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Car Averages 113.1 MPG In I-5 Trip

Discussion in 'Balboa Park' started by wrbanwal, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. wrbanwal

    wrbanwal Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2005
    Avion Set World Record For MPG, Designers Say


    PORTLAND, Ore. -- Tired of high gas prices? Two Northwest car designers have developed a car averaging 113.1 miles per gallon.

    Craig Henderson, who lives in Bellingham, Wash., drove his aerodynamic car down Interstate 5 on Saturday, from the Canadian-Washington border to the Washington-Oregon border.

    Henderson and fellow designer Bill Green said they broke the world record for most miles per gallon.

    "We drove from border to border across Washington state here today," Green said. "We averaged about 113.1 miles per gallon."

    The car, dubbed the Avion, originally set the record for most miles per gallon in 1986 when it averaged 103.7 miles per gallon. Green and Henderson said they named their car after the French word for airplane because of the vehicle's unique design.

    The prototype was completed in 1984, but until recently, Green and Henderson said very few people have paid attention to the fuel-efficient sports car.

    As gas prices skyrocketed, however, more drivers took notice.

    Green and Henderson spent months testing the car in wind tunnels so they could perfect each angle.

    The car's body is designed to reduce drag; it requires only 3 to 6 horsepower to maintain highway speed, giving it a top speed of over 100mph, according to the car's Web site.

    Henderson said the car has reached 114 mpg at 55 mph while driving on public roads from Eugene to Portland.

    The designers said they have plans for a limited production, which will soon allow drivers to buy an Avion for themselves.


    Avion And the X-Prize

    The time is right for the X-Prize and the Avion project is ready to compete. We have restored the original Avion, installed a new motor and have tested the car at 60 miles per hour averaging over 100 miles per gallon on diesel.

    We are tooling up for the next Avion and will have a new Avion for the competition in 2010. We have set records for fuel economy in the past and we are confident that we will be a strong contender for winning the prize.

    Will the Avion be available for purchase? We sure hope so and the X-Prize is one of the perfect ways to make that happen. So win or lose we may all win with the advancement of fun, safe and clean 100 mile per gallon cars.

    The Avion was developed as a lightweight and aerodynamic and very fuel-efficient sports car. The prototype was completed in 1984 and set the Guinness world record for fuel economy in 1986 at 103.7-mpg average driving from the Mexico border to British Columbia Canada border.

    The plan at that time was to manufacture the Avion but at the time fuel economy was not as big a concern 20 years ago and we lacked the expertise and the money to tool up and produce the cars.

    The car has been designed to be manufactured in small volume using recycled components from the automobile recycling yards. Utilizing standard engines and drive trains installed in the Avon's light weight and aerodynamic body we can achieve significant improvements in fuel efficacy and performance making the Avion both fun to drive and while getting great mileage. In our testing the car we were able to achieve 80mpg At 70 mph and an astonishing 114mpg at 55mph driving from Eugene Or. To Portland OR.

    An Idea twenty years before its time.

    Some times a design is too advanced for its time, as was the case for the Avion. But now it is time. We are now tooling up for a limited production of the Avion and you will be able to buy one for your self.

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