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Fire Roger Goodell!

Discussion in 'Chargers Fan Forum' started by Blount Punch, May 30, 2010.

  1. Blount Punch

    Blount Punch BoltTalker

    Jan 3, 2010
    o you want your favorite NFL team to have only 7 home games?

    Roger Goodell does.

    Resist or you will get more of it! Sign Our Online Petition

    The NFL European League was a total failure that has lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. So in an attempt to try to expand globally Roger Goddell the NFL commissioner and NFL owners have proposed outsourcing 2 games a year in a remote location. Every year 2 teams will eventually lose a home game and actually have less home games than their competition.

    We fell that this outsourcing is totally unfair to NFL fans. Particularly season ticket holders who pay for 2 preseason games to get 8 regular season games. This is already happening to the Miami Dolphins season ticket holders. Fans were told by H. Wayne Huizenga that season ticket holders would not be charged for this game. When season ticket holders got their invoice prices of the other games were raised to make up the difference. In addition the Miami Dolphins and the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell are making it as difficult as possible for Miami Dolphins season ticket holders to purchase tickets to this game. For full detail on the Miami Dolphins season ticket holder controversy click here.

    Here is a list of reasons why the NFL International Challenge Series is not in the interest of loyal NFL fans and issues fans have with Roger Goodell the NFL Commissioner:

    Outsorcing of NFL Games

    No fans wants 12.5% of their favorite teams home games taken away. Especially when rival teams do not have to during that season. What if the Yankees had to play 11 of their home games in a neutral site? Do you think their fans would think that is fair?

    If you want the outsourcing of NFL games to stop than we must demand that Roger Goodell step down as commissioner of the NFL.

    Tickets to NFL International Challenge Series Prices Raised

    The face value prices to the first outsorced NFL home game being played in London are much higher than prices Miami Dolphin season ticket holders pay for similar seats.

    Tickets to NFL International Challenge Series being sold as"travel packages".

    The NFL plans to sell travel packages through an agency called Quint Events to generate more profits. Many stadiums are sold out in season tickets so fans from those teams know if they can get tickets to that teams game in another city they may be willing to travel. The problem with this is that season ticket holders lose out on games they have been waiting for years to happen.

    Limited amount of games.

    In the NFL each team plays only 16 regular season game a year. It's not like other sports where there are 80 or more games a year. In other sports season ticket holders get to watch every team at least once a season. In the NFL it takes 8 seasons to see every team play at least once. So it is unfair to take away home games from fans in football. Why not play 18 regular season games and no preseason?

    Using a crackdown on players for off field discipline issues to divert attention.

    To divert attention from the strong resistance from American fans over outsourcing of NFL games Roger Goodell has established a new player conduct policy in April of 2007. This is a diversion tactic to make Goodell look good and keep the London ticket controversy out of the media. Sure we want Vick and Pacman out but, the law will eliminate them anyway. Besides it will only lead to lawsuits because they have contracts.

    Public dollars for private stadiums and licensing fees

    Many cities, states, and counties have used public dollars to pay for stadiums for their local teams. In some stadiums season ticket holders are charged an up front one time licensing fee to help pay for the stadium. The idea is that they benefit from these 10 NFL events that go on in their stadium in terms of increase in business to that area. The taxpayers do not want events that they are paying a premium to have moved to other cities that invest zero dollars in their teams stadium.

    Cheating Miami Dolphins season ticket holders

    The NFL and the Miami Dolphins have breeched contract with Miami Dolphins season ticket holders. We need a whole page dedicated to this unfair and unethical situation Dolphin's season ticket holders find themselves in. For Details click here.:icon_toast:
  2. Carlsbad_Bolt_Fan

    Carlsbad_Bolt_Fan Well-Known Member

    Jun 25, 2006

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