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Deep Sleepers

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Duffman57, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Duffman57

    Duffman57 BoltTalker

    Dec 27, 2011

    Who are your guys' deep sleepers, guys who may, or may not get drafted (none of this he's a sleeper but he's still gonna be a 3rd round pick crap, or a guy that everyone already knows, but is just hurt or has issues or something...real nobody knows who the hell this is...sleeper). Here are some of mine...

    Stephen Means DE/OLB, Buffalo (I'm annoyed cuz there was a list that was posted that had a sleeper from EVERY FBS team (all 150-160 some of them), and This guy and another one of my sleepers on them, who were already guys i found, and I got a couple from there. Means is a pretty solid athlete, that can be developed as a pass rushing threat eventually.)

    Paipai Falemalu OLB, Hawaii (The other one of my guys that i found, hes a hell of an athlete, thats an undersized pass rusher, with a bigtime attitude. Really quick/agile and has pretty good snap off the ball, one of the 3-4 pass rushers i have on this list.)

    Eze Obiora DE/OLB, Southern Illinois (Dude is a beast, former brittish youth rugby player, looks a LOT like Harrison when he plays, has some of the most violent hands i've seen on a pass rusher, and one of the best motors as well. Holds leverage great (was at 6'1" 240 playing NT at times for SIU, mostly lined up as a 5T though), and hits like a ton of bricks. Inexperienced, but technique is phenomenal. He had really bad workout numbers, but looks really quick and fluid on tape, so i'm not sure what to get from this.)

    LaRoy Reynolds ILB, UVA (This is one of the guys i got from the list. Really good athlete (6' 245, ran a 4.59, 37" vert, 29 bench reps), and lines up split out alot, or at least did in the game i watched (2011 vs. Va Tech). Violent hitter, looks best suited for a Spikes like "thumper" ILB role, but UVA kept splitting him out wide so he was next to useless, as he's not nearly as good playing in space as he is getting downhill and stuffing the run.)

    Brice Butler WR, SDSU (A lot of you guys probably know him, but incredibly athletically talented WR, who started at USC, then trasfered to SDSU. 6'3" 215 running a 4.36, good hands and a hand catchers, smooth in and out of breaks, a guy that would be good to stash for a year or two and see if we can get something out of him. Somewhat like what happened with Chaz Schillenz with Oakland.)

    Terron Jones OT, Alabama State (HUGE 6'8" 330lb OT who's got pretty solid feet, a guy who's definitely a developmental guy who can possibly project to the right side, probably doesn't have the feet for LT and is too tall for OG (again PROBABLY). Nothing special other than size/athleticism combo, needs work, RAW)

    Rashaan Melvin CB, Northern Illinois (This guy seems REALLY good to me. Can get burned taking some risky chances at times, but tall, fast, quick, long and physical. Really good in and out of breaks, despite being so tall and long, but he really likes to play going forward, can definitely get in on plays in the run game etc. He seems really good in pure man coverage, off man, etc etc. Seems like he could be one of those guys that can surprise people. Just looks better than late round flyer/UDFA type to me.)

    Melvin White CB/FS, UL-L (Credit to LBC for this one mostly, He's another long athletic corner (not as athletic though) who's physical and can do a load of different things. Can shift over to play a CF role, really good ball skills, not so good in and out of breaks.)

    I had Latavious Murray, RB from UCF here, but his hype train has gotten out of control, and 6'3" RB's scare the living hell out of me. Mark Harrison was on this before he blew up the combine, but he did, so everyone loves him now, Rodgers Gaines also was here before people started getting on him...

    Peter Lalich QB, California (PA) (Not a guy i found on my own, but razor sharp mind is his best quality, developmental backup QB type, needs a stronger arm, fix mechanics in his throw. 5* out of HS, bounced around, had some DUI (and boating DUI) issues and ended up at Cal PA.
  2. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    Charles Johnson WR, Grand Valley State - Closer to 6'3" than 6'2", a solid 215 lbs with room to add muscle. Runs a sub 4.4s 40 (4.38 and 4.39 at his pro day), with a 39.5" vert and over an 11' broad jump. His hands are good - big, soft, and disciplined. He just moves exceedingly well and polished, and while it was at the D3 level (but then so was Cecil Shorts and Pierre Garcon... and M80), he produced in spades (his pretty much matches V-Jax's production at Northern Colorado).

    Cooper Taylor S, Richmond - Not sure he qualifies as a deep sleeper anymore, but the kid has the athleticism of a CB but still fits best due to skill set as a safety (and has safety size at 6'3", 225+). This year's Brandon Harden minus the chronic injury - he's had his share of nagging ones but no one significant one like Harden had. Would have stuck at Georgia Tech but was injured as a freshman and passed up by talent on the roster. Bernard Pollard type safety.

    Still like Steve Beauharnais ILB, Rutgers - Tough as nails throwback type LB. Jack of all trades, master of none type but also the kind that can hold down a roster and possibly even starting spot and make it difficult for any by elite prospects to beat him out.

    Cameron Lawrence ILB, Mississippi State - I keep going back to this program for LB's because they just groom them right. Not flashy, but takes on blocks well, sheds, and consistently makes tackles. Still developing in terms of pass defense and not biting on play-action, and probably more of a 3rd ILB, S/T, practice squad stasher. But at minimum he's better now than some of the depth we have on the roster and has room to grow.

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