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GO Texas..

Discussion in 'All Other San Diego Sports' started by chiefsgal, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. chiefsgal

    chiefsgal Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2007
    yes I am a chiefs fan but also a longhorn fan, never miss a game....and well I'm happy and I thought this was cute....:lol:

    Santa Ketch comes to town with gifts for all

    By Orangebloods Staff
    Dec 24, 10:57 am EST

    Santa Ketch has is coming to town. It’s been a long year, but as you can tell by what’s transpired in the college sports world since we last met up, the boys and girls of the Longhorn Nation have been very good.

    So many of you wished for an unbeaten season and a chance to play in the national championship game and what do you know…old Santa Ketch came through like he always seems to do at this time of the year.

    Some of you asked for Colt McCoy to get a Heisman for Christmas and I’m sorry to say that you guys just weren’t good enough over the last 365 days for me to make that happen. Too many naughty things were said in the Corral this year.

    On the other hand, I thought Santa Ketch same through in a rather large way with the start of the basketball season. Did you see those North Carolina and Michigan State wins?

    You’re welcome.

    Ok, let’s move on to the next 24 hours. When you consider that I already know what so many of you want this season, there’s no reason for you to sit on Santa Ketch’s lap (unless you want to). Most of you will get your gift from Santa Ketch in early January, so sit tight and don’t freak out in the morning when you don’t even see a lump of coal under the tree.

    In the meantime, I thought I would let all of you take a peek into Santa’s bag like I do each year. Here it is…

    Santa Ketch’s gift list for Christmas 2009…

    For Flozell Adams- A special exhibit at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton that showcases all 100 career penalties you’ve achieved in your entire career. Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself. He needs two more in the next two games. If he doesn’t get there, he’s getting the Curvin Richards treatment.

    For Tray Allen - Playing time.

    For Sean Adams - An autographed copy of Chip Brown’s finest work from the Dallas Morning News, along with a Blue-Ray DVD of his MVP performance in the Dallas Cowboys media flag-football game. You also get a ping-pong table.

    For Cedric Benson - A spot in the Pro Bowl.

    For Avery Bradley - A shot at John Wall on either the third or fifth of April. The rest of you can thank me later.

    For Chip Brown - When we met Jimmy Football in Dallas earlier this month, I talked to him about your very own kegerator of Crown Royal, complete with an in ice dispenser built into the tap. Done.

    For Mack Brown - What do you get the guy who can buy his own private island? How two weeks of complete focus and commitment from his football team? Yup, that’ll work.

    For Greg Davis - An aggressive game plan. And veto power over Mack if he doesn’t like it.

    For Kevin Durant - The first of 15 all-star game appearances and a spot in the playoffs in April.

    For Augie Garrido - No.6.

    For Chad Hastings - An Aggie bowl win over Georgia. Don’t complain Longhorns, I did make that last monstrosity for the Aggies in Shreveport a few years back go down.

    For Lamarr Houston - One last college game where you perform and produce like you have all season, but this time everyone in the media and every NFL scout will notice.

    For Jason Howell - A step-ladder.

    For Damion James - You get that lottery pick selection you’ve worked so hard for and the chance to take care of your family.

    For Jerry Jones - An out of body experience that allows you to perceive your body of work as a GM from the outside looking in.

    For Taylor Jungmann - A full season like your last post-season.

    For Bobby Kennedy - A coordinator’s position at a legit BCS school.

    For Sergio Kindle - Free limo and driver service for the next 15 years (until your NFL career ends). Also, since you’ve been really good this year, I’m throwing in free texting service for life.

    For James Kirkendoll - He gets another chance. At some point in the game against the Crimson Tide, the same kind of play that everyone remembers from the Nebraska game will present itself again.

    For Colt McCoy - A BCS championship game MVP trophy. Vince didn’t get one of those Heisman Trophies, but this consolation prize isn’t exactly a used VCR. I don’t seem to recall him ever having to buy another meal in the state of Texas, so this one has a different kind of payoff.

    For Mac McWhorter - The parts are still waiting to be shipped to the North Pole, but he’s going to get a left tackle for 2010. I just don’t know when I’ll be able to get it to him.

    For Will Muschamp - He gets Jordan Hicks and Jackson Jeffcoat. Yes, he’s a toy collector. Don’t judge.

    For Roddrick Muckelroy - A key to the city of Hallsville after a defensive MVP performance in the national title game.

    For Wade Phillips - A mini-Cowboy set, complete with hat, plastic gun and badge. Now he gets to go be the sheriff in his own imaginary town where things that happened in the past don’t matter in the present.

    For Dexter Pittman - Eight bacon cheeseburgers eight chopped chili cheese dogs from Might Fine Burgers… calorie free.

    For Tony Romo - Back-to-back wins over the Eagles in January.

    For Christian Scott - He gets to deliver at least one bone-crushing hit on Mark Ingram from the safety position.

    For Jordan Shipley - Ten healthy toes and an elk for each family member (two for Granny Shipley).

    For Jason Suchomel - A guy’s weekend at Texas Motor Speedway in which everyone that makes the trip actually makes a full contribution and you don’t have to chip in a thing. Oh, and no traffic to and from.

    For the Texas offensive line - Redemption.

    For Earl Thomas - Peace of mind with whatever decision you make after the season, but if you stay in school, I’ve got a Thorpe Award inside my bag. If you go pro, I talked with a few people inside the league who will pull some first round strings.

    For Aaron Williams - Every time Greg McElroy drops back to pass against the defense in the title game, I’m going to make it so that he forgets he shouldn’t throw it in your general direction. Have fun.

    For Ricky Williams - A Pro Bowl bid.

    For Tiger Woods - A calculator.

    For Vince Young - Two more wins, a spot in the playoffs and Comeback Player of the Year honors.

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