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Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    By Boltarious

    San Diego - The Chargers opened their preseason last night with a solid beating of the once mighty Green Bay Packers, 17-3, before a packed Q crowd of 57,777. As usual, Green Bay fans invaded on the Q, forcing one to think, just how far is it from Green Bay? 50 miles? Or, do they all live here? Cheeseheads abounded... but they did not enjoy their stay, as the Chargers played the kind of football Vince Lombardi himself would have approved of.

    Packers QB, and future Hall of Fame inductee Brett Favre was warmly welcomed by the Cheesy faithful, but his evening took a left turn about 2 seconds after the first snap. The legendaty packer QB spent a good portion of his night running for his life, getting sacked twice, and hit at least 5 more times. San Diego played tenacious D, stuffing the Green Bay running game, while forcing Favre, and QB Aaron Rogers to hurry with pressure from the front 7. This is the kind of defense the Chargers must play all season, blitzing from every angle.

    New Chargers QB Phillip Rivers showed he has been paying attention for the last 2 seasons, hiting 15 out of 21 pass attempts for 169 yards, and a nifty 22 yard TD pass to Vincent Jackson. Said Head Coach Marty Schottrnheimer, "There wasn't anything that was like, ‘Wow, we didn't expect this, I think we all thought that he would be pretty good, and he was tonight."
    Marty is the master of Coachspeak, so please allow me to translate- " YIPPEEEEEE!!!!"

    Remember, its preseason. that's what everyone around here should keep telling themselves. But, having sat through my share of preseason games, i can say- the Chargers looked damn sharp for week one of the preseason. Don Coryell was a master at preseason player management, playing the starters longer each week, until by game 4 of the preseason, everyone was ready for full speed. Marty seems to be adopting a little of this philosophy, allowing Rivers the entire first half to work on his game. The coaching quandary during preseason is, how much is too much? What is different about this era is the huge contracts rookies now receive. In 1974, if a rookie QB tore a knee up- ownership was out 60 grand, not the millions at stake now. So a delicate line must be walked with Rivers this preseason, getting him the reps he needs without exposing him to pointless risks in exhibition games. Rivers got in exactly what he needed to.

    As to the game itself, after Rivers and Jackson hooked up for a 7-0 Charger lead, RB Michael Turner took the role of Ladanian Tomlinson, rushing for a 13 yard TD, around the end of a confused Packer defense. Turner finished with 43 yards on 9 carries. Darren Sproles sprained an ankle, but should be back on the field asap.

    The Chargers showed that they wanted to throw the ball as much as possible against Green Bay, with Schottenheimer admitting as much afterward- "We wanted to get the passing game cranked up, We decided we'd go to that early, and everyone did a nice job." Translation- " I need to know what we can, and cannot do."

    Everyone knows what Ladanian Tomlinson can do, and so for the umpteenth time- LT was held out of preseason action. On this suject, everyone in San Diego agrees, a rare thing indeed. As to Green Bay, the Packers never were in the game after falling behind 7-0, and look to have a long road back to respectability. Charger fans have been traveling that road for a loooong time now, maybe it finally our turn.

    Next up- Da Bears, at Soldier Field in Chicago, Friday August 18th at 5 pm, Live on KFMB 8

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