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Chargers outlast Browns 32-25

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="315" height="233" title="SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 5: LaDanian Tomlinson #21 of the San Diego Chargers carrries the ball 41 yards for a touchdown in the second half against the Cleveland Browns on November 5, 2006 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)" alt="SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 5: LaDanian Tomlinson #21 of the San Diego Chargers carrries the ball 41 yards for a touchdown in the second half against the Cleveland Browns on November 5, 2006 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)" src="http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/sp/getty/62/full.getty-71465381lb009_browns_charge_8_37_07_pm.jpg" />

    By Boltarious
    Bolt Talk Staff Writer

    San Diego, sunny and 75 again...

    Frustration. That was the word of the day yesterday at the Q.
    The Dawg Pound was in the house, and as usual when Cleveland visits San Diego- the game was a nail biter.
    32-25 Chargers was the final score, but that only hints at the struggle that was yesterday's game. Imagine the number one scoring offense in the NFL being BOOED lustily by a crowd that had seen enough of their 3 Stooges impression. Imagine phantom fumbles, bizarre QB protection calls erasing fumbles, blocked field goals that go through the goal posts any ways, and even unseen illegal timeouts negating missed field goals. Ponder multiple un sportsman like conduct penalties on both sides, shoving and finger pointing on the field, and people in my section actually suggesting storming the field to quell the refs obvious throwing of the game.
    And all I wanted was a nice easy 40-7 afternoon. Wow, what a game... buy the ticket, take the ride...

    The Chargers and Browns played a good old-fashioned mudder yesterday; only the mud was missing, with the 2 teams trading early field goals.

    3-3 ballgame, strap on your seatbelts.

    Jacque Cesaire had the first of many great QB sacks for the Bolts, hauling down Browns QB Charlie Frye from behind inside the Chargers 10 yard line on third down.

    And then the ugliness began, when will the Chargers learn to cover a punt? After watching the Browns Dennis Northcutt return a beautiful punt 81 freakin yards right up the gut, we had to rally the defense to try to keep em to 3.

    3-3 end of the first quarter, woof...

    Cleveland had to settle for that 3, which was blocked over the goal posts by the Chargers Derrick Robinson.
    Here's your sign... its a little different today...

    6-3 Browns- the Dawgs were barkin...

    The next Charger offensive series was 3 and out.

    Donnie Edwards got the ball right back for the Chargers on Frey's first pass attempt of the next series. Edwards has to take on more leadership now that the Chargers are missing Foley AND Merriman, and making plays is what Donnie does best. 3 and out again by the offense, Cleveland was playing inspired football on defense.

    Phillip Rivers got crushed on the following series, a blitz by Cleveland. Rivers can take a hit, that's a good thing...
    Mike Scifres pinned the Browns inside their 20 again, with a booming 61 yard punt. Amazing...

    Marques Harris made the play of his young career, after Randall Godfrey stripped Charlie Frye of the ball, falling on the fumble for a Charger defensive TD!!! Very nice...

    10-6 Chargers- as I said, a battle...

    Drayton Florence should have had a second TD for the defense, dropping a Frye pass on his way to the opposite end zone. Dang... instead he gets flagged for P.I. a couple plays at the SD 35 yard line. No matter, the defense was up to the challenge. Frey faced intense pressure and took yet another sack from Cesaire. Love seeing number 74 out there, loooouieeeee. (Air Coryell reference)

    Here comes the Missed FG that wasn't, Phil Dawson hit a line drive that fell short, who called the timeout? Cromartie? Show it again. You can't call 2 time outs in a row, and that's what happened. Good call by the refs, stupid mistake.
    No matter, the Browns had to deal with the Charger D, and some extra noise from a frustrated crowd. Frey was sacked yet again, this time with a 4-man rush. Then, Dawson drilled the reprieve FG attempt, cutting into the Charger lead.

    10-9 Chargers...

    Cameron Wimbley sacked Rivers on the next series, a great play. 2 minute warning, and we have not EVEN got to the dramatic stuff yet... Keenan McCardell made a great catch and run, to the Browns 30 yard line, and upon further review, was ruled to have fumbled, and now that I have seen it from several angles, he DID fumble the ball. It sure didn't look like it at the time... unrest in the stands; conspiracy theories begin to run wild. LAY OFF THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES PEOPLE, its just a game.... too much CSI, people...
    There is no magical dude in Vegas (The Mighty Gambler?)
    than makes phone calls to ref crews, ordering them to keep it under the spread... hilarious :)... and if there is, can I get his number? That could be useful info...

    After Cleveland took a late shot at the end zone,
    Dawson kicked his 4th FG of the day, giving Cleveland yet another tiny lead.

    12-10 Browns, and that's the half... or was it? There were NO halftime field activities at all. NONE. Just some old Charger highlights on the scoreboard. Look at that, the stadium was NEW and beautiful. The CITY and the Chargers both should be ashamed of themselves for letting the old girl fall to ruin like this... the Stadium deserves better...

