle Hawkins WR Cal

    96 Washington Redskins (comp pick) Erik Young OG Tennessee

    97 Cincinnati Bengals (comp pick) Kevin Smith RB Central Florida

    98 Atlanta Falcons (comp pick) Jonathan Goff MLB Vanderbilt

    99 Baltimore Ravens (comp pick) Taveras Gooden ILB Miami(FL)

    Round 4

    100 Miami Dolphins Terrell Thomas CB USC

    101 St. Louis Rams Ali Highsmith OLB LSU

    102 New York Jets Chevis Jackson CB LSU

    103 Atlanta Falcons Jordon Dizon OLB Colorado

    104 Oakland Raiders Red Bryant DT Taxas A&M

    105 Kansas City Chiefs John Carlson TE Notre Dame

    106 Baltimore Ravens Jack Williams CB Kent st

    107 San Francisco 49ers John David Booty QB USC

    108 Denver Broncos Jeremy Zuttah OT/OG Rutgers

    109 Carolina Panthers Tom Zbikowski FS Notre Dame

    110 Chicago Bears Will Franklin WR Missouri

    111 Detroit Lions Kirk Barton OT Ohio st

    112 Cincinnati Bengals Marcus Howard OLB Georgia

    113 New York Jets (from New Orleans) Tashard Choice RB Georgia Tech

    114 Buffalo Bills Kendall Lanford DE Hampton

    115 Philadelphia Eagles Antwuan Moldin CB Eastern Kentucky

    116 Arizona Cardinals Donald Thomas OG UConn

    117 Minnesota Vikings John Sullivan C Notre Dame

    118 Houston Texans Dwight Lowery CB San Jose st

    119 Denver Broncos (from Washington) Andre Fluellen DT Florida st

    120 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Breno Giacomini OT Louisville

    121 Seattle Seahawks Dexter Jackson WR Appalachian st

    122 Cleveland Browns Ezra Butler OLB Nevada

    123 Pittsburgh Steelers Ahtyba Rubin DT Iowa st

    124 Tennessee Titans Chad Rinehart OT/OG Nothern Iowa

    125 Jacksonville Jaguars Geoff Schwartz OT Louisville

    126 Tennessee Titans(from Dallas) DeMarrio Presley DT N.C. State

    127 Indianapolis Colts Frank Okam DT Texas

    128 Green Bay Packers Kevin O'Connell QB SDSU

    129 New England Patriots Martin Rucker TE Missouri

    130 New York Giants Trae Williams CB South Florida

    131 Philadelphia Eagles (comp pick) Geno Hayes OLB Florida st

    132 Buffalo Bills (comp pick) Ben Moffit MLB South Florida

    133 Baltimore Ravens (comp pick) Brian Johnston DE/OLB Gardner-Webb

    134 Tennessee Titans (comp pick) Terrence Wheatley CB Colorado

    135 Green Bay Packers (comp pick) Bryan Kehl OLB BYU

    Round 5

    136 Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami) Josh Johnson QB San Diego

    137 St. Louis Rams David Roach FS TCU

    138 Atlanta Falcons Keenan Burton WR Kentucky

    139 Denver Broncos (from Oakland) Mike Hart RB Michiga

    140 Kansas City Chiefs King Dunlap OT Auburn

    141 Carolina Panthers (from New York) Carlton Powell DT Virgina Tech

    142 Chicago Bears (from Carolina) Beau Bell ILB UNLV

    143 Jacksonville (from Chicago) Harry Douglas WR Louisville

    144 Detroit Lions Robert Felton OG Arkansas

    145 Cincinnati Bengals Craig Steltz FS LSU

    146 New Orleans Saints Steve Justice C Wake Forrest

    147 Buffalo Bills Owen Schmitt FB West Virginia

    148 Denver Broncos Kerry Brown OG Appalachian st

    149 Arizona Cardinals Marcus Monk WR Arkansas

    150 Minnesota Vikings Letroy Guion DT Florida st

    151 Houston Texans Jonathon Heffney FS/CB Tennessee

    152 Philadelphia Eagles Barry Richardson OT Clemson

    153 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kenny Iwebema DE Iowa

    154 Washington Redskins Wesley Woodyard OLB Kentucky

    155 Cleveland Browns DeJuan Tribble CB Boston College

    156 Pittsburgh Steelers Bruce Davis DE/OLB UCLA

    157 Tennessee Titans JoLonn Dunbar MLB Boston College

    158 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Seattle) Dennis Dixon QB Oregon

