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Chargers wax Broncos 48-20, clinch division title

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="332" height="221" alt="LaDainian Tomlinson breaks the season touchdown record with 29 on this TD in the fourth quarter." title="LaDainian Tomlinson breaks the season touchdown record with 29 on this TD in the fourth quarter." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061210broncos/SMHchargersbroncos260214x0013.jpg" />

    By Boltarious
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    San Diego-Back where we belong. AFC West Champions. Everyone seems so surprised. Not me- I was weaned on AFC West Championships, and the glaring lack of them through several season in both the 80's and 90's were very painful for me, and my amigos. AFC West Champions is where I expect to be-EVERY YEAR. Just like Denver expects to be.... Taking us back where we belong is one Mr. Ladainian Tomlinson, who has shown the way, while breaking damn near every record a running back can have. When I am old and grey- (next year) I will always treasure yesterday. Beating Denver to win the division is better than sex, I can get that ANYTIME, but I can't recall seeing fewer Bronco fans looking unhappier than yesterday. There were the usual Elway jersey-wearing Cowboys on Acid Bronco fans (trademark phrase), but Elway is not a Bronco anymore- and he can't pull any more rabbits out of his rear end. No more Ed McCaffrey killing us with clutch catches, and Terrell Davis is long gone. LIFE IS GOOD.
    Now, its time for Denver and their fans to walk the hundred miles back to greatness, that Charger fans have been walking since 1963. Good luck... NOT. In an interesting sidebar- all the great Air Coryell players are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the good old days, and they all make it seem like it was 500 years ago. I watch them play all the time, thanks to the magic of video, and 1981 seems like last week to me... its all a state of mind people...

    I NEVER QUIT, not once in all my seasons. I have gone hungry to pay for tickets; I have walked to the stadium IN THE RAIN when there was no other way to get there- even when we were 1-15.
    We will see if Mile High Stadium stays sold out if the Broncos have 5 bad seasons in a row.... having lived through at least 3 such stretches, I do not think the spoiled typical Bronco fan will even come close.

    As to the Game- lets get to it!

    Something special was in the air yesterday, the smell of CHAMPIONSHIP. It's unmistakable, like honey. The crowd was ready for the Broncos, and let them have it during prename intros.
    With both Indy and Kansas City losing yesterday, we controlled our own fate, a wonderful feeling, one we have not had in a very long time here.

    The Broncos took the opening kickoff, and were met with the sound of 67,000 fans screaming defense at the top of their lungs. It was great. The teams traded possessions until San Diego's second drive. The chargers took advantage of great field position, and Antonio Gates made the great play, hauling in the rebound so to speak. Rivers to Gates 12 yard TD. Beautiful!

    7-0 Chargers, Goodbye Denver...

    Given a lead, the crowd went nuts on defense, forcing timeouts and false starts. Just doing our job. Rookie QB Jay Cutler did his best, but very few could have operated an offense under such conditions. Shawne Merriman forced a fumble, but Shawn Phillips tried to pick it up instead of falling on it, and Denver recovered.

    The Bolts scored on the next possession, with Lorenzo Neal hauling the Denver defense over the goal line on a 4-yard run. Like a truck, Neal is the best fullback in the game.

    14-0 Chargers, its like watching Yosemite Sam plunging to the bottom of the ravine... Sam being Denver...
    That was the end of the first quarter...

    The Broncos managed a Jason Elam FG from 34 yards, after RB Tatum Bell got loose for a 51 yard run. 67,000 people screaming NOOOOOOO when Bell turned the corner.

    14-3 Chargers, bent but not broken...

    Ladainian Tomlinson scored TD number 27 on a 1 yard run, sending the Stadium into delirium. LTLTLTLTMVPMVP...
    Even Dan Fouts was not this good... and that's hard to say...

    21-3 Chargers- the sound of plasma screens changing channels can be heard from the Rockies... what's on comedy central, Bronco fans?

    The Broncos could do nothing on offense that really matters, unable to sustain any drives in the first half. And Phillip Rivers and Co took advantage with a 13-play 80-yard drive, with Antonio Gates catching his second TD, a 7-yard bullet from Rivers.

    28-3 Chargers- over DENVER, end the first half,
    Where's John Elway now? Just as the Chargers had a hard time replacing both Dan Fouts and Stan the Man Humphries, the Broncos have not even come close to replacing the Cannon arm of big E. I hated him, but he was GREAT.
    This is payback, and we owe them about 20 years worth... and I am not exaggerating in the slightest...

    The Third Quarter was an example of what happens when people start planning their trips to Miami and the super bowl all too soon. Denver scored 17 unanswered points, turning everyone's travel plans upside down in a instant, the fools. We have MUCH work to do before you start booking the Miami Hilton. Denver was pissed and took it out on the Chargers, who seemed content to let Denver make a little comeback

    28-20 Chargers, and everyone got serious again, even myself, who was a little gassed after yelling so much in the first half.
    A quick 3rd quarter...

    The Chargers then took care of business, putting Denver away.
    Nate Kaeding's 2 FGs extended the lead back to 14.

    34-20 Broncos, and the Crowd was back in full throat.

    Abandoning the run, Denver went nowhere, with Cutler simply overmatched at the moment. Denver had to go for it on 4th down deep in their own territory. The crowd was LOUD, and Big Luis Castillo made the sack of the day, taking out Cutler for an 8-yard loss at the Denver 7.

    LT TIME - one play for history.
    6 yard of perfection later, and LT rushed into the record books, scoring his NFL record 28th TD of the 2006 season. One more to immortality, at least from a football perspective.

    41-20 Chargers, rock the house people...

    Shawn Merriman got the ball right back for San Diego, stripping Cutler at the Broncos 7 yard line, and recovering it himself.
    LT time 2.0

    Given a Gimme for the all time record by the football poobahs up in the sky, LT rumbled in to the end zone on a 7 yard 50 sweep, Schottenheimers favorite play. And it worked to perfection.
    The entire Charger team ran out to lift LT onto their shoulders and enjoy the moment. Said LT-" Once I got over the pylon, my initial thought process was to bring every guy on the offensive unit over to share that moment, When we're old and can't play this game anymore, them are the moments we are going to remember, that we'll be able to tell our kids, tell our grandchildren. We can talk about something special that we did. We made history today. There's no better feeling than to share it with the group of guys that's in that locker room."

    Isn't that the truth, LT is the MAN... the ultimate team player, and one KELLEN WINSLOW SR would do well to look at LT and realize that his Winslow against the world tortured superstar act sucks... and it ALWAYS did. Kellen SR has not set foot on the Field at the Murph in 20 years, and that's sad...
    LT is the exact opposite of Winslow, and Ryan suckface Leaf- who set the Charger back 10 years with his crybaby act... and Leaf still blames US for his being the biggest bust of all time in any sport.

    48-20 Chargers- I love writing 48 points San Diego, it just seems so right.

    That was the final, and everyone celebrated the Title with hugs and hi fives- a truly great day in Charger history!!!!!
    Well, lets see, Division title in hand, and its time to take care of Kansas City once and for all, game time is 5:15 at the Q-

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