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Chargers Stun Broncos 35-27

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="324" height="215" alt="Philip Rivers congratulates LaDainian Tomlinson after his 51-yard touchdown reception." title="Philip Rivers congratulates LaDainian Tomlinson after his 51-yard touchdown reception." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061119broncos/SMHchargersx0023.jpg" />

    By Boltarious
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Denver - by way of NBCHD

    Amazing. Stupendous. Colossal. Humongous. Primetime.
    Superlatives be damned- that was the best comeback in the history of the Chargers. The Denver Broncos, and their fans never saw what was coming-, which was a truck with 21 on the license plate. Ladainian Tomlinson, along with the rest of the San Diego Chargers, Americas Team- set so many records with their performance last night that it's hard to fathom.

    NFL ALL TIME records. Jim Brown's records.

    Bolt fans have waited for a very long time for this, and its hard to imagine a Charger supporter that is not pleased right now. Air Coryell never flew this high for this long. Air Gilman might have. All I know is it does not get much better than beating Denver, in Denver, like that.

    The national spotlight was on last night- aimed directly at the Bolts and Ladainian Tomlinson, and, they did not disappoint- setting standards that may never be beaten in our lifetime- unless the Chargers keeps setting them next week.

    The Game- Ok let me preface this by saying I DETEST Denver. Not the city, just the Broncos, who have caused me great pain over the years. Elway- McCaffrey. arrgh...
    Very few things get me more fired up than playing Denver.

    The first quarter started slowly, with both teams getting loose. Phillip Rivers found his game on San Diego's third drive, having served up a pick on the second one. Rivers and Tomlinson ripped off 29 and 21-yard gains, putting the Bolts
    In scoring position, and LT scored TD number 16 in his last 6 games, a 3 yard gimme. *ALL TIME Record set higher by LT, who set the standard last week.

    7-0 Chargers- an early lead...
    And all the scoring of the first quarter.

    Denver always seems to find the Chargers weaknesses, attacking the D with a great set of running plays designed to misdirect the flow of the D. Denver drove 88 yards, scoring on Mike Bell's 3 yard run.

    7-7 ballgame- its gets worse before it gets better...

    After exchanging 3 and outs, Denver drove to another 3-yard Mike Bell TD. This drive was exasperating if you are a Charger fan- watching the D be 1 step short is maddening.

    14-7 Broncos- party on, Denver fans...

    The first half ended at 14-7-, which was not actually that bad, considering the past. This was still a winnable game- all anyone can ask. The sight of John Elway safely tucked in the skybox was comforting, one less miracle to worry about.

    The second half has become the Chargers canvas, painting amazing football portraits for all to admire for decades to come. NO team has ever been this hot for this long.

    Denver took the kickoff, and managed a Jason Elam
    42-yard FG, setting the stage for what was to come.

    17-7 Broncos- I am officially pissed... its ALWAYS 17-7 Broncos- pick a year...

    PR then served up his worst pass of the year, hitting Denver DB Darrent Williams right in the breadbasket, and Williams returned the ball 31 yards for another Denver TD. (@#$%^)

    24-7 Broncos- I freaking HATE losing to these guys...
    Bronco fans were partying like its 1999...

    Here is where the GREATNESS comes into play. This may never come our way again, so enjoy this team every day.
    In the annals of SD history, 24-7 Broncos is OVER.
    Not today...

    Rivers took the Bolts on a 60-yard drive, ending with Tomlinson scoring TD number 17 of his streak, a nice 3-yard blast. This drive was crisp, and well called. San Diego has a receiver corp. that is unknown, but after last night, should be getting some accolades in coach's film sessions around the league. Eric Parker, Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd all have taken huge strides this season under Rivers command.

    24-14 Broncos- it was MIGHTY quiet up there...

    Denver QB Jake Plummer probably lost his starting job last night, with a 3 and out after the Chargers had changed the momentum. A lovely shot of Elway in the skybox- where I want him, which is off the field.

