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Heroes and Zeros - Game 10

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="338" height="225" title="Drayton Florence intercepts a pass in front of Rod Smith in the 4th quarter." alt="Drayton Florence intercepts a pass in front of Rod Smith in the 4th quarter." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061119broncos/KC_Denver260209x2019.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    Amazing! I hope everyone is savoring the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of this season. This is what you hope, pray, and cheer for every year. You hope your team will get all the right players and get them out on the field together. You pray that no one gets injured, shot, or arrested and if they do that the guy behind him is ready to step up. And you cheer for your team to perform better than their physical tools will allow them, so they will play like a team, so they will revel and feed of their fans, so you can shout out to the Football Gods in ecstasy of the gift they have given you! Soak it in people. With the amazing 17 point come back, Our Chargers have claimed the #1 spot in the division back from the hated Denver Broncos and seem to have made the East Coast boys realize there is a team that plays smash mouth football on the other coast that they need to be aware of. Lets get this show rolling:


    <strong>Ladainian Tomlinson – </strong>Like I said last week, his name is just part of this Heroes and Zeroes template. His name just belongs here every week. What he is doing now, we will be telling our grandchildren that we witnessed it live and in person. He is at the point where he is moving from greatness and heroics to legendary status. One of my favorite movies has a quote that I think fits: "Heroes live forever but legends never die!" (The Sandlot) Well as he re-writes the record books, his play, attitude, and heart are making sure no one will ever forget #21.
    <strong>O-Line – </strong>The line played one hell of a game this week. They had great pass blocking, giving up just 1 sack and the Ian Gold hit that was actually Gates missing his assignment. But even better than the pass blocking was the run blocking. They just absolutely man-handled the Denver line wherever they wanted to stick them. You heard Madden and Michaels talking about the Denver Zone Blocking scheme all night and how they do it with smaller lineman (Who hold a lot according to Igor) and moving with speed to the second level. Well guys that's not us. We pull guards well but that is about as much speed as we show. What we have is a Blue Collar smash mouth line. They just hit people hard and move them with muscle and grit, not fancy blocking schemes and speed. Anyone who saw what the rookie Marcus McNeill did to the Denver DE when he planted him on the ground while losing his helmet and then basically told the two Denver lineman who got in his face after that to push off knows that kid has got great heart and fits right in. I would love to know what Marcus did to that guy when he planted him as he came back up with no helmet and his zipper down???
    <strong>Shaun Phillips – </strong>The Strike says that his best attribute is being a playmaker. He is absolutely right. The guy just flat out makes plays. I hope he stays healthy so when Merriman comes back we have the monster bookends for our D in place again. The sack that sealed the game and bounced the ball loose was a thing of beauty. The tackle of Javon Walker from behind by Phillips on the WR screen showed the guys flat out speed. He is having a stellar season so far.
    <strong>Michael "The Burner" Turner – </strong>I forgot him last week but that's Ok because he decided to even have a better return game this week to make up for it. Turner is starting to hit seams and break tackles on runbacks and giving us great field position. He is almost a mini Lo Neal as he is probably the only return guy who avoids running out of bounds at the end of the run just so he can hit someone and get 2 more yards. He is also giving LT a break when he needs it and getting some yards on his own. I know his carries are down from the beginning of the season but when the #1 guy is having a year like LT is, you can understand why.
    <strong>Philip Rivers – </strong>Not his best game. He made his worst pass of the year with the TD throw to Darent Williams and he missed Gates open a few times in the first half. The first interception was a tipped ball but he should have seen the guy in the lane. But the amazing thing is he doesn't let any of that phase him. He just picks his but back up and keeps pushing the Chargers forward. He made some great plays with his arm and with his legs. The TD pass to LT was a perfect read of the coverage, a perfect throw in stride, and exactly what a veteran QB should be doing for his team. His timing throw to Eric Parker on the out is showing how good his timing is getting with these guys. The throw to Vj in the corner of the end zone is soon going to become a frightening sight for opposing teams as our big 6'5" receivers keep spotting up for the alley-oop.
    <strong>All the WR's – </strong>What did we have? 1 drop? These guys are playing so well. They are making all the catches they are supposed to. Their footwork has been nothing short of amazing. But even more importantly their blocking is one of the reasons why LT is having the year he is. Anyone watch VJ down the field blocking people last night? I though Osgood was our best blocking WR but I think that may be changing. Even the smaller guys like K-Mac and Spiderman are getting solid wood in on the secondary springing LT for that extra 5 or 10 yards.
    <strong>Nate Kaeding – </strong>Most of us were a little down on the kid's kickoff distances before this season, but what a great job he has done this season. He seems to be inside the 5 and high on every kick this season. Last night he was outstanding with 3 touchbacks and that trick kick from the Denver 40 that he managed to fool the returner into catching. He also is dead nails on Pas and FGs.
    <strong>Drayton and Cromartie – </strong>Great night for these two. D-Flo got a nice pick and made some good tackles last night. Cromartie had blanket coverage of Javon Walker and Rod Smith a lot of the night and continues to show he is the fastest guy on the team as he runs down people in the kicking game.
    <strong>Terrance Kiel – </strong>Great comeback for this guy. He had a terrible game last week, but he showed a lot of fire this week. He was laying wood on Denver all night. Breaking up passing plays, hitting Denver runners, and keeping people from getting behind our guys.