    159 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacob Hester FB LSU

    160 San Diego Chargers Jamar Adams SS Michigan

    161 Indianapolis Colts Drew Radovich OG USC

    162 Green Bay Packers Mike Grant CB Arkansas

    163 Dallas Cowboys Stanford Keglar ILB/OLB Purdue

    164 Carolina Panthers (from NE) Craig Stevens TE Cal

    165 New York Giants Chris McDuffie OG Clemson

    166 San Diego Chargers (comp pick) Cory Boyd RB South Carolina
  4. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Round 6

    167 Dallas Cowboys (from Miami) Mike Gibson OG Cal

    168 St. Louis Rams Sam Keller QB Nebraska

    169 Oakland Raiders Paul Hubbard WR Wisconsin

    170 Kansas City Chiefs Peyton Hillis FB Arkansas

    171 New York Jets Mike Fladell OG Rutgers

    172 Atlanta Falcons Brandon Keith OT Northern Iowa

    173 Baltimore Ravens Darius Reynaud WR West Virginia

    174 San Francisco 49ers Josh Morgan WR Virginia Tech

    175 Chicago Bears Andrew Crummy OG Maryland

    176 Detroit Lions Marcus Griffin FS Texas

    177 Cincinnati Bengals Jermichael Finley TE Texas

    178 New Orleans Saints Alan Patrick RB Oklahoma

    179 Buffalo Bills Jalen Parmele RB Toledo

    180 St. Louis Rams (from Denver) D.J. Hall WR Alabama

    181 Carolina Panthers Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma st

    182 Minnesota Vikings Simeon Castille FS Alabama

    183 Denver Broncos (from Houston) Taylor Mehlhaff K Wisconsin

    184 Philadelphia Eagles Jerome Felton FB Furman

    185 Arizona Cardinals Gary Guyton OLB Georgia Tech

    186 Washington Redskins Kellen Davis TE Michigan st

    187 Kansas City Chiefs (from Tampa) Wallace Gilberry DE Alabama

    188 Pittsburgh Steelers Pedro Sosa OT Rutgers

    189 Seattle Seahawks (from Tennessee) Steve Octavien OLB Nebraska

    190 Cleveland Browns (from Seattle) Justin Forsett RB Cal

    191 Philadelphia Eagles (from Cleveland) Thomas Brown RB Georgia

    192 San Diego Chargers Keilen Dykes DT/DE West Virginia

    193 Minnesota Vikings (from Jacksonville) Jeremy Leman MLB Illinois

    194 New York Giants (from Green Bay) Brian Smith OLB McNeese st

    195 Miami Dolphins (from Dallas) Jacob Tamme TE Kentucky

    196 Indianapolis Colts Adrian Arrington WR Michigan

    197 New England Patriots Darant Brooks P Georgia Tech

    198 New York Giants Nick Hayden DT Wisconsin

    199 New York Giants (comp pick) Tommy Blake DE TCU

    200 Philadelphia Eagles (comp pick) Gary Barnidge TE Louisville

    201 Indianapolis Colts (comp pick) Colt Brennen QB Hawaii

    202 Indianapolis Colts (comp pick) Kory Lichtensteiger OC Bowlinig Green

    203 Philadelphia Eagles (comp pick) Jamie Richard OC Buffalo

    204 Miami Dolphins (comp pick) Xavier Omon RB NW Missouri st

    205 Indianapolis Colts (comp pick) Justin Tryon CB Arizona st

    206 Baltimore Ravens (comp pick) D.J. Parker FS Virginia Tech

    207 Cincinnati Bengals (comp pick) Alvin Bowen OLB Iowa st

    Round 7

    208 Miami Dolphins Robert James LB Arizona st

    209 Minnesota Vikings (from St. Louis) Kenneth Moore WR Wake Forest

    210 Kansas City Chiefs Lionel Dotson DT Arizona

