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Chargers Stumble to Chiefs, face Broncos

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img src="http://i1.chargers.com/assets/195/35218_600w600h.jpg" alt="Runningback Larry Johnson #27 of Kansas City Chiefs is tackled for a loss by Defensive End Luis Castillo #93 during their NFL game on September 30, 2007 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California.(Donald Miralle/Getty Images North America)" height="210" width="305" />

    By Boltarious
    <em>BoltTalk Contributor</em>

    San Diego- land of insanity

    What the hell was that? It took me until today to be able to write without calling for Dean Spanos/Norv Turner's firing. Patience. Like a monk on a mountain, i have spent the week contemplating the future of the Chargers (1-3), and I am concerned. Not just about the performance, but the tenor of this team for years to come.

    Last Sunday, the Chargers played TIMID against the Chiefs.
    Stupid play-calling. No confidence. No swagger... No nothing...

    Do we run LT on 3rd and 2? Nooo. We play action fake, because thats what offensive geniuses do..."  Chargers first and goal at the 5, Do we run LT? Nahhhh, thats just what they will be expecting us to do, we will fool em with passes. That crap does not work anywhere but the playstation/xbox.

    I feel joy that our voices were finally heard by the Charger front office brass- and the national media- MARTY_MARTY_MARTY- i was LEADING THAT CHANT in our section. After getting treated like a hobo by the ticket office, and a fool by the owners, it felt good to send a little of that back upstairs. KARMA- see Earl...

    I have also detected a weird pattern in the Spanos ownership legacy. Always a new coach in a year with a 7 at the end. The Spanos clan bought the team before the 1985 season- a Charger team with the number one offense in football 6 years running at the time, and decided that in order to make their mark, that Don Coryell had to go. Fired in 1986 after having Al Saunders named Co Head Coach. Co head coach? What is that? 5 seasons of hell later- they got smart and hired Bobby Ross. Ross was a miracle, and turned the team around in 5 games, running the Bolts all the way to the Super Bowl in 94, and a playoff berth in 92 and 95. So, of course he was fired after going 8-8 in 1996. Its all ownership, not coaching... we booed Alex Spanos off the field after he came out crowing in 1992 about all his fans. I have nothing personal against the Spanos family, but spending ones entire life in the skybox is bad...
    Sit in my section for the next game, get out of the Luxury box, see what its like to pay 200 bucks to attend and get a hot dog and a coke...

    Bring in Offensive genius Kevin Gilbride for 1997- see 7. Gilbride was horrible, probably singlehandedly ruining what ever chance Ryan Leaf might have had at being a decent QB. Gilbride lasted what- 25 games?

    Bring in Mike Riley- 1-15. i lived through every stinking minute of that season, and if you were not in your seat at the last game in 2000, you just don't qualify to feel real Charger pain. I never quit, but im running out of patience...

    Finally the Chargers make a good move,
    hiring proven winner Marty Schottenheimer.

    Proven Winner- Dean Spanos own words. Add John Butler at GM, and we have liftoff- a great 5 year run, destroying the raiders like a bus over an ice cream cone. Marty went 12-4 and 14-2 over the last 3 seasons- so what"  happens? FIRED."  JB is spinning in his grave- Drew Brees in New Orleans.

    NEW COACH FOR 2007. AGAIN."  Offensive genius Norv Turner-
    Does this not seeem all too familiar? I cant go back to stink again, Not at these prices... I am counting till week 10, then Norv gets a report card...

    Oh, LT did rush for over 100 yards,
    but was ignored in the second half, gee wasn't that what Marty was fired for in the first place??? After starting 0-4 in 1992, Bobby Ross issued a public apology, telling Charger fans, we are going to get it right. Any one hear a note about anything from the Charger brass? I do not feel loved... fleeced maybe...

    Anyways, the circus continues this week in
    Denver- where the Chargers finally turn it on and wipe the field with the Broncos 44-17...."  cya soon...

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