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Heroes and Zeros - Game 11

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="304" height="202" title="Quentin Jammer, Chargers cornerback, intercepts pass early in fourth quarter. Jacques Cesaire lifts him off the ground in celebration." alt="Quentin Jammer, Chargers cornerback, intercepts pass early in fourth quarter. Jacques Cesaire lifts him off the ground in celebration." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061126raiders/JBchgRaid265017x32.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    Man! Can this team start playing before halftime one of these days? Are they trying to give me a heart attack? Last thing I needed was for the Raiturd fans sitting near me having any hope. They didn't seem to believe me in the 3<sup>rd</sup> quarter when I told them it was all over and they just didn't know it yet. This team is resilient and plays with great heart. I just want them to come out on fire with a solid gameplan. No one is going to fault the way the coaches have made adjustments during halftime and got the team turned around, but I would like for it to start in the first quarter. Still this team always finds a way and this weekend was no different. What a beautiful sight watching the Raiturd fans walking out of the stadium, heads hung in shame, shoulder pads drooping, face paint running from tears, skulls adorning their death shroud. Well there were definitely some Heroes and Zeros this week so lets get to it:


    <strong>Ladainian Tomlinson – </strong>The legend continues. LT is having one of the best years any football player has ever had. Another 2 touchdowns on the ground. 109 yards on the ground. Another passing touchdown. Some solid blocking. The guy can do everything. I say if we have any blowouts towards the end of this season we give him a shot at kicking and punting. Anybody doubt this guy could kick a 30 yard field goal and hit a 40 yard punt?
    <strong>O-Line – </strong>It took them a while to get going, and they missed Kris Dielman a ton, but the line got it together and helped LT get those yards late in the game that turned the tide. Marcus McNeill continues to have a Rookie of the Year type season even if they will never give it to an Offensive Tackle. The pass blocking was solid even if the passing game was lackluster.
    <strong>Shaun Phillips – </strong>The Strike continues to make plays. A sack and a half which looked like 4 sacks with all the pressure he was putting on Arron Brooks. The tip he got that slowed down the pass that Jammer picked was a thing of beauty. He made some solid tackles and really played well. With Shawne Merriman coming back this week, "The Bash Brothers" reunited, Shaun ought to be getting some better looks at the QB as teams key off Merriman. Having both OLB's with over 10 sacks is huge.
    <strong>Antonio Gates – </strong>Played a great game. Was pretty much the outlet man for Rivers all day. Sold the safety on LT's RB Pass so well that he was open by 5 yards when he caught the lofted pass. He was blocking better than he has over the past few weeks. I was just happy to see him get involved earlier in the game.
    <strong>Randall Godfrey – </strong>This guy is retiring next year? He played what may have been the best game I have ever seen him play in a Chargers uniform. He was all over the place. 13 tackles and a sack. He was getting good pressure on Brooks, he was making solid hits, and just doing a good job of being in the right place at the right time.
    <strong>Antonio Cromartie – </strong>OK. So I'm sitting in my seat, telling the Raider and Charger fans around me to watch #25 sitting back there waiting for the kickoff. I tell them that he is about the fastest guy in the league. They all kinda brush me off and laugh. 91 yards later and they aren't laughing anymore. What a great burst this kid has. Beyond that return he played solid Nickelback and did his job.
    <strong>The Cornerbacks – </strong>Jammer had a couple of poor plays in this game. His pass interference call was terrible. But man the interception made up for it and more. What a momentum change that was. And D-Flo was close to 2 picks and made the last one off of Wilhelm's tip. They didn't let any big plays go (Besides the PI). The one long play to the TE Madsen was actually Wade Phillips fault as he got caught switching to a base 3-4 run D at the last moment and the TE beat Michael Cooper down the sideline.
    <strong>Vincent Jackson – </strong>Wow! I know that those were ten of the longest minutes I have ever had at the Q! This kid will probably get up and hand the ref the ball every game for the next decade after that. But he made some solid catches and came up big with that 4<sup>th</sup> down grab. It seems that VJ and Floyd just keep swapping big plays week after week. What a fight for the #1 receiver spot next year.
    <strong>Andrew Pinnock –</strong> Had to put Pinnock in. He got his first carry of the year. For 2 yards. Woohoo!
    <strong>Shawne Merriman – </strong>Welcome back Shawne! I hope your rested and ready to lead the Chargers to the Post Season!

    <strong>Slow Starts – </strong>Need I say more?
    <strong>Philip Rivers – </strong>Played his worse game as a Charger this weekend and it was still enough to win it. I love this guy. Only fair though when you have a fairly poor game to get a Zero spot. He made enough throws to get it done. Gates caught a ton and dropped a big one. VJ and Eric Parker made some big catches for him. He just seemed to be a little off the whole game. It happens. My guess is we don't see another game like that for another year.
    <strong>The Longest 10 Minutes ever – </strong>Talk about nerve racking. Went from totally pissed, to exuberant, to shocked, to just plain confused but happy at the end. Glad that got the call right. Glad the Raiders were affected by another obscure rule. Glad that VJ will never, ever do that again. For all of our sanity.
    <strong>9-2. First place alone atop the AFC West.</strong> So nice to be up top by two. We just need to handle our business from here on out and there is nothing any team can do to stop our assault on the post season. They say good teams win even when they don't have their best stuff. Well we definitely didn't have our best stuff and we pulled it off. LT is turning heads all over the nation with his incredible play. Heck, even the East Coast media realizes that San Diego has a team now. Time for the Bolts to go into a frigid Buffalo and take care of business. They have learned how to play in cold weather (Witness 2004 in Cleveland in the snow). With a steady dose of LT, a bunch of AG, and a smattering of the big boys near the end zones and we should be able to take this game. With Merriman back, I expect the Defense to come out with that swagger again, ready to hit hard and take names. Lets give our boys some major support and come back to the West coast 10-2. Let's Go Bolts!

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