    211 New York Jets Barry Booker DT/DE Virginia Tech

    212 Atlanta Falcons Louis Holmes DE Arizona

    213 Oakland Raiders Demetrious Bell OT Northwestern st

    214 San Francisco 49ers Zack Bowman CB Nebraska

    215 Baltimore Ravens Jason Shirley DT Fresno st

    216 Detroit Lions Matt Flynn QB LSU

    217 St. Louis Rams (from Cincinnati) Jonathan Zenon CB LSU

    218 New Orleans Saints Lorenzo Williams DT Missouri

    219 Buffalo Bills Caleb Campbell LB/S Army

    220 Denver Broncos Jonathan Wilhite CB Auburn

    221 Carolina Panthers Steve Johnson WR Kentucky

    222 Chicago Bears Curtis Gatewood OLB Vanderbilt

    223 Houston Texans David Vaboro OLB Idaho

    224 Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia) Corey Clark OT Texas A&M

    225 Arizona Cardinals Jeremy Geathers DE/OLB UNLV

    226 Oakland Raiders (from Minn) Bryan Mattison DE Iowa

    227 Denver Broncos (from Tampa Bay) Dominique Barber FS Minnesota

    228 Washington Redskins Anthoney Alridge RB Houston

    229 Tennessee Titans Joe Fields S Syracuse

    230 Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle) Mike Dragosavich P North Dakota st

    231 Cleveland Browns Chase Ortiz DE Georgia Tech

    232 Atlanta Falcons (from Pittsburgh) Chad Simpson RB Morgan st

    233 Seattle Seahawks (from Jacksonville) Chris Horton SS UCLA

    234 San Diego Chargers Shannon Boatman OT Florida st

    235 Dallas Cowboys Jack Ikegwuonu CB Wisconsin

    236 Indianapolis Colts Mike Peterson TE NW Missouri st

    237 Green Bay Packers Pierre Garcon WR/KR Mount Union

    238 New England Patriots Chauncy Washington RB USC

    239 Kansas City Chiefs (from New York) Ryan Grice-Mullen WR Hawaii

    240 Baltimore Ravens (comp pick) Brandon Carr CB Grand Valley St(MI)

    241 Carolina Panthers (comp pick) Tyler Polumbus OT Colorado

    242 Washington Redskins (comp pick) Will Robinson OT SDSU

    243 Chicago Bears (comp pick) Darnell Terrell CB Missouri

    244 Cincinnati Bengals (comp pick) Adam Oliver DE Georgia Tech

    245 Miami Dolphins (comp pick) Martail Burnett DE/OLB Utah

    246 Cincinnati Bengals (comp pick) Chris Hale OT Weber st

    247 Chicago Bears (comp pick) Cody Wallace OC Texas A&M

    248 Chicago Bears (comp pick) Arman Shields WR Richmond

    249 Washington Redskins (comp pick) Art Carmody K Louisville

    250 Carolina Panthers (comp pick) Lamar Myles OLB Louisville

    251 Buffalo Bills (comp pick) Marcus Henry WR Kansas

    252 St. Louis Rams (comp pick) Rudolph Hardie DE Howard
  5. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    So i got 8 picks correct. Went 6 for 6 to start and went downhill from there :lol:

    7 exactly and 1 was correct player to correct team but i had him #28 and he went to them at #22.

    Of my 31 first round choices, 24 of those players were first round picks which was better than Kipers 22 and tied w/ Mayock

    I had 11 teams with the right possition in the first round

    This draft was crazy compared to others recently. Many, many trades so getting a good score in this years draft wont be easy.

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