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Chargers destroy Raiders 27-0

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="312" height="208" alt="San Diego Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson scores a one-yard touchdown in the first half of their NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders on Monday, Sept. 11, 2006 in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Benjamin Sklar)" title="San Diego Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson scores a one-yard touchdown in the first half of their NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders on Monday, Sept. 11, 2006 in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Benjamin Sklar)" src="http://espn-i.starwave.com/media/apphoto/399bc54f-24a3-415e-8fdd-90779aa3b7c0.jpg" />

    By Boltarious - <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    Quotes courtesy NFL WIRE SERVICES

    Oakland, by way of ESPNHD...
    San Diego {1-0) opened the season with style last night in Oakland (0-1), shutting out the Raiders 27-0, right in front of the Black Hole. Ask any Raider fan how bad they got their butts whipped last night. Any answer other than we sucked from ANY Raider supporter, is delusional. I have a friend that was hardcore in his belief that the Chargers are posers, and the mighty Raiders would roll over us, like a bus over an ice cream cone. WRONG!!!!! He is in shock. As the game progressed, his Raider arrogance was replaced by another emotion- disgust, followed by anger. After 6 months of Raider propaganda spewing from his mouth, all he could say last night was "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" over and over..

    I could hear the sound of Raider wives and girlfriends being beaten all over the land. Sorry ladies, maybe you should look for a new man, or take a self-defense course, because your hubby/boyfriend is going to be pissed all season.
    The Raiders SUCK. Deal with it.

    The story of this game was not LT or PR- Rivers earned his nickname last night. No, the story was on defense, where San Diego pitched a shutout, only the second time the Raiders have been shut out at home, EVER.

    9 sacks. 9 times, Mrs. Bueller.

    Shawne Merriman led the D with 3 sacks. Shawn Phillips replaced poor Steve Foley nicely, the defensive line was virtually unstoppable, and the secondary gave no quarter to Randy Moss, or to Raider QB Aaron Brooks.

    San Diego got right to work, efficiently driving into Raider territory, which allowed K Nate Kaeding to boot a 47-yard FG.

    3-0 Bolts- game over, and yet we have miles to go.

    The Charger defense took this lead and ran with it. The hitting by San Diego was ferocious. Everyone was at a fever pitch, a tribute to the Chargers coaches, Said Marty Schottenheimer afterwards, 'Fundamentally, we played football the way they did in the 20's". And conversely, the Raiders played like the Washington Redskins did when they lost to the Bears 73-0, way back in the 40's.

    Ladainian Tomlinson got his 2006 season off to a flying start, running for 87 yards in the first quarter alone, and included a highlight reel quality 58-yard run through the Raiders SHELL of a defense.

    3-0 Bolts- end of the first quarter.

    LT did his best Superman impression to begin the second quarter, leaping over the entire Raider D on his way into the end zone. LT defies gravity as if he is not subject to the same physical laws that the rest of us are. Said LT afterwards, "We knew what we going to try to do, keep it simple and run the football, it feels good to be back in the mix." AMEN...

    10-0 Chargers, life is good...

    Watching the Raiders try to play on offense was STOOGE like in its comedic value. Methuselah ran a more sophisticated offense. It makes no sense to send Randy Moss on a 40-yard fly patters when Aaron Brooks had about 1 second to throw, play after play. This ARROGANCE on the Raiders part served San Diego well. Brooks deserved a far better fate; no quarterback can operate with 3 defenders laying on him. The Raiders refused to see their own shortcomings, and could very well end up 0-16. I see Jeff SUNSHINE George starting by week 6, and he only lasted 2 days at his Raider tryout. San Diego racked up 4 sacks during the 2nd quarter, forcing the Raiders into a near catatonic state. Crowd shots at this point were priceless, watching the entire city of Oakland scream what the F#$%? at the Raiders made my Charger heart beat proud...

    The Chargers game plan of ball control was a little frustrating for my fellow Charger fans during the second quarter, but I chalk that up to playing too much Madden 07. Personally, I hope we do the exact same thing all season. The Chargers offensive line play was magnificent. Said Rookie OL Marcus McNeill afterwards " It was dominating on both sides of the ball, our defense played strong, and we fed off that."

    The first half ended after another Kaeding FG extended the Bolts lead. In all my years of watching Charger football, that was as good as it gets against the Raiders, Raider fans consider the Chargers to be little bitches, and losing to us is the worst thing that can happen. And we LOVED every second of Raider fans torment, may it last for another 30 years. I want a whole generation of children to never have seen the Raiders beat the Chargers. That will get rid of the Black Hole south...

    And while we are on the subject..
    Long live Marty Schottenheimer, the only coach we have ever had that can WHIP these losers every time!!! Even THINKING of letting Marty go is insanity. Don Coryell himself could not find a way to beat the Raiders every time, Marty has a 7 game winning streak, and 30 wins overall against the silver and dreck. Learn it, Know it, Live it.-
    Quote courtesy Brad Hamilton -Fast times at Ridgemont High...

    13-0 Chargers- Halftime. Get a beer Raider fan, you are gonna need it... if this was an example of what you have to look forward to this season, alcoholism awaits you...

    The Second half was an exercise in ball control, boredom, and Domination of the Raider Nation. More like the tiny island nation of raidogo...

    Oakland Wideout Randy Moss finally got untracked; hauling in a 20-yard reception, only to foolishly taunt Nate Kaeding with the ball after the play. RAIDER ARROGANCE- even in the face of totally getting destroyed. 40 years...
    This penalty lead to a Jamal Williams sack of Brooks, and a complete breakdown of the Nation. Al Davis was spinning in his hyperbaric chamber...

    The third quarter was over quickly, with San Diego running the clock like it was in a hurry to catch the team plane, and who could blame them for wanting to get out of Jokeland.

    13-0 Chargers- 1 quarter to go... I wanted the shut out at this point

    Phillip Rivers finally got a pass play called again, and hit Eric Parker for 38 yards with a perfectly thrown ball, to the Raider 7 yard line. Rivers took a few hits over the course of the game, and weathered them beautifully.
    Rivers finished up his evening with 108 yards passing on 8 of 11 attempts. Efficient.

    Antonio Gates also got the call finally as well, hauling in Rivers 4 yard TD pass. We did not even NEED AG, but it's nice to have him any ways...

    20-0 Chargers- Watching Raider fans leave early- priceless
    Take your beating like men, you losers...

    The Raiders BENCHED Brooks after that, going with Andrew Walter at QB. What kind of message did Shell send to Brooks by doing that?

    San Diego completed the scoring on super backup RB Michael Turner's 1 yard TD run, allowing the Chargers to take an insurmountable 27-0 lead. And in the stands, RATS deserting their ship.., yo ho yo ho it's the loser's life for them...

    Allow me a fan moment here
    hi five! chest bump! uncontrollable laughter!!!
    That's better...

    Final score 27-o and I used an o instead of a 0.

    Watching Raider Coach Art Shell speaking afterwards was painful, unless you were rolling all over the floor and laughing like I was. Shell said" NO Excuses, we will learn from this one game, and we will get better. " Good luck with that, Art...
    Said Raiders running back Lamont Jordan after the carnage,
    "Maybe we are still in that coma, maybe that's the case."
    Losing breeds losing...
    Go Raiders, right over that cliff like Wile E Coyote... :)

    Next up- the Tennessee Titans come to Qualcomm Stadium this Sunday at 1:15 pm. tickets are still at the box office...
    Lets make it CRAZY this weekend people!!!!
    8-0 at home, no excuses..

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