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Chargers out muscle Steelers 23-13

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Boltarious
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    <img width="187" height="245" align="left" title="Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, left, tries to scramble away from San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips during the first half of an NFL football game in San Diego, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 8, 2006. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)" alt="Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, left, tries to scramble away from San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips during the first half of an NFL football game in San Diego, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 8, 2006. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)" src="http://espn-i.starwave.com/media/apphoto/d844f1b9-bae6-4fe3-ac79-22f6b0c66bf6.jpg" />San Diego - No matter how well the Chargers (3-1) have played over the last 46 years, last night I discovered something, after the Chargers thrashed the Steelers (1-3), 23-13, while in the Powder Blues at the Q. People who live back east have no freakin idea who we are. I wore a Lance Alworth throwback jersey to the game, proudly knowing I had on one of the greatest player jerseys in NFL history. As I walked out afterwards, a Steeler fan said, "Hey 19- Who is Alworth, me and my buddies cant figure it out" WHAT? This guy NEVER EVEN HEARD OF LANCE ALWORTH. Ever, and he was at least 40 years old. How pathetic is that? I replied, "You are kidding, right? You never heard of the greatest receiver in the history of the AFL? You never heard of the first player from the AFL inducted into the NFL hall of fame?" And, he replied, "No, I guess he must have been good". I laughed at his ignorance, and told him how I knew all the Steeler greats, and that he should look it up online. That's where we are in the overall national scheme of things folks; no one cares about our team but us.

    Which makes BEATING these uneducated fan-slugs all the sweeter!!!!! It's the 21st century, the age of information... to me its insulting, like I never heard of Terry Bradshaw... The only way to change this national perception of us is to win 3 super bowls...

    So, on to the game...
    Marty Schottenheimer may be many things, but he is not stupid. After shackling Phillip Rivers for most of the first 3 games, Marty finally had no choice but to let the kid throw the ball. Rivers was magnificent, looking like a seasoned pro, and not a kid starting his 4th game. AJ Smith was dead on in his evaluation of Rivers skill, he will be an all pro before it's all said and done.

    The fans would not tolerate Martyball last night, and we told him so on a couple occasions, which I will expound on as the story progresses. I actually think that Schottenheimer is being trained by the Charger fans in how to go for the jugular, so to speak. Charger fans know when you should throw the ball, and Marty is learning however slowly it may seem. There may be hope yet for him to keep his job, but I heard people calling for his scalp before and during the game. After we got the lead, they all shut up and got loud (oxymoron) To me, if the Chargers fire Marty, we might as well burn our tickets for the rest of the season, and probably next season as well. I am TIRED of rebuilding; do we really want to go through more rebuilding? Hell no, so we have to make Schottenheimer one of us, which is a pass on any down from any where on the field maniac. It's our nature as Chargers, and he will get there...

    Schottenheimer is a Charger. Deal with it. Embrace it.

    Now that the sermon is over, game details, which I am going to write as I watch the rebroadcast, its really coo, to be there, and then see what everyone at home saw in comparison the what actually happens at the stadium.

    The Steelers were greeted by 10, 000 Steeler fans, spread around the stadium, who made an early noise.
    Steeler QB Ben Roehlisberger was under immediate
    pressure, and sacked by Shawn Phillips on the first series. The house was Rockin', Charger fans do loud real well...

    Rivers took the field, and was almost immediately threw a pick, forcing the D back on the field. No problem. Big Ben and company met a wall of defense and a wall of sound. 3 and out! Bill Cowher pulled out his bag of tricks on fourth down, with a bizarre fake shotgun reverse for no gain.

    TV note- it's nice to have NBC back on football, the broadcast looks like a million bucks. Great hi-def San Diego location shots...too great. Here come more people moving here to clog the freeway... we need to show shots of twenty nine palms instead, looks like moon base alpha...

    Defense was the name of the game in the first quarter, with both teams at fever pitch. The Steelers looked every bit the defending Super Bowl Champs, with a punishing defense.
    And the Chargers showed why they are currently ranked number on in overall D, swarming the field. Maybe that's the name- The SWARM? Nah, too Irwin Allen...

    The Steelers kept the pressure on Rivers, sacking him twice on the next series. Rivers showed he could take the big hit, with Joey Porter blasting him from behind.

    Roethlisberger finally found a seam on a screen pass, which went all the way to the Charger 28. He ate up the blitz that time.
    Willie Parker broke a 15-yard run, and the Steelers were in business inside the 10. The crowd was a little less loud this possession, because we all needed to breath...
    Parker rumbled into the endzone on a sweep, giving Pittsburgh their first points.

    7-0 Steelers. Terrible Towels everywhere....

    A nugget of Marty truth slipped through
    his coach speak, with NBC relaying About Rivers-"I trust him completely in what we ask him to do." Ask more Marty...

    End of the first Quarter 7-0 Steelers...

    Rivers started the 2nd with 2 strikes to Eric Parker. But The Steeler D applied the pressure, sacking Rivers and ending the drive. The Charger D forced Big Ben into a fumble, but the Refs went into some sort of zombie trance and called Roethlisberger in the grasp. I miss 60-s and 70's style football, which was, if you don't get up with the ball, you never had it... gawd I'm old...

