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Chargers Team Report Oct 23, 2008

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Johnny Lightning, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Johnny Lightning

    Johnny Lightning Go Bolts

    Feb 7, 2006
    Let’s see—the Chargers defeat the Saints Sunday at London’s Wembley Stadium, get hot and end up in Tampa and win the Super Bowl at the end of the year.

    Hey, the Giants followed that script last year.

    “I actually did think about that; it’s a good point you brought up,” wide receiver Vincent Jackson said. “That would be something pretty unique to continue to happen. I’m sure everybody would want to jump on the wagon to get over here next year.”
    Ah, wait until next year. Could that, gulp, be the cry Chargers have at the end of the year if things don’t go as planned?

    The Super Bowl and playing in this big British bowl of a stadium couldn’t be more different. The Chargers know it’s a big stretch, but they still want to believe their Super dream.

    But dreaming about it and doing it have to follow each other. And so far, this season has been a nightmare for the Chargers.

    Still, by beating the Saints—led by ex-Chargers quarterback Drew Brees
    —and a loss by the Broncos on Sunday would technically have the Chargers tied for the AFC West lead.

    So no matter how maddeningly inconsistent the under .500 Chargers have been this year, they are right where they want to be—close to the top.

    “True, (but) you never want to have that settling kind of complacent attitude,” said Jackson, the Chargers’ leading receiver. “It’s going to get tighter and the pressure is going to continue to build at the end of the season. Of course, we still have to see (the Broncos) again.

    “You never know what’s going to happen with Kansas City and Oakland. They can go on a run as well. We don’t really want to be happy to just stay behind them. We want to distance ourselves from the other teams; of course gain as much ground as possible on them.”

    It all can start Sunday. And a win over the Saints would then lead into a bye that would then lead into a home game against the dismal Chiefs.

    So while the Chargers’ gloomy start matches the London weather, the Chargers could be sitting at 5-4 without much of a stretch of the imagination.

    Plus, the Chargers get to face the Saints without shifty running back Reggie Bush. He’s out with a knee injury, but the Chargers still must deiced out how the Saints will react, so they can react.

    “Reggie is such a great football player and they do so many things with him; that’s part of what we’re trying to figure out: the things they’ll continue to do that feature him and the things they’ll gravitate to,” said coach Norv Turner, who is starting the get some heat for the Chargers stumble from the gate.

    “Obviously they are a very talented football team; first in the league in offense. They have a lot of guys that make plays, so we have to prepare for what they do and then try to anticipate how they’ll adjust based on the injuries.”

    Really, the Chargers have to worry about themselves more than rivals: They need to find a running game, they need to shore up their run defense, they need to get after quarterbacks and they need to play better on the backend.

    Other than that?

    The Chargers will enjoy their time in London, but it could be looked at as a crossroads for the season. Win here and head into the bye with some momentum. Lose, and it’ll be grumbling about a draining two-game road trip that might have helped cost them their season.

    The first leg of the trip resulted in a loss at Buffalo. The Chargers need to at least split or the doubt that can creep into a losing team that was supposed to do so much will be difficult to ignore.

    “It’s hard to say it’s frustrating because we still feel the guys we have in there, even banged up, and the guys that are healthy, that we can go in there and score points, and go out there and win games,” Turner said. “I think that’s the frustrating part.

    “We walk off the field and go, ‘how is this happening?’ That’s every year. Every team deals with injuries and different things. We’re dealing with it off the bat. There are other teams that are too.

    “Hopefully we can get it going and get healthy as this season goes along and be in a position to hopefully be playing in January.”

    Series History: 10th regular-season meeting. The Chargers lead the series, 7-2, and have won four of the last five meetings. This is the first time the Chargers and Saints have played a regular-season game outside of America. More than 81,000 fans are expected for this International Series game at London’s Wembley Stadium.

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