    And it seems that the fireworks at halftime were inside the Charger locker room, as a fed up Marty Schottenheimer let his team have it. I don't blame him they were slow and lazy on offense in the first half. Said LT about what happened, "Schottenheimer gave us a mouthful, a tongue-lashing, and we deserved it, though. I'd be lying if I told you we weren't getting frustrated because we were. But we kept our poise when we needed to." That's why I like Marty, he knows when to go off..."I knew we were far better than that." said the Coach about his team's first half effort.

    The second half of this game was vintage Chargers Browns; it's always a dogfight with these guys- literally.
    Somewhere along the way in the first half, the Chargers forgot to get the ball to LT. I was thinking that in a game where you have two teams that are playing each other tough, ya need the BIG man to change the game.

    Now comes the illegal contact call on Jammer against Jurivicious, negating a Frey fumble inside the Browns 20. The natives are restless in the stands. It's a plot... after 27 seasons at the Q, I can 100 percent guarantee that's its just a game... not a movie...

    The Chargers next offensive series only reinforced everyone's frustration, with Rivers getting sacked yet again, and another 3 and out. The fix is in... ridiculous, but I was enjoying watching everyone freak out.

    Meanwhile... on the field, the Charger D was keeping the Browns out of the end zone nicely, so I figured we still had a chance to take the game. Marlon McCree came on the 3rd down blitz, and Frey had to throw the ball away.

    The Chargers offense finally remembered that they had LT, and started giving him some looks. Antonio Gates also saw the ball, always a plus. A late hit by Cleveland gave the Chargers a nice gain after a screen pass to LT.
    The offense is showing signs of life. NO one is sitting in the stands at this point. But the drive stalled yet again and Scifres pinned the Browns inside the 2-yard line. Great punt.

    After a very conservative 3 and out by Cleveland, San Diego had good field position. Great D. Charger ball at the Browns 41.

    LT TIME!!! IT'S EASY, GIVE THE BALL TO TOMLINSON, AND WATCH HIM GO!!!! 41 yards after hitting a nice hole in the line, LT sped into the end zone virtually untouched. Beautiful!
    Afterwards, LT reflected "Give me a little hole I can squeeze through into the secondary, once I get into the secondary, things could get very interesting."

    17-12 Chargers. The stadium was rockin...

    Cleveland needed to answer that play with a big one of their own, with Frey rolling out against the D, escaping the pass rush in his face time and again. He could not escape the late hit by Derrick Robinson though, getting drilled after the refs blew the play dead. Browns ball at the SD 23. The third quarter ended with the game very much up in the air.

    17-12 Bolts. 1 quarter to go
    Hold on to your hats, after yet another review, this time on Kellen Winslow Jr's (boo) catch and fumble, Cleveland had to settle for yet another FG by Dawson.
    The D was not going to let these guys get into the end zone.

    17-15 Chargers, let the pacing commence...

    Rivers took charge of the following drive, getting the Chargers 3 quick first down passes, to McCardell, and Tomlinson. Rivers looks sharp, for probably the first time all day. PR converted 3rd and 11 to Vincent Jackson, and LT ran all the way to the Browns 7.This was best drive of the day so far.

    LT right counter, 7 yard TD- easy as pie. The Cleveland D has no answer for LT. Smiles in the stands, hi fives instead of theories...

    24-15 Chargers- Still not enough points for me to be comfortable...

    Frey was not done yet, taking the Browns right back down the field in the no huddle. The kid is a solid QB.
    Frey had confidence coming into the game and it showed. Said Charlie, "I thought we were going to come out and win, mistakes -- they're going to kill you." Cleveland survived yet another fumble, with Joe Jurivicious plucking a Cleveland fumble right out of this air, giving the Browns a first down inside the Charger 15.

    The crowd was making some noise at this point, and on 3rd and 10, Frey made the play, hitting his man for the TD, only to have it called back. Holding. Thank you.
    After Dawson hit FG number 6, there was tension in the stands.

    24-18 Chargers-

    Lorenzo Neal rumbled with the screen pass to the 35. No one was looking for that, good call. Tomlinson for 31 yards, like a shot. LTLTLT. Michael Turner got his chance and slashed his way to the Cleveland 8. Then LT did it again, rolling into the end zone, and giving the Chargers a 30- 18 lead. Tomlinson, 18 carries for 171 yards at this point, with 3 TD's.
    Don't get me wrong, Michael Vick is a great player, but I would not trade LT to get him...
    The Chargers converted the 2-point try, giving them a 2 TD lead.

    32-18- you would think it was over? NOT.

    Frye took the Browns on yet ANOTHER long drive, getting a 4-yard td pass to Braylon Edwards, and forcing the Chargers to recover an onside kick. LT scooped up the kick, much like he scooped up the game, and the Chargers ran out the clock.

    32-25 final - thank you!!

    The Chargers take their 6-2 record to Cincinnati next week, and the Bengals look very beatable, so expect a tough afternoon...

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