    The Steelers managed to drive into FG range on this drive, on the strength of RB Willie Parkers slashing runs. But the Charger D closed the door, forcing a Jeff Reed 39 yard shot.

    10-0 Steelers- more towels... and I have forgotten to mention the presence of the Chicken! Always a welcome sight!

    Rivers threw a bullet 40 yards downfield to McCardell on the Charger next drive, a positively ELWAY like pass. Nice, too bad Keenan could not haul it in. the Steelers had LT in their sights so far, and every time LT touched the ball, he was hit almost immediately. Eric Parker hauled in Rivers next throw,
    at the Pittsburgh 48, and Rivers has John Maddens attention, with the old coach liking what he sees in the young QB.
    2 minute warning...

    Steeler DB Brian Park wiped LT out on the screen pass, just an inch away from being a late hit. The Steelers are tough...
    Rivers then gets pressured into an incomplete pass, nearly fumbling. Great Steeler D, all over the field.
    PR then found ANTONIO GATES over the middle for 23 yards with a precision pass right through the heart of the Steeler D.
    Jump Ball, TOUCHDOWN BABY!!! Malcolm Floyd with the Tiptoe catch, which survived a lengthy review. That's what the Chargers need to do, use the height advantage they have, and play alley-oop, just like John Brodie and RC Owens, back in the 50's(I read)

    10-7 Steelers, and Cowher is not done yet. Big Ben runs a nice 2-minute drill, taking the Steelers right into FG range.
    Stat check-LT has 7 yards total...
    Reed nails a 43 yard FG and we can call it a half- a very hard fought one.

    10-7 Pittsburgh- good Chicken Routine for halftime, but cant we hire Def Leopard or something once in a while- Halftime should be SOMETHING BIGGER!

    Michael Turner took the 2nd half kickoff 51 yards up the middle, looking more like Charger Great RB Marion Butts every day. Butts ran people over in a straight line. And could make people miss up close. Turner is much in the same mold, with a great center of gravity.
    MT and LT combined to bring the Bolts to the 11-yard line. Great running and blocking by the line.

    The Chargers then played it safe on 4th and one- and you can hear the unhappiness coming from the stands. It's 1-yard.

    Kaeding boots the easy 3 and a restless crowd spends the timeout grumbling like an old pissed off cat. Rabblerabblerabble...

    13-10 Steel Curtain, (I KNOW my football history)

    Big Ben tossed his first pick of the night, with Drayton Florence snagging a long toss at the Charger 9 and he popped up and returned it to the 38. Cowher challenged the fact that Florence had been touched by the receiver as he made the pick, and the challenge stood. Good call.

    Now Phillip Rivers faced his first Elway like test- can he take
    the Chargers up the field for the lead-? Rivers answered the call, with a veteran drive of 91 yards. Marty finally seemed comfy with letting Rivers run the Brees offense without restriction. Quick passes, and quick runs. KM hauled in a first down catch and run, moving SD to the 38. LT rumbles for 12 on the quick screen. Rivers with the scramble, looking nimble. Parker with the great catch all the to the Pittsburgh 22.
    Antonio Gates makes the reception for the TD, taking in the 22-yard strike from PR. Great Play!

    17-13 Chargers- Turn Up The Noise!!!!

    As a fan, you gotta know when to save up your yelling strength for, and now was the time. Steeler fans around me were silent, while we blasted their team with noise.
    The hunter had become the hunted...
    and yet BB hit Hines Ward with a nice slant over the middle to the Pittsburgh 47. Igor Olshansky Hit BB after Luis Castillo got a paw on him, forcing a near fumble. Grasped Again...


    Jamal Williams crushed BB with a sack. Noise.
    The screen pass goes no where- D D D D D- 4th down.
    Madden approves...

    So ends the 3rd 17-13 SD- time to deliver the baby...

    Rivers has led the Bolts on 3 straight scoring drives at this point- NBC stat

    Great screen pass to LT, who made amazing cuts on his way to the Pit 49. Straight into Pittsburgh territory, Rivers wasted no time, and after guiding the bolts inside the Steeler 10, had to settle for Nate Keading's 33 yard FG.

    20-13 Chargers- 8:59 to go
    Time to play defense...

    Having the Steelers pinned deep in their own territory, the Crowd and The D let the hounds loose.
    That's as loud as I can yell for as long as I can yell, on every play. The D fed off our noise and smothered Pittsburgh.
    Marlon McCree picked off BR's errant toss at the SD 40, sending the crowd into delirium. Too many times have we had victory snatched away at the last moment- not tonight.

    Given a chance to ice this thing, the offense did what it had to do. Rivers made the scramble of his young career, taking a 3rd down run 15 yards for the first. This was a heads up play by Rivers. Michael Turner makes another pro bowl run all the way to the Steeler 6. Turner runs like a truck running over newspaper. While the Bolts could not get the TD, Nate Kaeding put the Steelers away with a chip shot FG, and
    WE ALL COULD RELAX, A LITTLE. The Steelers are a great football team, and FINALLY, we are too. Great Game!

    23-13 final- I'm beat- but I am smiling!!!!!
    3 and 1 is always a good start; I still say 8-0 at home.
    Now the Charger travel to San Francisco, and the upstart 49ers, game time is 1:15 pm pacific time on CBS.

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