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Concudan’s 2007 Schedule breakdown

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img src="http://i2.chargers.com/assets/178/33103_699w393h.jpg" title="Photo from Chargers.com" alt="Photo from Chargers.com" height="211" width="320" />

    By Curtis Egan aka Concudan<em>
    BoltTalk Staff Writer</em>

    The real games are approaching, like the rumbling of thunder on the distant horizon we can get ready for the lightning strikes to follow. Coming of a spectacular 2006 regular season, and an extremely disappointing post season appearance the Chargers will enter the season with new faces at most of the Coaching positions.

    Training camp will sort out the new and old faces, and in early September we will see who makes our practice squad and who is gone for another year.

    The stated focus of the San Diego Chargers this season is the post season. I do not in any way take such comments to mean or indicate a debilitating over confidence or lack of preparation. This team is arguably the most talented and best team in the NFL right now. They will win regular season games. They can't make the post season without making it through the regular season healthy, and with a good amount of wins.

    So the Chargers will not shirk on games or look past any opponents. Instead they will have a burning goal in mind, "WIN THIS GAME TO MAKE THE POST SEASON! THEN WE WIN ALL OF THE GAMES THERE!" or at least that is how this rabid Charger fan sees things.

    However let's take a look into our crystal balls, shake the mysterious 8 balls, and read our tea leaves and see what the regular season may hold for our Chargers.

    <strong>Week 1: Loaded for Bears</strong>
    Chicago at San Diego

    The season starts with a great test, and a good match up to gauge Norv Turners offensive scheme off of as Chicago comes to Sand Diego. Bringing with it arguably one of the best defensive units in the league. Special teams will be a portion of the game every fan should watch as Devin Hester comes with the bear, and the Chargers revamped return game is shown off for the first time.
    This game could prove to be an excellent measuring stick for both teams.

    <strong>Week 2: One if by air, two if by ground</strong>
    San Diego at New England

    The following week will be a true war. The Chargers go to New England, where the last time they played they ended the Patriots home winning streak. Something the Patriots and their fans continue to be bitter about. The Chargers bring with them a burning anger due to the recent playoff loss and the antics of the Patriot players after the game.
    Brace yourself Charger fans, the Patriot troll will demonstrate yet again why they are now challenging the Oakland fans as the most uncouth and annoying fans in the league as they invade the forums to try and stir the arguments.
    This game could very well be replayed in the post season. That is if my predictions do not come true about the Chargers ending the Patriots season right here!

    <strong>Week 3: To the not so frozen Tundra</strong>
    San Diego at Green Bay

    Could this be the last time Favre plays against the Chargers? Does it matter, this team is in a rebuilding phase and everyone knows it but their HOF bound QB.

    <strong>Week 4: Circle the wagons</strong>
    Kansas City at San Diego

    The first divisional rivalry, and it will see the Chiefs come to San Diego to try and pry a win out of the Q. The stands will not be awash in red as was the case in years past (before last season). Instead the Charger fans will be out in mass and the very foundation of the Q will shake as we chant YOU CANT RUN! YOU CANT RUN!
    This will be a good test of out run D as they will bring one, possibly two very good running backs with them.

    <strong>Week 5: Mile high lighting strike</strong>
    San Diego at Denver

    Denver has always been a place that is difficult place for the Chargers to come away with a victory. But last season they did just that. I don't see any reason for that to change this season, but it will still be a hard fought game.
    The biggest question on my mind is will we get to see yet another beat down of a dirty Bronco who goes for the lower legs of our D-line. For in my mind the motto in Denver is ‘If you can't beat the, injure them."

    <strong>Week 6: Commitment to Domination!</strong>
    Oakland at San Diego

    Is it too overconfident to call this an early by week? I hope not because the Raiders look like a team that will receive yet another first round pick in '08. But in the NFL you have the accurate phrase ‘On any give Sunday.' So the Chargers better leave the looking past opponents to us fans.

    <strong> Week 7: Bye Week 10/12</strong>
    Take a break boys!

