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Discussion in 'American Football' started by SuperCharger92, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Holy_Bolt

    Holy_Bolt Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2007

    No fire in his eyes and one silly looking mustache!
  2. Lancer 1

    Lancer 1 Betrayed Bolt Supporter

    Jul 10, 2006
    As much as I’d like to, I don’t really blame Norv for this one. (BTW, we did get a field goal in the 2nd half) Rivers threw two 4th Quarter picks, the 1st one was unforgivable! We were down by 3 and well within FG range, and there were 2 Tampa defenders in front of Eddie Royal and Philip threw it right to one of them, and he returned it for a touchdown – a 10 point swing on that play right there. :mad:

    That must’ve been the 2nd pick, on the 1st one he was out of the pocket right near the sideline, and it was a horrible decision & a worse throw.

    Do not concur, SuperCharger92 described the situation perfectly – if Rivers throws that ball away, we kick the short field goal and the game is tied at that point with more than 13:00 left in the 4th.
  3. Joy Division

    Joy Division Slightly-known Member

    Jun 30, 2008
    I admit it now.

    ...and yes, I understand that they are all on better teams
    with better coaches. Still doesn't change anything.
    That lack of any kind of mobility and poor decision making
    in the second half kills Philip.
    Next up...another great 1st half and then another obvious
    second half meltdown in Denver.
    No, that's not what I'm hoping for, but it does seem like
    a great possibility.
  4. Ikeman83

    Ikeman83 Werter Pöbel

    Feb 3, 2012
    Why was Rivers near the sideline? Was it a designed roll-out? If so, what the F is Norv doing sending the least mobile QB in the history of time on a designed roll-out?
  5. SuperCharger92

    SuperCharger92 Winners Win

    Sep 25, 2011
    I meant touchdown.. And guess you can count the Cleveland game then too..

    Yes a FG that should of been 7 points..

    I do blame Norv though. Ok, were talking last years team, who failed to score in 2 games I can remember in the 2nd halves, Chicago & New York (Both Away)..

    Then would you say this year we have a bit of a different team then last years? So much for leadership from guys like Spikes & Johnson who were brought in for those reasons.. Or how about the faith we put in at the left side of our OL with Gaither & Green.. Or how about ALL the passing weapons we have in Gates, Floyd, Meachem, Royal, now Alexander, Mathews, Brown and we still can't salvage 7 f-cking point?!

    So 2 games I can remember from last year, and already 4 games this year (ATL, Den, Cle; TB) we were shutout without a touchdown.. Against the worst passing defense in the league.. Theres something not being said in that locker room at halftime that should be, by the leader and coach of this team Norv Turner.
  6. Brundlefly

    Brundlefly Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2009
    It's all Spikes' fault
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  7. matilack

    matilack Take A Knee McCree!!!

    Aug 14, 2006
    Defense: Spikes and Johnson are not a problem, our rush D did a magnificent job today and really have all season long. That is what those two are here for. Our CBs are undermining the entire defense right now, even lining up 12 yards deep Jammer was getting beat deep by Mike Williams today...a drive that should have ended in a Bucs punt and us with great field position...ended with points on the board. Also Cason dropped a gimmie pick and Gilchrist looks completely lost out there, he was always a better fit for safety.

    Offense: Our rushing game is noticably worse without Gaither, Harris did a solid job in pass pro today...but he is a weak **** blocker, as is Green. I'm not going to get into Norv I've been on about him for years and you've been around, lets just say I agree with you. There is no excuse for getting shut out for entire halfs like we have multiple times this year, when you have the weapons we have and you're playing teams like Cleveland, Tampa, and New Orleans who can't stop anyone to save their lives.
  8. The LBC

    The LBC I'm a Real Prick

    Jun 28, 2010
    You've really got to add Bigby to that list. He does add some to the run D, but not nearly as much as he detracts from the pass D. I never thought I'd see the day that a safety made me pine for Steve freaking Gregory, but at least Gregs was somewhere to be found around a deep pass completion as opposed to still up near the LOS after biting on the slightest of play-action fakes. I'm seriously starting to wonder what the deal is with Taylor because the biggest reason most rookie safeties struggle and are limited in game-time is because they tend to bite on PA too easily while adjusting to the speed of the pro game - but Bigby's doing that anyway so why not at least give the kid a shot?

    Green doesn't play with any kind of fire. I don't care how many trucks he can pull or whatever his offseason workout regimen was, there's no "I'm going to put you on your ***" attitude in his blocking. Even when Dielman was starting to show decline his attitude still gave him an edge. Vasquez shows signs that there may be hope for him yet, but he needs someone to really get in and retool with him mind and body/technique.

    Jeromey Clary can't even tackle correctly (literally, there's a guy that's got one other player between him and the end-zone after a pick and that other guy is your QB... horse-collar the bastard if you have to and eat the fine to save the TD).

    Phillips has turned apologist online and shows no fire and absolutely zero leadership (he's never really been much of one, but you'd expect someone who seems to think he's a voice for this defensive unit to at least try and act like a leader).

    Cason is just fundamentally stupid. He literally has the instincts of a ball of lint. He's guessing out there and passing off his assignment to the safety prematurely way too often. Zone defense is for smart, instinctive players - that's pretty much the opposite of Antoine Cason.

    As stated prior, Spikes isn't an issue. Norv and Pagano's inability to gameplan effectively, anticipate, and adjust is what's causing guys like Spikes to look bad. Even Spikes would probably tell you that, as much as he'd like to be able to be, he's not the best guy to have out there covering guys on fairly obvious passing downs (particularly when a teammate like Demorrio Williams just took a pick to the house last week). The Bucs were playing from behind going into the 2nd half with a running game that hadn't been very effective against our D in the first half. How in the hell do you not expect them to try and make greater utility of the one thing that had worked well for them in the 1st half: Play-action? How do you not expect them to start blitzing LB's more often to try and get to Rivers who was finding enough time from just 4- and 5-man rushes to find receivers over the middle and in holes in the zone?
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  9. Dublin Bolt

    Dublin Bolt BoltTalker

    Aug 12, 2006
    I'm like quite a few on here and numb to it now. It started near the end of last year when it became clear we have no chance under the current regime. When I learned they were staying on I kinda gave up on the season before it even began (not just saying this with benefit of hindsight). I've been telling all who would listen that the Bolts can forget it until a proper GM and HC are in place. Up to say Nov 2011 I was so so passionate watching the games, now I watch expecting the inevitable so when Philip throws the pick 6 I'm not surprised or angry any more, I am prepared for it. I'll continue to watch but only to see which players have a future with a new coach.

    I'm liking the work that the following are putting in, the rest of em can go F off they are done in my eyes....

    Liuget, Butler, Ingram, Weddle, Alexander, Floyd, Gates, Mathews, Brown, Harris, Stuckey.

    Those that I don't know about yet are - Taylor, Mouton, Troutman, Wright and Green.

    As for Rivers. I guess we're stuck with him. Not that that's a bad thing. Get him a decent O line as he cannot move and a proper fundamentals/mechanics teacher and play caller and he'll be ok.
  10. nickelbolt

    nickelbolt Fuggedaboutit

    Aug 20, 2006
    Rivers really needs to stand up at the podium and use the word "ME" or "I" instead of "WE" or "US" when he talks about stupid turnovers.

    Maybe he's doing it in the locker room and guys are ok with that. But I guarantee you there are at least a handful of players on the defense who watch his pressers from their couches and think "Bullshiiit... you lost the game for us Philip... YOU DID IT"

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