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Bolts #1 In Power Rankings....

Discussion in 'American Football' started by boltsnow, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. boltsnow

    boltsnow BoltTalker

    Oct 13, 2006
    Our should be in many of the polls. The 2 teams and most around them lost while they won. I see no reason why they should not be #1 in most of the rankings.:tup:
  2. boltsnow

    boltsnow BoltTalker

    Oct 13, 2006
    ESPN.....here's another one.:tup:


    1 (2) Chargers 10-2-0 When it's all said and done, LaDainian Tomlinson's 2006 season is going to have to rank among the best in NFL history.
    2 (1) Colts 10-2-0 After losing two of their last three games, the Colts are suddenly in a race for the home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.
    3 (6) Cowboys 8-4-0 Everything seems to be clicking for the Cowboys, who are as hot as any team in the NFL right now. Switch QBs, the new guy goes 5-1. Switch kickers, the new guy boots a 46-yard game-winner.
    4 (5) Bears 10-2-0 The bad news is Rex Grossman's QB rating against the Vikings was 1.3. The good news is that was up from his 0.0 rating at the end of the third quarter.
    5 (4) Patriots 9-3-0 Of all the players who have been the core contributors to New England's three titles, Mike Vrabel might be the most overlooked. He's solid, versatile and makes big plays.
    6 (3) Ravens 9-3-0 Don't underestimate the loss of return specialist B.J. Sams to the Ravens. He was fifth in the league in kickoff returns and seventh in punt returns. That's not something you replace easily.
    7 (10) Saints 8-4-0 The ''Reggie Bush has arrived'' moment came in the second quarter when he caught a short pass on the 49ers' 15, left three defenders grasping for air, plowed through two more and carried a few others down to the 1.
    8 (11) Bengals 7-5-0 Is it a reach to compare this year's Bengals to last year's Super Bowl champion Steelers? Both had three-game losing streaks. Both had two runs of three or more straight wins. And both were 7-5 after 12 games.
    9 (8) Seahawks 8-4-0 The Seahawks are 5-0 this year when both Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander are in the starting lineup. That's not to suggest they'd be undefeated with them together for all 12 games, but it's clear the Seahawks are back among the NFC's elite.
    10 (13) Jaguars 7-5-0 Doesn't look like the Jags miss Byron Leftwich. In the past two weeks, David Garrard threw two TDs and finished with a QB rating of 100 or better. Garrard's 136.4 rating against the Dolphins was a career best.
    11 (14) Jets 7-5-0 For most of the season people have written the Jets' record off as a product of a weak schedule. While the weak schedule part is true, the Jets are also a pretty good team. If they make the playoffs they're not going to be an easy out.
    12 (7) Chiefs 7-5-0 Just a terrible loss by the Chiefs against the Browns. In the tough AFC, you can't afford to lose games like that.
    13 (9) Broncos 7-5-0 Obviously you have to be patient with a rookie QB like Jay Cutler. But the Broncos are battling for their playoff lives and patience might not get it done.
    14 (18) Falcons 6-6-0 Weird. The Falcons started going to Algee Crumpler more -- and Roddy White less -- and their passing game suddenly looks much, much better.
    15 (15) Giants 6-6-0 With basically all the other wild-card hopefuls losing, the Giants are still in good shape for a playoff berth.
    16 (23) Titans 5-7-0 Less than 90 minutes after kicking a game-winning 60-yard FG to beat the Colts, Rob Bironas brought an entourage of 10 people to the exact spot on the Titans' logo at midfield to take some pictures. That's cool.
    17 (22) Eagles 6-6-0 Gotta love the NFC. Just one win and a team that was essentially left for dead is right back in the playoff race.
    18 (12) Panthers 6-6-0 The record sums up the Panthers pretty well. They're 6-6. They're .500. They're just plain average.
    19 (24) Steelers 5-7-0 Only last-second Tampa Bay FG keeps the Steelers from becoming first Pittsburgh team since 1957 to get shut out one week and then pitch a shutout the next week.
    20 (16) Dolphins 5-7-0 Well, so much for running the table. The Dolphins can still cause some problems down the stretch, but the playoffs aren't part of the picture anymore.
    21 (19) Bills 5-7-0 At 5-7 the Bills are essentially out of the playoff hunt. But a strong finish is still important and would build a lot of momentum heading to next season. But can Dick Jauron convince his players of that?
    22 (20) 49ers 5-7-0 Win or lose, getting to play in games down the stretch that actually mean something is going to be good for the development of this young team.
    23 (17) Rams 5-7-0 We're guessing the players Marc Bulger was referring to as being ''nonchalant,'' know that he was talking about them. The question now is will it have any impact?
    24 (21) Vikings 5-7-0 Things are getting messy in Minnesota. The defense is blaming the offense after the Bears loss, calling for changes and saying that if the defense doesn't score, the Vikings won't win.
    25 (25) Redskins 4-8-0 Washington's season is obviously going to end up being a disappointment. But at least they're finally going to see what Jason Campbell can do. The early returns look good.
    26 (29) Browns 4-8-0 Browns win one ''for the die-hards who showed up today. We haven't given them a lot to cheer about,'' said K Phil Dawson. What a concept -- remembering the fans.
    27 (27) Texans 4-8-0 Gary Kubiak says it's never ugly when you win. Here's guessing he changes his mind when he watches the film of the Texans' win over Oakland.
    28 (26) Packers 4-8-0 While Brett Favre said he's glad he came back, this is the first time all season he's looked like a beaten man. Many more losses like this might make it harder for him to come back next year.
    29 (31) Cardinals 3-9-0 Edgerrin James finally has a big game (115 yards) and fantasy owners have to watch Marcel Shipp score three rushing TDs.
    30 (28) Buccaneers 3-9-0 This is Jon Gruden's third losing season out of four since the 2003 Super Bowl win. We're not saying, we're just saying ...
    31 (30) Raiders 2-10-0 There's not much for anyone in Oakland to hang their hat on this season, but defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has boosted his credentials.
    32 (32) Lions 2-10-0 Look, Mike Williams is hardly a model citizen, but it seems a little harsh to punk him out by playing backup QB Josh McCown at receiver. For the record McCown now has two catches to Williams' one this season.
  3. BoltsFanUK

    BoltsFanUK Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    we're exactly where we deserve to be:)

    we're the best team in the NFL atm and people are now recognising that:football:

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