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Could Chargers Stadium Move To San Diego County?

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    Source: <a href="http://www.10news.com/news/5987034/detail.html" target="_blank">10News.com</a>

    SAN DIEGO -- The Chargers say they want to stay in San Diego, and the city says it wants to keep them. But plans for a vote on a new stadium have fallen apart.

    The Chargers had hoped to have a ballot measure before voters this coming November. The Chargers wanted to replace Qualcomm with a new stadium and an urban village, but no business partner could be found to take the risk and the vote is now off the table.

    Mayor Jerry Sanders said he's trying to arrange a meeting with the Chargers ownership this week to see if the stadium deal can be resurrected.

    "I believe we can have a respectful conversation with (the) Chargers. (I) think we can negotiate," said Sanders.

    The Chargers want to create an urban village in Mission Valley with a new stadium as the centerpiece.

    The city would donate 60 acres and the Chargers and a business partner would put up $800 million in front money.

    But that business partner hasn't been found and the Chargers attorney, Mark Fabiani, blames city attorney Mike Aguirre as a major roadblock.

    "Personalities have already gotten into it. My job is to get it back on track (and) communicate with (the) Chargers (and) that's what I intend on doing," said Sanders.

    There is urgency. The Chargers could leave after the 2008 season, although no other city can negotiate with the team before next year -- that includes Chula Vista.

    "It's really up to (the) city of San Diego. Our wish is (that) they (will) make (a) deal, but if they can't, (we) would love (the) opportunity to talk to (the) Chargers," said Chula Vista Councilmember John McCann.

    Chula Vista offered a few years ago when the Padres were shopping for a new ballpark.

    "We have a tremendous amount of raw land. We're building a freeway, university and have (the) Olympic Training Center -- (it would) all fit very well with (the) stadium," said McCann.

    Mayor Sanders makes it clear. He wants the Chargers in town if the city can afford it, and he'll work hard to make sure that happens. But if it doesn't, the second choice is finding a way to keep them close.

    The first meeting could be this week.

    A Chargers move to the county might be a good idea, according to the exclusive 10News SurveyUSA Poll.

    10News asked 500 Charger fans if they would be upset if the team moved out of the city and into San Diego County.

    Twenty-nine percent said yes, they'd be upset, but 68 percent said no, they would not be upset with a move into the county.

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