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Duffman's Mock

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Duffman57, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Duffman57

    Duffman57 BoltTalker

    Dec 27, 2011
    Why, cuz **** you thats why....lol

    Now that i figured we're done with FA signings I figured i'd make a quick little mock.

    1st: Nick Perry OLB, USC
    I do think that he actually lasts, since i think that there are a lot of good options at other places in this draft. But other than that, he's a great pass rusher right away, who should work his way into a full time OLB role next year.

    2nd: Harrison Smith SS, Notre Dame
    This wouldn't be my pick, but i guarantee that this is AJ's pick. I still think its a reach to take Barron in the 1st round, and to take Harrison Smith anywhere above where we're picked is a much worse reach. SS isn't a position that should be valued highly IMO, and like RB, you can find good ones late, but i think this is who AJ wants.

    3rd: Josh Chapman NT, Alabama
    He made that D run, plain and simple. Dude is a strait fire hydrant and is tough as nails. He is a strait immovable object in the middle of a D. We've lacked a true NT since J Wall was gone, and with his injury, he's a great value at this pick. He might miss a bit of the season, but with Garay's deal, he doesn't need to play right away and can just help out in his first year. Great value.

    4th: Donald Stephenson OT, Oklahoma
    This is really an under the radar type player, but i'm confused as to why he hasn't gotten more hype. He's a hell of an athlete and a great backup/developmental OT at this point. Needs to add some more upper body strength, but has solid lower body strength and all the athleticism you would want in a LT. We're REALLY lacking in OT depth, and at this point, we're not going to find a LG thats an upgrade for Green/Vasquez, and we have plenty of depth there, so thats not a need at this point, unless its a project player.

    5th: Derek Wolfe DE/DT, Cincinnati
    We're lacking DL depth, with the guys we have, and Chapman, we have pretty good players at NT, but our DE spot is lacking in depth with only Castillo/VM/Liuget/Cesaire, so we get a guy who can fill in and play a depth/rotational role right away, with a later pick here. He's also a very good interior pass rusher to help us out.

    6th: Michael Smith RB, Utah State
    Another one of my really underrated players. He was hidden in the shadows of Robert Turbin, but this dude flies around everywhere he goes. He's a bigtime speed runner, but he also a pretty solid blocker and can break some arm tackles when running up the middle. He showed his speed at his pro day with a 4.33 40. I like this kid, because when you watch the tape, you just see the intensity he plays with.

    7th: Sammy Brown OLB, Houston
    He's a developmenal guy that we can use to wait in place of SP95 and use him as that versatile player who can move all over the place. He changes direction incredibly well for a LB, and he's a really good pass rusher. Just needs to add a lot of bulk to his frame.

    7th(comp): Chris Greenwood CB, Albion
    This guy is one of those blocks of clay that we really need to work with to make successfull. He's a great athlete and is really smooth in his cuts, but other than that he's RAW and is only a DIII player. He needs a lot of coaching up to do, but he can be a great gunner right away. Enough of a reason to give him a chance to stick on the active roster, if not, PS stash him and see if we can tap into his potential.
  2. Bolts4lyfe

    Bolts4lyfe BoltTalker

    Mar 25, 2012
    Couldn't have made a mock any better my friend, would love to grab Perry and Smith, all the other picks would definitely be luxury depth picks. I know trades are hard to predict but Im going to guess in order to get the first 2 guys we may lose 3rd and maybe a 4th round pick. Overall good draft

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