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For alla y'all hockey fans-

Discussion in 'All Other San Diego Sports' started by BFISA, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. BFISA

    BFISA Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2005

    Swedish hockey fans delay match with dildo downpour

    Published: 22 Oct 08 12:05 CET
    Online: http://www.thelocal.se/15138/20081022/

    Supporters of the Stockholm-based AIK ice hockey team scored an unusual hat trick of heckling on Tuesday night featuring dildos, profane banners, and a giant inflatable penis.

    * Damages 'too low' after vacuum cleaner attack on schoolboy (27 Oct 08)
    * Cop: speeding Swedish models 'drive like real men' (27 Oct 08)
    * Eighteenth century Swedish king drew penises in diary (24 Oct 08)

    The taunts were directed at Jan Huokko, a stocky defenceman with the Leksand hockey club in Sweden’s second-tier professional hockey league, and a former player with AIK.

    Ahead of Tuesday’s match against Leksand, the website for AIK’s unofficial supporter group had instructed fans to bring dildos to the match to remind Huokko of the sex scandal which plagued him earlier in the year, according to the Expressen newspaper.

    As one of Leksand’s top-scoring defencemen and a former member of Sweden's national team, Huokko is known for putting the biscuit in the basket.

    But back in June, Huokko’s reputation for “scoring” took on a different twist when a sexually-charged video clip featuring the 34-year-old blueliner and his girlfriend ended up on the internet.

    Huokko had recorded the clip on his mobile phone, and wasn’t surprised to find it spreading like wildfire on the internet after the phone was stolen.

    “It was a private thing between me and my girl,” he said at the time.

    “That’s what people do when it comes to sex.”

    Before Tuesday’s match even started, AIK fans had already littered the ice with dozens of dildos, causing a slight delay as crews worked to clear the sex toys from the playing surface.

    AIK fans also unfurled a banner reading “Bend over *****!”, which was accompanied by a giant inflatable penis.

    Vulgar chants directed at Huokko continued throughout the match, which Leksand ended up losing 3-2.

    AIK club management was aware of their fans’ plans for knocking Huokko off his game, but elected not to intervene.

    “We’d also heard mention of it, but we decided that it would only be worse if we went out and told the fans they were absolutely not allowed to throw dildos on the ice,” said AIK club head Mats Hedenström to the newspaper.

    Lars G. Karlsson, an official from Sweden’s ice hockey association, called the sex-toy storm “a non-issue”.

    “It didn’t affect play at all. People barely noticed it,” he said.

    And despite the AIK supporters’ best efforts, Huokko took the mocking in stride.

    “For me it was just a regular hockey game. It was no problem,” he said following the match.

    “I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.”

    David Landes (david.landes@thelocal.se/+46 8 656 6518)
  2. TheLash

    TheLash Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2006
    beats throwing octopus:lol:
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  3. Carrie1219

    Carrie1219 Banned Banned

    Nov 16, 2005
    The Hockey All Star game is in overtime.... There will be a shoot out.. I'm pulling for the west and my son is pulling for the east...

    This game is being played in Montreal, prolly the capital city of Hockey.

    EDIT: East won.
  4. auctoritas

    auctoritas BoltTalker

    Dec 17, 2006

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