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Five Questions with #34, Frank Summers

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by Concudan, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Concudan

    Concudan Meh... Staff Member Administrator

    Mar 5, 2006
    At Chargers Training Camp Thursday, August 4th I noticed a rather broad shouldered man watching the running back drills. Quickly looking at my crumpled and hastily folded roster I saw that #34 was the free agent running back we picked up in the off season. Frank’s nickname is “The Tank”, once you see him you will know why. He is 5-10, and weighs in at 240 pounds, and none of it looks to be fat.

    Frank spent last two seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2009, he played 2 games but was injured and placed on IR. 2010 he spent the season on the practice squad. Though he was a running back at UNLV, he has the frame and mentality of a full back. He likes to hit people.

    He was a fan favorite with the Steelers, and some of the bloggers who followed the yellow and black felt he could have been the next Hines Ward. Meaning he starts out by making an impact on special teams, then sticks with it thought toughness and determination. The Steelers did not cast Summers away either, they offered him a contract to return to the team, but Summers felt that the San Diego offense might be a better fit for him.

    Frank welcome to the Chargers.

    Question: You are coming out of Pittsburgh, how do you like Southern California so far?

    Summers: I’m loving it! It is a great day with great weather, sunny, light breeze. You can’t complain with weather like this.

    Question: You are here, you are a big man, and by all reports you love to hit people. What are you going to bring to the team?

    Summers: As of right now I am working to get on the team. What ever the coaching staff asks of me, what ever I can do to contribute to these players, this coaching staff and this organization I am more than willing to do. Right now it’s what ever they ask of me, I am two feet and two hands in.

    Question: From a locker room perspective, who are a couple of players that we the fans should be keeping an eye on in your opinion?

    Summers: You know that is a good question, I have to take a second to think about it. There are some great guys here that they brought in that I’m, myself looking forward to getting to see. So give me a little more time and I will let you know.

    Question: How is the vibe with the team, coming off of the chaotic off season? What is the feeling like in the locker room?

    Summers: It’s pretty good. Actually one thing we all have in common is football. It is something we all love to do; really we are just excited to be back at work. We are having fun and enjoying the time here. We are enjoying camp and the grind it takes coming out to practice and meeting, but I think everyone is happy.

    Question: A lot of the fans at BoltTalk is pulling for you to make the team, is there anything you would like to say to them?

    Summers: I’d like to say thank you and I appreciate you all for following me. I look forward to seeing fans come out, meeting them and as preseason goes on seeing them at the stadium and here at the field.

    I think Frank was very sincere in his expression of being happy to be with the Chargers. During the short time that I spoke with him he never stopped smiling. His build reminds me of Lorenzo Neal, and I hope that he makes the team, though at this point he has an uphill battle ahead of him and has to catch the Coaches eye at every opportunity.

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