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Chargers' Cromartie has 'eyes' on NFL's interceptions mark

Discussion in 'American Football' started by chargerlipz, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. chargerlipz

    chargerlipz Leading the league in nose hairs.

    Mar 28, 2007
    Didn't see this posted so I figured I'd share it with you all.

    Article is here.
  2. Aggieman

    Aggieman I bleed blue and gold

    Aug 14, 2008
    Well, fifteen is a lot of interceptions. We're talking one per game essentially and Cromartie may be the only way that can do it but he's going to have put effort into getting an interception at times and not just allowing it to come to him like most INT's. No doubt Cromartie can put in that effort, just ask Reggie Wayne, but it also forces him to play off a reciever and get into positions that allow the elite wideouts in this league to get an edge on Cromartie. On the other hand he is one of the best coverage DB's too so maybe that will bring him a few lucky strikes. Overall the hardest part will be the lack of passes in his direction since QB's will not want to put the ball anywhere near him.
  3. Buck Melanoma

    Buck Melanoma Guest

    If anyone in the league right now is capable, Cro is the guy. :tup:

    Hey, Kwak - maybe a side bet in vBookie?? :icon_shrug:
  4. IgorUnchained

    IgorUnchained BoltTalker

    Aug 11, 2007
    I have to agree that:

    A) 15 is alot of interceptions

    b) If anyone can do it this season, it will be Cro.

    That said, I dont think people are going to be throwing his way as much this season....Id be happy as hell to see him get 10 INTs.

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