    This is a good time for the team to take a breather, right near mid season, players could use the extra time in the tubs, or at the masseuse. The batteries will get recharged and they will get ready to host the Texans the following week.

    <strong>Week 8: Texans come to San Diego</strong>
    Houston at San Diego

    In come the Texans. A team that will for the first time in its history not feature QB David Carr behind to Offensive Line. This team is an enigma so far, I don't know quite what to expect for them. The Chargers however will know exactly what to expect as they will have seven weeks of game film to review and an extra week to prepare.

    <strong>Week 9: Minnesota Madness</strong>
    San Diego at Minnesota

    San Diego travels to Minnesota, a place that in early November could be very cold. But the weather will not be a factor in the climate controlled dome.

    <strong>Week 10: Colts vs. Bolts</strong>
    Indianapolis at San Diego

    A game every Charger fan should look forward to. A true game to show off our talented Defense, and methods of attacking the opposing Quarterbacks. If the last meeting between these two teams is any indication it will be a great one. Played in the national spotlight of Sunday night the whole nation will be watching this one. Both teams have gone through significant changes since they last met, but the desire for the victory will push both. Something that will provide us fans with possibly the best game of the year.

    <strong>Week 11: Jacksonville in November</strong>
    San Diego at Jacksonville

    Northern Florida in mid November and be a lovely place. That is unless you're the Quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars and you hear the Shawne Merriman and the Chargers Defense is on their way to pay you a visit. By this game we should know if Mr. Light Out will be a contender for the sack leader of the league.

    <strong>Week 12: Beat the Ravens ever more</strong>
    Baltimore at San Diego

    Last season the Ravens behind the play of Steve McNair pulled off a come from behind fourth quarter victory. Times are different however and I do not see the Chargers being as conservative in this game as they were in that one. Gone is Martyball and the coach who brought it to San Diego, but there will be a burning desire for the team to avenge one of the two 3point losses they suffered in the '06 regular season.

    <strong>Week 13: Return to Arrowhead</strong>
    San Diego at Kansas City

    Arrow head is not an easy place to win in either. Like them or hate them you have to admit that the Chief's fans are knowledgeable and faithful to their team. The stadium will be awash in a sea of red. The Chargers offensive unit had better prepare for noise and be ready to hit the Chiefs with a solid ground attack, as in early December the elements could be against us.

    <strong>Week 14: Music City Mayhem</strong>
    San Diego at Tennessee

    The Titans should be an improved team over the one we faced last season. The key should be the containment of their young and talented Quarterback Vince Young. Young has thus far shown an ability to keep a play alive with his feet and the arm strength to make the difficult throw. Our front seven will be key to a Charger victory in this game.

    <strong>Week 15: The lions are not just at the zoo</strong>
    Detroit at San Diego

    Which Detroit team will show up? The team that is great on paper but paper lions on the field, or the one that live up to it start studded rosters potential? That is the question the Chargers will have to ask themselves. Of course they will have the bonus of not looking into the crystal ball on this. They will be able to review the Memorex, and watch the game film. Detroit could be a surprise this season, but like the Cardinals you hear that about them every season.

    <strong>Week 16: Broncos at the Q</strong>
    Denver at San Diego

    Could this be the game that decides the west? I sure hope not. I want the Broncos well in our rear view mirror by this time. Again the away from home field advantage that this team has enjoyed prior to '06 is long gone. They will be facing what will be one of the loudest home crowds in the NFL in '07 and the twelfth man will be a factor!

    <strong>Week 17: Regular Season ends in Oakland</strong>
    Oakland at San Diego

    An fitting end to the Season, go back to Oakland where LT runs wild. Will LT be looking to break records here? Obtain a new rushing title? Get closer to surpassing Emmett Smith? NO! LT will be playing simply for a win and looking to attack the post season with the rest of the Chargers.

    Each week I will break down the game in this thread. Below is a sample of how I will look at each section of the game. Note: This sample will be updated prior to the actuall game.

    <strong>Week 1: Loaded for Bears</strong>
    The defending NFC champions visit sunny southern California on September 9th (1:15 pm Pacific kick off time). They will look to shut down the 2006 league MVP, and rushing champion LaDanian Tomlinson. They have a Defense that arguably can do it. It will be a great match up.

