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Electronics thread

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Boltjolt, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Boltjolt

    Boltjolt Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    Electronics thread at the UT is dead so il make one here. Talk about any gadget you like.

    Heres my favorite right now

    Ive had my ipod touch for a year now and i still cant seem to get video's in it from a DVD. Even having problems with conversion software i got recently but oh well.........

    Apple just released their new software that lets you add all their new applications from their app store and there are a lot of them ( for ipod and iphone)

    Some i have no use for and some are completly stupid but some are very cool.....even some free ones are very cool.

    I recommend a free one called Pandora ( requires a free account signup at their website to work) which you type in a band you are a fan of and it makes a radio station of just that band and throws in others that they think are similar. You can give those a thumbs up or down tho. Very cool app.

    There are also some radio apps in there to add actual radio to the ipod. One is AOL radio which is powered by CBS and it is a good one too...and free!

    I have gotton about 11 diferent ones and only paid $2.99 for one of them. The rest ive got were free ( tho it was $9.95 for the software update that came with 4 apps such as stocks, weather,email,Maps)

    Oh, i have downloaded a couple of movies from Limewire and added them in my ipod. Its the only way i can do it so far.

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