    River then made them pay, with Denver trying to cover LT one on one with DE Ebenezer Ekuban- MISTAKE.
    LT scooted 51 yards with the TD pass, never touched by the Broncos defense. LT has outscored 22 NFL TEAMS at this point... the fastest player to 100 TD's in NFL history.

    24-21 Broncos- even QUIETER up there- is that all the noise they can make? They knew...

    The 3rd quarter ended with Denver driving.

    24-21 Broncos...

    Jason Elam cashed in the drive with a 38-yard FG
    - A 7-minute ball control drive.

    27-21 Broncos- time for a miracle of our own, I remember Denver blocking 2 field goal attempts in a row in overtime some years ago (damn you Bob Thomas- crap kicker) and beating us on the miracle second one. NOT TODAY...

    After Michael Turner set the offense up with a 44-yard punt return, Rivers and Tomlinson wasted no time in getting the ball into the endzone. This was the drive of my dreams- to take the lead in Denver. Presidents come and go without that happening. Rivers hit Jackson with the alley oop, and Jackson dragged his feet on the way out the back of the endzone. (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

    28-27 Chargers- you could hear a pin drop up there.
    Then it got ugly, as Denver has no idea how to lose gracefully at home. In all my yeas of watching football- I have never seen a team kick off the ball from the opposing 40 yard line.
    This was thanks to 2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the same play, after the TD. Denver was losing it- a beautiful sight. Fans were leaving a 1-point ballgame- what does that say about the spoiled Bronco fan?

    CHARGERS NEVER QUIT- learns it, know it, live it.
    Jake Plummer then sealed the Broncos fate, hitting Drayton Florence with the BIG Pick- and Florence returned the ball to the Denver 23. So close to winning- and miles to go...

    4 Tomlinson carries later- it's TD San Diego!!!!!!
    If I'm dreaming, don't wake me. Then it got ugly, as Denver has no idea how to lose gracefully at home. In all my years of watching football- I have never seen a team kick off the ball from the opposing 40 yard line. This was thanks to 2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties on the same play, after the TD. Denver was losing it- a beautiful sight. Fans were leaving a 1 score ballgame- what does that say about the spoiled Bronco fan?

    35-27 Chargers- but the drama continued...

    After Nate Kaeding pinned the broncos on the 1 yard line with the pooch kick, Denver damn near pulled it out. Plummer drove them all the way to the San Diego 37-yard line. During this series, Broncos Ol Tom Nalen tried to cut block Igor Olshansky's knees out on a dead ball. Olshansky was not pleased, and punched Nalen in the head. Disqualification and ejection. Denver is famous for causing knee injuries during losses; it's their way of saying thank you. If I were Olshanky, I would have punched him too, that is his livelihood we are talking about. No matter- Plummer was sacked by Shawn Phillips, causing a fumble all the way back to the 50, which was recovered by Denver's Steven Alexander.

    And the Clock runs out... VICTORY IN DENVER!!!!!!
    FIRST PLACE BABY... been too long...

    In winning, The Chargers (8-2) became the first NFL team to win back-to-back games after trailing by 17 or more points, and the first club to win four straight when allowing at least 24 points in each game. In HISTORY... wow...

    Said LT about his teams performance," A Resilient bunch of guys, Our team, we're never out of it, and I think this is a very special team because no matter what happens, no matter how much we're down, we're never out of the football game."

    Said Phillip Rivers on his amazing teammate, "He's unbelievable, and he's the best in the business. He's unbelievable with it under his arm, he's unbelievable, as we've seen on the pass, he's unbelievable blocking. He brings it on every play. He's the ultimate weapon, and you throw the guys we've got around him and we feel like we can score whatever we need on any given week."

    Geeze, I am spent, but smiling...
    Now its RAIDER WEEK, I can think of no better way to stay focused. 56-0 is my goal this week...
    See you at the Q on Sunday...

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