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Heroes and Zeros - Game 1

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="325" height="216" alt="SEAN M. HAFFEY / Union-Tribune LT finds first-half yardage." title="SEAN M. HAFFEY / Union-Tribune LT finds first-half yardage." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/060911raiders/SMHchargersfirsthalf7.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Alright Charger fans, we have reached the regular season and I am moving from the Player Movement blog to the new Heroes and Zeros blog. I am going to analyze which players showed up big for the game and which players just didn't have it going. Week 1 is going be awfully easy to break down as it was a blowout against our most hated foes, the Raiders. Lets get down to it.


    <em>The Secondary</em> – I know most people are saying, "Start with Merriman"!, but as amazing as he was we almost expected that to happen. But our secondary was the reason that the boys up front had such a big night. They blanket covered the fast Raider receivers and shut their night down. 42 net yards passing for the Raiders? That is just sick. Marlon McCree really held the secondary together, setting them in the right spots to cover and keeping over the top coverage on all the Raider receivers. He had some really solid hits, almost picked off the ball (You should have had it Marlon!), and recovered a fumble. We have been waiting for this type of Safety since Harrison left (I am not comparing them, but he is a huge step up). Drayton Florence locked his guy down all night, made some good tackles, and should have had a pick if the Raiders didn't get called for a false start. Cromartie was quiet, but that was due to the fact that he never got thrown on, and he played well in special teams coverage. Jammer played off Moss all night giving him the short stuff which I understand with his speed, but the missed tackles after the catch our more of an issue. All in all, one of the best if not the best game for the Secondary in this Century!

    <em>LT</em> – He got Rivers off to a fast, easy start with 90+ yards in just the first quarter giving the Raider front all kinds of issues. He caught Rivers first throw, a beautiful swing pass placed perfectly over his shoulder on the run (Haven't seen that pretty a swing pass in years). He gave his QB confidence which was his main job for this game. LT ran this game for the Chargers. His yards per carry went down in the second half as the Raiders brought 8 and 9 into the box but he kept the clock running to the tune of 36 minutes TOP. He proved again he doesn't need the pre-season to be ready to play. LT is the best friend a young QB could have

    <em>Shawn Merriman</em> – I was going to just say "The Front Seven" but this guy earned a personalized Hero section. He was a monster in this game. The Raiders called him out during the week saying they were going to double him and keep him from hurting them. Note to Raiders: Your gonna have to bring the whole O-line and the backups off the bench to try and keep him off your QB. He abused Gallery. He abused Lamont. Everyone they threw at him he punked and drove past them. 3 sacks with 6 total tackles. He pounded the running game. He dropped into coverage well. This was a career game for Shawn along with the Colts game from last year and hopefully he has a bunch more of these to go.

    <em>The Rest of the Front Seven</em> – The big boys up front were huge. Luis Castillo was just abusing the Raiders O-line all night. 4 tackles with 1.5 sacks with as few plays as the Raiders ran was huge. He was harassing Brooks all night. Jamal was anchoring the front like always. He was occupying 2 and sometimes even 3 lineman allowing the LB's to run crazy in the backfield. Shaun Phillips was all over the place filling in for the Bull, Steve Foley. He is quick off the snap and handled himself in coverage and run support well. 3 tackles and 1.5 sacks for him as well. Igor went down early with a leg strain. Hopefully this wont hamper him too much. Cesaire filled in admirably for him and kept the Raiders from taking advantage. Also we need to give props to our boys doing the Foley Bull Dance after each sack to the point of taking a taunting penalty for it after a touchdown.

    <em>The O-line</em> – Anchored by rookie Marcus McNeill, the O-line did their job and did it well. They did really well in run blocking. They kept Philip safe all game. They even held their own when their were 9 guys coming after them. As much as Marcus McNeill had a great game, and Kris Dielman is still proving he may be our best run blocker, Shane Olivea gets the game ball here. He kept Derrick Burgess well away from Rivers all game. I'm pretty sure Burgess never even touched his jersey. That is an amazing performance to keep the NFL sack leader completely shut down. Way to go big boy!

    <em>Everyone else</em> – This was a team effort. They won as a team. Everyone did what they needed to do and backed each other up. None of this Moss waving his hands crap. No getting down when Igor got hurt. Great punts by Scifres. Good kicks by Nate. The bench guys stepped up came in and took care of business. Great job team!

    Cam Cameron's Second Half Gameplan</em> – Run off guard right, Run off guard left, Get a little saucy and run off tackle. That may have worked against the dismal Raiders, but when we play the Steelers and other good teams they will not be held down for that long. I understand we need to protect the ball when we are in the shadow of our endzone, but a few screens, quick slants, and play-actions to keep the other team honest is required. Trust Philip. He can make the throws and protect the ball.

    <em>The Entire Raider Team and Gameplan</em> – Honestly, I would be hiding my face this week if I were in the Silver and Black. That was an atrocious game. It was played poorly. It was coached poorly. The only bright spot for Oakland was that Lechler continues to try and hold off Mike Scifres as the best punter in the NFL.
    For my East Coast Brothers</em> – Starting a game at 10:15pm EST just sucks for my buddies in Virginia and the rest of the East Coast. Of course, 7:15pm works great for me here in California on a workday, But I feel for my East Coast Brothers.

    1-0. All alone atop the AFC West. Lets stay on top the whole year. Lets stay Healthy. Give Philip the green light to start chucking the pigskin. Give LT a few less handoffs and a few more passes. Keep the O-line strong, keep the front seven swarming, keep the secondary blanketing. We need to go in against the Titans and hit them hard and fast just like Oakland. Lets get out to the Q, tailgate like fiends, and be the 12<sup>th</sup> man for our boys and help them win their home opener. Check out the Bolttalk parties at F3/G3 and at B2 spot 1 in the Tailgate Zone. Go Bolts!

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