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Chargers vs. Jaguars; The return of Osgood

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by Concudan, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Concudan

    Concudan Meh... Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 5, 2006
    by Curtis Egan
    Bolttalk Staff Writer

    The San Diego Chargers entered week one as the heavy favorites to win and take the lead in the AFC West. However on the way to that Mother Nature, a fired up Chiefs Defense and a hyped up crowd of Chiefs faithful proved that there is more to victory than assumptions. The Jaguars opened up against the visiting Denver Broncos in front of a sold out crowd and got the win at home. Now the Jaguars stalk into Qualcomm Stadium to face the Chargers and try to make them 0-2 on the season.

    A familiar face comes with the Jaguars, Kassim Osgood, fresh off of his game winning touch down reception against the Broncos; he now faces the team he played on for seven seasons. He left because he wanted to play wide receiver not just a pro bowl special team’s player. He got that opportunity in Jacksonville and will try and prove to his ex-team mates that he is a receiver they have to watch out for.

    The tale of the tape from the first week would show these two teams as polar opposites. The Chargers came out of their loss to the Chiefs as the 4th ranked offense in the NFL, while the Jaguars are ranked 24th defensively after their win over the Broncos. However this is reprehensive of just one week. The jaguars themselves ranked 17th offensively, while the Chargers ranked 4th in over all defense.

    Chargers rank 4th in the league in passing offense, while the Jaguars were 27th defending the pass. This looks like a huge mismatch and is a spot that the Chargers could exploit if they are able to get more in rhythm in the passing game. In the Rain in Kansas City the Chargers receivers had a lot of dropped balls and missed opportunities. Quarterback Philip Rivers was making off target passes during the heaviest of the rain, so it is hard to judge at this time, based off of this one game how the passing attack will be in fair weather. On the flip side the Jaguars are ranked 20th in passing offense, against what was the strength of the Chargers defense last week where they ranked 2nd in the league in passing defense.

    Jaguar’s Quarterback David Garrard individually had a very good day against the Broncos, completing 16 of 21 passes, for 170 yards and 3 touchdowns. He ended the day with a 138.9 passer rating. Only 6 of his passes were for first downs however, which seems to indicate that the Jaguars used the short passing game against the Broncos, his longest pass on the day was 26 yards. Garrard was sacked only once by Denver and his Offensive Line is currently ranked 4th in the league.

    Rivers was sacked twice, and his line is ranked 19th currently. He however attempted 39 passes, completing 22 of them for 298 yards and 2 touchdowns. His current rating is 98.0, also 14 of Rivers’ passes resulted in a first down. Rivers’ long pass was a strike to Wide Receiver Legedu Naanee, which resulted in a 59 yard touchdown play. Rivers will hit open receivers, and unless there is a surprise rain shower in sunny southern California, do not look for as many slips or dropped balls by the receivers.

    The Chargers did not light it up with their rushing offense, ranking 15th after the first game. The Jaguars defending the run are ranked 11th. However that again comes off a game where they faced Denver who has been hit hard with injuries to their running backs and are very unsettled at the position. However the Jaguars have been known for their hard hitting defense and this should not be expected to change. The Chargers will struggle to run the ball against the Jaguars, but they will gain some yardage, especially if they run the speedy Ryan Matthews to the outside. The Broncos attempted 25 rushes against the jaguars who held them to a 3.6 yards per rush average. The longest run the Jaguars gave up was 17 yards. Matthews’ debut was not one for the record books but was not a bad one either. He gained 75 yards off of 19 carries for a 3.9 yard average. His longest run was 15 yards, but he failed to get into the end zone. Look for the Chargers to try and get him on track and balance out the offensive attack to keep opposing defenses on their toes.

    The Jaguars currently rank 7th in rushing offense, while the Chargers are currently ranked 27th defending the run which looks to play into the Jaguars hands. Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew is coming off of an injury riddled season last year and is looking to prove he is still a starting RB to be feared. Last week he got 98 yards off of 23 carried, which included an 18 yard scamper. He did not find the end zone which means he will be extra motivated to do so this week.

    Match ups to watch:
    Left Tackle Eugeen Monroe vs. Defensive End Luis Castillo:
    Monroe the Jaguars left tackle weighs in at 6’ 5” and 308 pounds. He is relatively new, a second year player with only 16 games under his belt. He is going against a veteran in Castillo who is good at holding the line and clogging the running lanes on the inside of the line. Castillo is 6’ 3” and 290 pounds, so he gives up a little height and weight but this should be a good match up as the young player tests out the veteran.
    Center, Brad Meeser vs. Nose Tackle Antonio Garay:
    Meeser the Jaguars Center is 6’ 3” and 302 pounds. He is a crafty and durable 10 year veteran who has had 16 game seasons in 6 of his 10 years in the league. Garay, 6’ 4” 320pounds is a veteran with very little wear on the tires. He has a slight advantage in weight and has been able to stand the offensive linemen up and clog the line of scrimmage. Doing this against a 10 year veteran like Meeser will be match up to watch.
    Receiver Mike Thomas vs. Cornerback Quentin Jammer:
    Mike Thomas, 5’8” 198 pound wide receiver caught 6 passes for 89 yards last week including a 26 yard pass. He is one of Garrard’s favorite targets. Quentin Jammer 6’ 204 pound corner is the veteran leader in the San Diego secondary. He has a slight advantage in weight and height. Look for Jammer to play bump and run defense against Thomas.
    Defensive End Aaron Lampman vs. Offensive Tackle Brandyn Dombrowski:
    Lampman the 6’ 4” 260 pound DE collected 1.5 sacks and hit the Denver passer 6 times last week. He is a decent pass rusher with the strength to rush the linemen. Dombrowski, 6’ 5” 323 pound tackle is playing for respect. Dombrowski has played well thus far but will have a challenge with the speedy Lampman.
    Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew vs. The Chargers Line Backers:
    Maurice Jones-Drew carried the ball 23 times for 98 yards, 4 yard average. He has something to prove, he wants the league to know he is still healthy and an effective running back. The Chargers LB corps had a good game last week especially Shaun Phillips who is the leader of this group while Shawne Merriman is on the mend. Phillips has the speed and lateral dexterity to keep up with Jones-Drew and stop him before he can get a lot of yardage. Watch for this to be the match up of the game pitting the strength of each team directly against each other.
    Corner Back Rashean Mathis vs. Wide Receiver Malcom Floyd:
    Mathis, 6’ 1” 193pound corner is a speedy defender. Malcom Floyd 6’ 5” 225 pound receiver has a distinctive advantage in height. Floyd has 3 catches for 48 yards in week one, and something to prove this week as Naanee caught more passes than him and the cameras caught Head Coach Norv Turner chewing Floyd out after a play. Look for him to be motivated to prove he is the teams #1 receiver.

    Current Odds:
    San Diego -8

    Head to Head:
    Passing Offense: Chargers
    Passing Defense: Chargers
    Rushing Offense: Jaguars
    Rushing Defense: Jaguars
    Punting: Chargers
    Returns: Jaguars

    This game will probably be blacked out in the majority of southern California. Approximately 13,000 tickets remain to be sold for this game. This includes almost 11,000 non-premium seats that count toward determining if the game is to be blacked out. The blackout deadline is 1:15 p.m. on the 16. The NFL generally grants a 24-hour extension to teams that ask for one because they are close to selling enough tickets. However with the high numbers it is unlikely that the Chargers or their partners will buy up the remaining tickets.

    The Jaguars' head coach, Jack Del Rio, is 11-5 against AFC West.

    Jaguars lead the series record 2-1.

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