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Case Study: 05/06 Colts and Current Chargers

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Boltergeist, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Boltergeist

    Boltergeist BoltTalker

    Aug 3, 2006
    Looking ahead to next season and seeing / hearing all of the concern about losing players, etc., I thought it was worth posting a look at the Colts transition from the 2005 to 2006 seasons. IMO, I think our current team compares best to what the Colts have been doing the past several years.

    2005 Colts (14-2 Lost divisional round to Steelers)

    Offense NFL rank 2....Passing rank 3

    Manning 3747 yards 28 TDs 10 INTs
    James 1506 yards 13 TDs
    Rhodes 118 yards as primary backup.
    Harrison 1146 yds
    Wayne 1055 yds
    Stokely 543 yds
    Clark 488 yds

    Defense NFL rank 11....Rushing D 16
    Mathis / Freeney- combined 22.5 sacks

    Colts 2006 (12-4 won superbowl)

    Offense NFL rank 2....Passing rank 2

    Manning 4308 yards 31 TDs 9 INTs
    Addai (rookie) 1081 yards
    Rhodes 641 yards as primary backup.
    Harrison 1366 yds
    Wayne 1310 yds
    Utecht 377 yds
    Clark 367 yds

    Defense NFL rank 21....Rushing D 32 (worst statistical run defense in NFL history Y/A)
    Mathis / Freeney- combined 15 sacks

    As you can see, Edgerrin James' numbers from 2005 dwarf those of our running game of last year and his primary backup did very little. A much more significant loss at the time than our potential loss of both LT and Sproles.

    Like the Chargers of now, the Colts have always buttered their bread with the passing game. In spite of losing their primary slot guy (stokely) most of the year due to injury in 2006, the Colts adjusted by throwing to a 2nd TE more and Manning / Harrison / Wayne having an epic year building on what they already did best. The Colts D basically collapsed in 2006 with injuries to Freeney and Bob Sanders and actually had the worst run D in the history of the NFL....In short, they capitalized on a division they knew they could dominate again...and were able to step up the D in the playoffs.

    How does this translate to us? IMO, as long as we keep out advantage in the passing attack intact (ie. our 'above the rim' passing game) and BUILD on it....anything is possible...even with a weaker defense.....Unlike the 2006 Colts, our running game has no where to go but up to balance out the offense and I certainly think it's possible to find a Joseph Addai type in the draft or FA.

    On D, we won't be as bad as the 2006 banged up Colts team either....and we have the potential to be pretty good as we get more experience and get J-Wall back.

    Bottom line is that we have to keep our big passing weapons in place. I have every confidence that Philip Rivers can do EVEN BETTER with another year in the emerging passing system that we have. We WILL win the AFCW for the 5th years in a row, and we just have to break through in the playoffs like the Colts did in 2006.
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