    <strong>Injuries – </strong>It scares me to see so many people have to be escorted off the field. The McCree injury looked as bad as Hardwick's from last week and yet both of them made it back to the field. Phillips re-aggravated his calf injury and I hope that doesn't equate to any games off. We are really missing Castillo on that front line for run defense and pressure. Hopefully his ankle recovers and he is back on the field this Sunday. K-Mac, Eric Parker, Hardwick, McCree, Polk, Hart, J-Ball, and Floyd all spent time out of the lineup on Sunday.
    <strong>Unsportsmanlike Behaviors – </strong>First off, what Igor did was wrong. No way you can take shots at people on a football field. That kinda stuff can get ugly (Witness the Miami game this year). But in his defense, the Broncos O-line were cut blocking all night and have been for years. There is a reason the rest of the teams in the NFL call that bunch the Player Killers. They go for the cheap shot more often then not. The dive at the knees by Nalen on a spike down was completely uncalled for and he deserved to be hit but Igor has to rise above that crap. The 30 yards in penalties after we took the lead was crazy. Williams says the ref was cussing at him so that's why he got up in his grill. Well as far as I have ever been taught, it doesn't matter what the ref says you cant touch him or get up on him unless you want to lose yards and see the bench. Just a bunch of ugliness from a team that just doesn't know how to lose at home, at least gracefully.
    <strong>Slow Starts – </strong>We are red hot and playing better offense than anyone. But would it hurt you all to score 42 in the first half so I don't have to have a coronary before we win the game in the second half? I'm starting to feel like the Bears Superfans from SNL back in the 80's. They used to ask each other how many heart attacks they had so far. My favorite answer was by Chris Farley when he stated "That makes a Baker's Dozen!"
    <strong>8-2. First place alone atop the AFC West.</strong> Ahh that feels great to say. We are back where we should have been all year. First place all alone. Now is the time for the Chargers to hit the pedal hard and slam are way into the playoffs. We control our own destiny. We win and were in. No having to worry about what other teams our doing. We need to come home this week and absolutely smoke the Raiders at home. No playing down to them. No taking it easy to make sure we keep everyone rested. We need to make sure we plow every AFC West game left and that means abusing the Raiders at home. Lets get out there in droves this weekend Charger fans. Lets party hard and loud and then give our boys a huge welcome home from an absolutely awesome road trip. Lets make sure we keep protecting our house from all comers. And Lets Go Bolts!

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