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Chargers rebound over Seahawks 31-20

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Boltarious

    San Diego - The Chargers took another step towards the regular season Saturday night, defeating the Seattle Seahawks 31-20, in an overpowering display of why pre season football is the biggest waste of ticket holders time and money that mankind has ever invented. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the MURPH as much as anyone- and it was an entertaining game, but it does not count for ANYTHING. For the 100 dollars it cost me and my girlfriend to attend,
    i could eat and drive for 3 weeks.

    And that's 100 bucks without buying ANY concessions, or paying a ridiculous, insanely greedy 20 dollars to park, on what is probably the worst parking lot in the United States..
    I sit here looking at PLAYOFF tickets from 1980 that were priced at 16 dollars each. Now, a freakin PEPSI costs 4 dollars- never mind a visit to the gold club. For those of you foolish enough to throw away 1200 dollars or more per seat up there- it must be nice.

    As to the Game- well heckfire- i should probably give some details. It was 14-0 Seahawks before most people had a chance to get comfy in their seats. Phillip Rivers trial by fire continued, with Rivers fumbling 2 times in a row, allowing the Seahawks to cash in with 2 quick TD's in the first 5 minutes. The grumbling sound coming from the stands proved that losing will not be tolerated this season by the fans, especially at these prices.

    In previous years, former head coaches Dan "boredom" Henning, or Kevin "overmatched" Gilbride would have folded up the tent, content to take the beating as a learning experience. Not Marty Schottenheimer, who wants to win every game, exhibition or not. So back to work the Chargers went, outscoring Seattle 31-6 after the early gift points. What was impressive was the Defense, which looks like it might actually be able to stop people this season.

    Chargers RB Michael Turner took matters into his own hands, streaking 38 yards on a sweep for the Chargers first score of the night, a beautiful run that should keep Charger fans happy until Marty turns Ladanian Tomlinson loose next month up in Oakland. Turner starts for almost any other team in football.
    14-7 Seahawks

    2005 Rookie of the Year LB Shawne Merriman made the play of the evening soon after, batting a Matt Hasselback pass into the air, and making a lunging grab of the ball before it hit the ground. This is the kind of game changing play Merriman expects to make, and the kind of play that one Junior Seau would approve of. Speaking of Junior, what happens if the Chargers play the Patriots in the playoffs, and Seau helps beat the Chargers? I cant see Dean Spanos smiling and reciting platitudes about a player that just took his team out... just a thought...

    Rivers quickly jumped on the opportunity, firing a strike into the end zone, catching the Seahawks in a little pass interference. This set up the Bolts at the Seattle 1 yard line, where Turner managed to break the plane on third down.

    14-14 ballgame.

    Rivers got crushed in the second quarter, his shoulder getting wrenched while attempting to unload. Rivers was taped up good for the second half, safely back on the sidelines. With one more exhibition game to go- pray...

    San Diego forged ahead 17-14 on a Nate Kaeding 27 yard FG. so ended the first half.

    The second half on any exhibition game is an exercise in patience, all the big names are usually done for the night, and players who are never going to make it get their final shot at making an impression.

    After a slow 3rd quarter in which Seattle scored on 2 field goals, Charger RB Ray Perkins was the player to emerge from this pack, running for 89 yards, and scoring an amazing TD from 5 yards out, cutting through the entire Seahawk D.

    24-20 Chargers- as it should be...

    TE Ryan Krause and QB AJ Feely hooked up for the Chargers final points of the evening, with Krause hauling in a 33 yard pass from Feely, and miking a nice catch while doing so. Krause will probably stick as the 3rd tight end.

    31-20- final, now forget it ever happened, because it didnt....

    Next up for the Chargers,the end of preseason, and a visit to one of my least favorite teams, the San Francisco 49ers- we can never avenge that super bowl game from 94 enough in my book.
    Game time is Friday at 7 pm, with KFMB and its blurry picture handling the broadcast- where is the preseason HD? Seattle broadcasts all of its exhibition games in HD...

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