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Chargers freeze Chiefs 20-9

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="310" height="216" title="Randall Godfrey sacks Trent Green of the Chiefs." alt="Randall Godfrey sacks Trent Green of the Chiefs." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061217chiefs/KC_Cheifs260222x1245c.jpg" />

    By Boltarious
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    San Diego, by way of the Antarctic...

    San Diego is known for sunny 70-degree days, but what people who don't live here do not know is it gets COLD at night. Sunday was a perfect example of that, as the Chargers bested the Chiefs 20-9, in an ever colder Q. Don't get me wrong, Green Bay fans would laugh at us forever, but by the end of the game- I was a popsicle.

    Kansas City never really had a chance, as the Chargers kept the pressure on all night, recording 6 sacks, and one Mr. LaDainian Tomlinson put on a show for the ages. LT broke Paul Hornung's scoring record for most points in a season, and Hornung doubled as a kicker. Imagine if LT decides he wants to kick FG's too, he could clean up after all of his many TD's- maybe LT could also learn to start at QB... enjoy this time Charger fans, we may NEVER see this again... or we might do it (set records) non stop to the rest of the NFL for the next 5 years... who knows? All I know is this is the best that the Bolts have ever looked, on both sides of the ball. I called for 8-0 at home back in September, now I am calling for 10-0 at home, and 1-0 in MIAMI, home of the one super bowl San Diego has been to.

    San Diego was back in Primetime on NBC, with Madden and Michaels up in the booth, and Pink up on the scoreboard rocking out. Gosh, I hope Al Michaels was satisfied with the surroundings, after all this is not NEW YORK. And thankfully, it never will be.

    The Chiefs won the toss, but it did them no good, as the Charger Crowd was fired up after a long day of tailgating. The wall of sound buried the Chiefs, and the Charger D took it from there. Randall Godfrey sacked Trent Green on the second play from scrimmage, and KC went nowhere. Gotta love it!

    Now I get to write about the greatest player of our time, LT. I have taken to keeping quiet while LT has the ball, and I just watch him run. San Diego showed off a fake punt, with Michael Turner scooting 25 yards to the KC 32. Herman Edwards finally got bamboozled by Marty Schottenheimer, Edwards and the Chiefs never saw it coming. This set up Tomlinson's 15-yard scamper into the end zone. Goodbye Mr. Hornung, and thanks for the memories. Paul Hornung's scoring record of 176 points stood for 46 years, not even Babe Ruth's home run record stood for that long. We saw HISTORY people. LT now had 180 points, and has outscored both the Buccaneers and The Raiduhs TEAMS entirely. W O W !!!

    7-0 Chargelinsons - no letting up around here...
    I think that's what took out Indy the last couple years, clinching early, and coasting into the playoffs cold, San Diego showed that they were not going to make that mistake.
    That was all the scoring of the first quarter, a defensive battle.

    Phillip Rivers had a terrible night, showing rookie mistakes that are correctible. Rivers was picked off at the Charger 27 by Tambi Hali, who took the ball backwards 9 yards before lateraling it to Sammie Knight, who went nowhere. K Lawrence Tynes split the upright after the Charger D squelched the drive at the 27, with a 45-yard kick. PR looked like he was trying to do too much, and needs to relax.

    7-3 Chargers

    The teams traded smashing hits for most of the second quarter, a rockem' sockem' display of defense. San Diego finally managed to do the impossible, allowing a blocked punt that ended up back in the Charger hands due to David Ross muffing the ball after the block. When fate smiles on a team, it really takes care of things.

    Said Chiefs Coach Herman Edwards about the bizarre turn of events, "It could have turned the momentum in our way but it didn't, it got them the ball back, and the next play, the guy (LT) makes the big play." The Biggest...

    Now comes the run of the decade, at least for me so far. LT takes the handoff at the Charger 15, and much like a blue and gold version of the Flash, flat out runs the Chiefs defense all the way for an 85 yard TD. It was like watching a Ferrari on the autobahn. LT can go from 0 to 200 in 3 steps, and shift into overdrive in 4. AMAZING, COLLOSAL, STUPENDOUS.
    Said LT "It was absolutely perfect," I don't know if you can draw it any better. Once I saw the crease, and the safety took a bad angle, I felt like I was running track again. ... I felt like I could go all the way."

    Charger center Nick Hardwick said "They had no idea, you just hear the crowd roaring, then pop your head up, look down, see the back of his numbers and cheer him on because you can't do anything at that point. He's (LT) a freak show, though, to be that fast at this point in the season, with tired legs, that says a lot about his conditioning and the way he works."

    HISTORY in the making, all for the price of a ticket.

    14-3 Chargers. Goodbye KC.
    The first half ended with that score, and Charger fans braced themselves for the cold, as the temperature dropped, and was continuing to drop. Mission Valley has cold pockets at night, its weird; you can be driving on Friars Road and suddenly hit COLD air. Such a pocket descended right onto the field, and we went below 50 in about 10 minutes. I had 2 layers of everything except socks, big mistake...

    The Second half was a defensive struggle, with both teams showing the effects of the cold. The ball is a little heavier, the body moves a little slower. Nate Kaeding and Tynes traded FG's and that was about it. BRRRRRR- I can see my breath...

    17-6 end of the 3rd quarter lets get it done so I can thaw my toes out....

    Rivers then made his worst throw of the season, rolling out to his right and forcing the ball into coverage, which was intercepted by
    Greg Wesley at the Chargers 39. Rivers has the yips... he will get over it... Lawrence Tynes booted the 24-yard FG after the D shut down the Chiefs at the Charger 6. 17-9 Chargers... I'm an icee... where is the polar bear?

    PR then made his BEST throw of the night, a 46-yard strike to Vincent Jackson, who rumbled all the way to the Chiefs 8 yard line and NK drilled the gimme FG from the 4.

    20-9 BALLGAME. The Defense took care of the Chiefs from there, and we all could go find some hot chocolate, or a fireplace, or a warm girlfriend. 46 degrees is balmy in Buffalo, but not here.

    The Chargers kept their foot on home field advantage throughout the playoff, and tied the all time win mark for one season with the 80 chargers with their 12th win. LT took over the NFL rushing lead from Larry Johnson, and
    set the all time record for consecutive 100-yard games at 8.
    He also extended his multiple TD game-scoring streak to 8.

    Now the Charger travel to the Pacific Northwest, that is if Rain does not wash away Seattle entirely, game time is Sunday at 1 pm.

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