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Forum Tagging FAQ

Discussion in 'Forum Help and Feedback' started by Thumper, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Thumper

    Thumper WHS

    Aug 24, 2005
    What is tagging? What are tags?

    Tags are like keywords. If you add some "tags" to a thread it helps search engines determine the content of the threads and makes them easier to find. It also helps you find threads. you can now do a search on the keywords or "tags" instead of doing a full text search of the entire database. As you can guess, this uses much less server resources to search through these tags, than to search every post made in the forum. Here is more info about tags: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_(metadata)

    What is a Tag Cloud?

    Simply put, a "Tag Cloud" is a list of the top tags. Currently this forum is set to show the top 100 tags, but we may adjust that number in the future. The tags all appear as links. The more often a tag is used to for a thread, the larger is shows up in the tag cloud. You can see our tag cloud here. Here is more info about tag clouds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud

    How do I add a tag to a thread?

    When you are creating a new thread, there will be an area where you can add tags. The person starting the thread may add up to 5 tags. Separate each tag with a comma. If you are reading an existing thread and want to add some tags, you may do so by going to the bottom of any page in that thread where the tags are listed and click on "Edit Tags". If you are not the thread starter, you may *** up to 2 tags to the thread. Please not, there is a limit of 25 total tags per thread.

    Why are there already tags for the thread I just created?

    We are testing something right now called auto tagging. It takes key words from the title of the thread when a new thread is created and adds them as tags. When you create a thread and you feel the automatic tags are not really what the thread is about, please add some better keywords that better explain the essence of the thread. Auto tagging does not add tags to any threads that were created prior to the auto tagging system being installed.

    With auto tagging, is it important to choose a proper thread title?

    Thread titles should always be descriptive of the thread is about, but with auto tagging turned on it becomes even more important. Please do not try to create deceptive thread titles that do not have anything to do with what the thread is actually about.

    Should I be adding tags to a threads?

    If you think you have some good keywords that would be helpful to describe the thread, please do add them as tags. This will help the tagging system to become more accurate and useful over time.

    Can I add tags just for fun that have nothing to do with the thread?

    Please do not add tags to a thread unless they are relevant to what the topic of the thread is. All tags are traceable, and if you consistently are adding nonsensical tags, you will be politely asked to stop. If you still persist after being asked not to, you may lose your ability to add tags.

    I see a bad tag, what should I do?

    If you see a tag that doesn't have any relevance to the thread the tag is in, please send a PM to Thumper with the bad tag and a link to the thread.

    Do I have to add tags to threads?

    There is an option to require tags to be added when a new thread is started, but it has not been activated. If you don't want to add any tags, you are not required to do so.

    If you have any further questions about tagging, please ask them in this thread.

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