    The Chargers will try and keep the wraps on special team burner Devin Hester who in only thirteen weeks as a professional football player, Hester scored six return touchdowns, including a record tying 108-yard touchdown from a missed field goal against the New York Giants.

    <strong><em>Chargers on Offense:</em></strong>
    The offensive scheme will largely be the same as in '06. But Coach Turner will add enough kinks and twists to keep the Bears D on their toes. The Bears D also will have to decide who to double team when, as they face the most talented offense they will face in their 2007 campaign.

    You look at what the Chargers have, a solid Offensive line, pro-bowl caliber QB, RB, FB, TE and an improving receiving corps and depth. This team will provide a challenge for the excellent Bears Defense, which in turn will challenge this offensive unit. This game will be a good one for the fans.

    <strong><em>Chargers on Defense: </em></strong>
    The Chargers defensive unit only stands to have improved over its last season's version. Back are the big boys up front, the athletic LB on the outside and a much improved secondary unit. The real focus will be on the revamped inside linebacking unit for the Chargers. Gone is Donnie Edwards and Randal Godfrey, and the positions are currently up for grabs in camp.

    However it might be the inside linebackers that have the best feel for what the Bears are trying to do. During the off season the Chicago Bears 2006 defensive coordinator <a href="http://%5burl%5dhttp//sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2771716%5B/url%5D" target="_blank">Ron Rivera</a> (a candidate for the Chargers vacant head coaching position during the off season) was released by the Bears. He later signed a two year agreement with the Chargers to coach the inside linebacker position. Rivera lead the unit that practiced across from Rex Grossman and the Bears O. I am sure Rivera's wards will receive amply tutelage based upon his familiarity with the offensive unit of the bears.

    If the Chargers can continue their dominance against the run, and improve upon the third and long conversions of opposing teams, chances are that it will be a low scoring game for the Bears.

    <strong><em>Bears on Offense: </em></strong>
    Chicago's Offensive unit last season was arguably their weakest link. The O did enough to keep them in games, but it was the high powered D and the special teams that put them over the top in many of their games. This season the Bears bring and Offense that wil feature number 80, Bernard Berrian. The Bears coaching staff believe he has the talent to take over the number one receiver position in just his second year. His coaches and quarterback believe his speed, ability and camp improvements will make him a real weapon.

    "He's got speed and speed kills," said quarterback Rex Grossman. "<a href="http//www.chicagobears.com/news/NewsStory.asp?story_id=3650" target="_blank">Besides that, he's a good receiver. He runs good routes, knows how to set up defenders and knows where the holes are in the zones. He's a real smart player and has the speed to get by people.</a>"

    <strong><em>Bears on Defense: </em></strong>
    One of the most feared Defensive unit in the league last season. They have had some upheaval in the off season, losing Tank Johnson after continued problems with the law. However the Bears are confident the will be able to return to form, and this first game will be the true measuring stick for them. Though this is early in their season, this game against the Chargers Offensive unit could very well set the tone and pace for the Bears for the entire season.

    <strong><em>The monkey and the wrench:</em></strong>
    The bears bring with them one of the most fears special teams players in the league. Devin Hester. Number 23 can burn a team with his kickoff returning ability, and his offensive coordinator has praised him during training camp, stating "He's something special," said offensive coordinator Ron Turner. "<a href="http//www.chicagobears.com/news/NewsStory.asp?story_id=3635" target="_blank">The progress he's made has been tremendous. Mentally he's handling everything really well and physically he's got good instincts out there. He's definitely going to be able to help us.</a>" if the Chargers do not respect his ability and kick to him, he could cause some problems.

    <strong><em>Concudan's Prognostication: </em></strong>
    Call me a homer, but I see the Chargers defense as the key here, they are better than the Bears offensive unit in my opinion and will be the difference in the game. A stoic match up will occur between the Chargers Offensive unit and the Bears Defensive unit, but the Chargers will be able to score on the bears.

    In a low scoring game, the Chargers win, 17 to 6.

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