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Chargers edge Raiders 21-14

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="335" height="223" title="Aaron Brooks of the Raiders is sacked by Jaques Cesaire (74), Marques Harris (92), and Derreck Robinson (98) in the fourth quarter." alt="Aaron Brooks of the Raiders is sacked by Jaques Cesaire (74), Marques Harris (92), and Derreck Robinson (98) in the fourth quarter." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061126raiders/KC_Raiders260211x2011.jpg" />

    By Boltarious
    Bolt Talk Staff Writer

    San Diego-
    After 20 seasons of dealing with literally thousands and thousands of Raider fans having the time of their lives in my stadium, I am pleased to report the following items.
    The Raider Nation is in shambles.
    The San Diego Raider Fan club was a no show.
    Darth Raider is now the butt of scoreboard jokes. Good jokes.
    The Raider Mystique is no more.
    The Raiders are eliminated from 2006 postseason play eligibility, at 2-9 and are tobogganing toward oblivion.

    Justice came to San Diego yesterday, when Raider fans that dared venture into the Q found themselves in the minority, to the extreme. I would say less than 5000 in the whole place, which meant that some 20,000 Raiders "fans" stayed home, unable to deal with yet another thrashing by their former biatches, the CHARGERS.
    COWARDS. Stay home forever while you are at it.

    Yesterday's game once again featured things never before seen in an NFL game. This season has been a unique one so far, with records falling weekly all around the league.

    The Raiders took the opening kickoff and Chris Carr returned it 34 yards to the Raider 40. Sooner or later, this hole in the special team coverage is going to hurt the Chargers.
    Sebastian (Sea bass) Janikowski shanked the FG attempt after the drive stalled at the Charger 18.

    The Charger offense, so crisp the last few weeks looked out of phase on the first 2 drives, going nowhere. The first quarter went by quickly, with both teams playing rock'em sock'em defense. Not pretty, but fun to watch.

    0-0, end of the first. Where is the Raider Nation? Usually, my section has packs of Raider fans, there are only about 10 today... all spread out.

    The Raiduhs actually were playing good football out there, and QB Aaron Brooks looked mobile and accurate. Rashard Lee took the ball in from the 1, after a pass interference call on Quinten Jammer set Oakland up at the San Diego 3-yard line. There was actually some noise from the few Raider faithful. In comparison to years past, this pitiful roar was like a mouse fart... wither the Nation...

    7-0 Oakland, not to worry...

    Antonio Cromartie took the following kickoff 91 yards on a nifty return, giving Ladainian Tomlinson a chance for an easy TD, his 23rd on the season, a new Charger all-time record.
    LT cashed it in from the 4, extending his own record-scoring streak. This is FUN to watch... beats the crap out of 1-15...

    7-7 Ballgame, the noise level is deafening...

    After exchanging possessions for the rest of the half without scoring, both teams headed to the locker room tied at 7.
    All 10 Raider fans looked hopeful, but I knew the Chargers were just waiting to make it more exciting, and I was right.

    The Chargers took the 3rd quarter kickoff on a drive that ended at the Raider 33 on 4th down. Phillip Rivers was having a tough afternoon, missing on several passes, but missing in a way that no one else could get the ball either.

    Oakland then went vertical, with Brooks hitting J. Madson with the 59 yard deep ball, which was ruled out of bounds at the Charger 3, after the refs ruled a TD, more on the refs in a bit... Brooks hit Madson with the 2 yard scoring pass, and the little Raider fan gathering went wild. With fights breaking out in the upper deck, and lots of noise. Raider fans love to be number one, even when they are number 32...

    BRING IT ON..., I can make noise too.. I am a bullhorn with feet... I love this game :) NFL rules!! The teams once again played to a defensive standstill for the rest of the Quarter.
    I have to admit the Raiders d is pretty good. Fast and rangy, something to build around.

    14-7 Oakland, end of the 3rd... Can the Comeback Kids do it again???? You know they can...

    Oakland had their foot on the Chargers collective throats, driving to the SD 25, only to have Aaron Brooks do his best Marc Wilson impression, hitting Jammer after Shawn Phillips tipped his pass into the air, and QJ returned the ball to the Raider 48. A HUGE play...

    Then come the weirdest play and call of the season.
    Its 4th and 2, Chargers ball at the Raider 40, and PR hits Vincent Jackson over the middle for an 8-yard gain, to the Raider 32. Jackson falls while catching the ball, and rolls, untouched up to his feet, and he spin spikes the ball forward. Initially this was ruled a fumble and the Raiders alertly recovered. Then it was ruled Charger ball, then it was ruled that the chargers did not get the first down after the penalty, Raider ball, then it was ruled that the Chargers did indeed get the first down anyways. Can you spell BOOOOOO? No one was happy with the 10 minutes it took to sort that out.
    It was the Holy Roller in reverse, and payback is sweet. Said Aaron Brooks about the play," I think we have a new rule about to happen, What's the difference between a spike and a little flippity-flip, or whatever he did?" Justice, I hope every Raider fan feels ripped off for the next 100 years...

    The Chargers retained possession and Ladainian Tomlinson went to the air again, throwing a TD pass behind a totally fooled Raider d to a wide-open Antonio Gates. Is there nothing LT cannot do on a football field? He is rapidly becoming the greatest Charger of all, and I am loving every play of it!

    "We've done that plenty of enough times where you kick it to me and I just run around the end, So they're thinking that was a run play and they come up to try to support the run and Gates just slipped right through them. You see the cornerbacks, they run up, and the next thing they see Gates and they're saying, 'Oh no!'" Tomlinson said of his scoring toss.

    14-14 ballgame. Now it was the Charger fans turn to make noise. Like a jet on takeoff...

    Knowing that we had them right where we wanted them, San Diego fans blasted the Raider offense with a wall of bedlam.
    The Raider offense responded by losing 13 yards, and being forced to punt. The Raider Nation (suburb?) sat meekly while we showed them what pride and poise was all about.
    Life is good...

    6 plays later, Tomlinson swept in from the 10-yard line, and insanity took hold at the Q. There is just something about beating the neighborhood bully into a pulp that I can't get enough of. This is when the few Nationites in my section began to leave... quitters, damn near all of em...

    21-14 CHARGERS- as it should be...

    N O I S E. Oakland didn't have a prayer at this point, with the Defense feeding off the crowd noise, and Tomlinson's heroics. Drayton Florence sealed the Raiders fate with an interception at the San Diego 31, on Brooks desperation heave.

    21-14 Chargers final, hey hey good-bye, hit the road jack...
    We took back our house, and I NEVER want to hear a Raider player talk about how great it was to be home here in San Diego ever again...

    Next up for the first place Chargers is Buffalo, and some decidedly cold weather- game time is 10 am....

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