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For bored draft junkees

Discussion in 'American Football' started by sd-local, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. sd-local

    sd-local BoltTalker

    Jun 10, 2006
    This is just my nerdy draft list. They aren’t all players who fit all our biggest needs and most of them aren’t top prospects but I am a huge college football fan and these are all players that interest me. So this post is just for other draft geeks that may want to talk about interesting players (which I believe these all to be). Between rounds 3-7 (round 2 for a few of them), I wouldn’t mind seeing any of these players on my team.

    Myron Rolle, Safety Florida State
    Hasn’t played football for a year as he was only n a full Rhodes scholarship at Oxford. Early in his playing career was touted as being better than both of his brothers, Samari and Antrel. I like to imagine him as the heady player that Weddle is but with superior athletic ability.

    Stafon Johnson, RB USC
    I hate USC, a lot. Anytime I watched SC play it was Joe McKnight going off and long runs but it was Johnson that won the game with seemingly 6-7 yards every time he touched the ball. He’s supposed to be fully healed (save a raspy voice) from a traumatic throat crushing injury.

    Trindon Holliday, RB/WR LSU
    Fast. Aiming to take down Chris Johnson’s record combine 40 of 4.24. If we let Sproles walk, which it appears we will, why not bring in a player that could do similar things. He’s not nearly as strong as Sproles (the average fan may not know Sproles is a beast) but he is faster.

    Taylor Mays, Safety USC
    I’m kind of a nerd for freakish athletic ability and Mays has it. He can play Safety or linebacker with his size/speed combo. He’s been criticized a lot but I think it’s only because with his abilities people expected him to be Jesus in cleats. I think he’ll be a pro bowl NFL safety ala Adrian Wilson.

    Syd’’Quan Thompson, CB Cal
    Although he isn’t very big and he runs an average CB 40 Syd”Quan simply knows how to play corner. I think he’s a more polished version of what Cason was coming out of college.

    Brandon Spikes, MLB Florida
    Think Patrick Willis without the high character and motivation. This guy could be a top 10 pick but is just kind of a jerk. He’s a prototype MLB (although moreso for a 4-3 team)

    Golden Tate- WR ND
    Anyone that has seen a fighting irish, which is everyone since they are all on TV, has seen Golden Tate do something impressive. He’s a converted RB who runs hard with the ball, is an incredible athlete and comes up with the big catch, always. I’d take him over Buster anyday.
    Jordan Shipley, WR Texas
    Does anyone miss Wes Welker? Yes we had the tallest core in the league but an explosive slot receiver moves the chains, especially in our pass heavy offense.

    Javier Arenas, CB/KR Alabama
    Back to the Sproles leaving part, Areans may even be an upgrade to Sproles in the return game. Should fit in just fine with Jammer and Cason in the slot.
  2. szarmes

    szarmes I am the Walrus

    Jan 11, 2010
    Rolle, tate, spikes, arenas and mays will all be gone by round 2 if not some in round 1...
  3. Workplay

    Workplay scompl

    Dec 24, 2009
    I like Rolle, Tate and Arenas. I wonder if Golden Tate would be willing to go back to playing running back?:icon_huh:

    I would love to use a late round pick on Stafon Johnson. He looks like a solid backup RB
  4. ghost_

    ghost_ BoltTalker

    Apr 29, 2007
    you forgot
    Toby Gerhart RB Stanford:tup:

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