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Forging ahead one step at a time

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    Source: <a href="http://www.sdboltreport.com" target="_blank">SD Bolt Report</a>

    In the AFC Weak, even those with a sub-500 record have a chance at the division. Which is easy to understand why you can look ahead.

    The Chargers' showdown with the Indianapolis Colts is still over a week away. But listening to coach Marty Schottenheimer talk it was hard to tell.

    "In a couple of areas, they perform at the level of a team that you expect to be 9-3, 8-4. Whatever. They have some things they do extremely well," Schottenheimer said.

    Was he really talking about the Miami Dolphins, who arrive at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday as the Chargers go for their sixth straight victory?

    To note, the Dolphins are 4-7 and have lost to the woeful Jets, the dreadful Bills (in the first meeting) and were shut out by the Browns.

    Schottenheimer was talking, though, as if they were the reincarnation of the 1967 Packers.

    But this is Schottenheimer's manner to keep his team focused. He builds up his opponents with great gusto, then watches the hyped Chargers take them apart.

    Schottenheimer knows that human nature dictates that the Chargers look ahead to their Dec. 18 date at the RCA Dome, a chance to put a blemish on the Colts' perfect record - if they get past the Jaguars on Sunday.

    The Chargers, though, first have to hip-hop the Dolphins. And that doesn't appear to be a big problem, though star running back LaDainian Tomlinson missing practice on Wednesday with a bruised chest caused some Chargers' hearts to skip a beat.

    But Tomlinson is expected to be fine. And the Chargers should find themselves at 9-4 when pulling into Indianapolis a week from Sunday.

    After all, they are a nearly a two-touchdown favorite - something no one in these parts could recall since the Air Coryell days of the early 1980s.

    So Schottenheimer is working overtime with his one-game-at-a-time mantra. That if you look ahead, you will stumble over what is right in front of you.

    That would be the Dolphins, a team that, according to Schottenheimer, is better than many believe.

    "Their kicking game is excellent," he said. "That defensive front seven is very, very active."

    Even their backs - when combining the numbers of Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown, stack up to Tomlinson, Schottenheimer said.

    Schottenheimer is talking a lot these days. He knows the next four weeks will determine if this season is a stinker or a gem. But first, he must put a shine to the Dolphins, even if few others can see it.

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