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Football Gameplan's 2015 NFL Mock Draft - January

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by EmDiggy, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. EmDiggy

    EmDiggy BoltTalker

    Jan 15, 2010
  2. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    Good job Em. However, a few things, and I'm not picking on you, since this is the first full mock draft somebody has posted, so I will go on a bit of a rant.

    A number of things can happen leading up to the draft, obviously but I don't think Marcus Mariota will survive in the NFL unless he's in the right system. For example, St. Louis does not have an OC to this day. Who they hire could have an effect on where Mariota will be drafted, since they will be in need of a QB. I think Mariota can fall as far as 20 to Philadelphia, and if he does I think Kelly pulls the trigger, no question. I know everyone seems to think that, but I believe there are a number of reasons why Kelly will do that. I don't believe he will trade up for Mariota, but I won't be surprised if Mariota's stock takes a tumble (it's already losing momentum) similar to Bridgewater's last year (though I was very high on him).

    I don't know if Landon Collins goes that high either. Despite Chicago needing DB's, I don't even think they will pull the trigger there for him. Collins still struggles in coverage and bites BAD on play action and double moves. He's a strong, down hill player, but today in NFL, you have to be disciplined and patient and Collins shows too much inconsistency there for a #7 pick.

    I don't believe Danny Shelton is even close to Dontari Poe. He's a great player, don't get me wrong, but at #15 overall, I have a hard time believing the 49ers, despite needing to get younger on defense, do that. I think the 49ers would go after a versatile player like Arik Armstead there.

    I think Andrus Peat will be the 2nd OL taken off the board by the way. Don't see TJ Clemmings going before him.

    I don't see 2 RB's coming off the board in the 1st, especially Melvin Gordon, I think his draft stock will take a blow, if it hasn't already once teams pop in his tape and realize all this guy does is bounce it and use his athleticism to get by in college. If your drafting a RB in the 1st round, you better be positive he can run between the tackles and be able to bounce it and also be a 3 down back. Don't see that in Gordon's game, I do, however see it in Gurley's, but it depends if a team is/will be patient enough to wait on him.

    And I think it will be an interesting battle between Maxx Williams and Clive Walford. I really like Walford, and he's finally beginning to gain momentum, I think he could challenge Williams for the #1 TE spot.
  3. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    The "system QB" bit is tired and old, and to be honest gets thrown around way more than it should by football fans. By the definition that many use, Tom Brady is system QB, as is Drew Brees. Just because he's a mobile QB doesn't mean he's a "system QB". Does Mariota have technical flaws that need to be corrected? Yes. Is that the case for most QB prospects with high ceilings not named Andrew Luck? Yes. Aaron Rodgers had carriage and release mechanics issues that had to be corrected coming out of Cal. Mariota has footwork issues (his medium and deep-ball accuracy are directly tied to this for anyone familiar with QB mechanics). Simply put, if Ryan "Raw as a Still Living Cow" Tannehill can get drafted in the Top 10 in a much deeper QB class at the top, Marcus Mariota can (and likely will) as well.

    Would it be highly advisable to tailor the offense he goes into to fit where his skillset currently lies (likely a West Coast Offense with a good amount of screens, slants, and rub-plays)? Of course; but let's not pretend like coaches don't do this for every rookie QB or even just about every franchise QB in the league (unless your name is Norv Turner, and even then Norv's offense fit Phil's skill-set up until we didn't have the OL to fit the scheme).

    I agree with you on Collins, in that I don't have him rated terribly high - I don't have a 1st-round grade on any safety in this class unless it's a convert. However, there's always the stupidity factor to be accounted for. There are still plenty of GM's who bite hard on that "SEC (and Alabama in particular) is just an NFL factory". He'll likely run fast enough in Under Armor to convince some front office to forgive his tape (I'd say his floor is the Bengals at #21.

    Debatable. This is Trent Baalke running the show now; Harbaugh isn't there to influence things. I agree, that I see more Dontari Poe in Jordan Phillips than I do Shelton; Shelton reminds me more of Dan Williams to be honest, and ultimately would be a better 1-tech than a 0-tech. Baalke is going to be hard to peg because he's got a reputation for identifying "his guy" and he'll take him come hell or high water, unless the guy gets taken before the pick gets to them. He came off a Washington staff that absolutely loved them some early skill position players. I wouldn't rule Shelton out, though I don't know that Frisco's getting great value at that pick in him as I see Shelton as predominantly a two-down player in a odd-man front.

    Maybe. It's the potential and workouts versus tape debate. Honestly depends on which team and front office is drafting, where I'm concerned. Clemmings is the better tackle right now - Peat could be buthe's no guarantee. Moreover, if certain teams are the ones drafting said OT, where their HC's have considerably more input on the draft process, I can see Clemmings' nasty demeanor having far more appeal to the likes of a Tom Coughlin, Gus Bradley, or Jeff Fisher over Peat who, for the time being, is far less fiery.

    Agree to disagree. Gordon's shown the ability to run between the tackles. The knock on him in that aspect may be the gaping holes that Wisconsin's line tends to open up on the interior, but you're underselling Gordon. That said, it will be interesting to see where RB's fall in this class given the incredible depth and, to some degree, the devalue of the position (though it should be noted that more just as many teams made the playoffs this year with top YPC runners as top QB's).

    It's still a pretty bad TE class in general though. Williams might jump into the bottom of the 1st because of his potential, but really... none of them are all that deserving of going Day 1 going off strictly tape.
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