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Heroes and Zeros - Game 12

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="283" height="189" alt="LaDanian Tomlinson gets loose for 16 yards in the second quarter against the Bills." title="LaDanian Tomlinson gets loose for 16 yards in the second quarter against the Bills." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061203bills/SMHchargers260212x0014_001.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    Well folks, we braved the cold, the wind, and the snow and came out of the East Coast with another victory. 6 games in a row folks. Here's to running the board and making it a 13 game streak through February! The Chargers finally started playing ball in the first 30 minutes and jumped out to a big lead, but thanks to icy hands (Philip Rivers) and swirling cold wind (Mike Scifres) we gave the Bills great field position and they quickly made it a game again. But this is not your Chargers team from the last decade which would have folded up shop at the inevitable loss coming. Nope this team, who won the first game decided by 4 points or less in the last 10, put together a solid defensive performance and a magnificent 8 minute drive to put this game out of reach. Lets get to Heroes and Zeros:


    <strong>Ladainian Tomlinson – </strong>It's almost unfair to everyone else on the team. I should just call it LT-Like and Leaf-Like. Hero = LT. LT = Hero. That is a legitimate mathematical formula. The guy is having the best season by a running back ever. He is doing it with style and class. He is doing it on the ground and through the air. He is doing it on special teams (Hands Team) and blocking for his QB. He ought to set up his family home in the endzone because the guy lives there. He is the definition of the acronym MVP. Most Valuable Player. He is the reason the Chargers are 10-2. He is the reason why this is the best season of football I have ever witnessed. He is the reason that Charger fans have a twinkle in their eye and a swelling in their heart. He is the reason the East Coast media are aware teams out here play football. Here's to you LT! Lead this team to the Lombardi Trophy. Get the records. Get the glory. And stay the same humble, nice guy that you are.
    <strong />

    <strong>Lorenzo Neal – </strong>If this guy is not in the pro-bowl again this year it is a sham. Even LT will tell you, the year he is having would not have happened without the crushing blocks this guy has thrown. Twice during the Bills game he actually sprung LT by taking out two players with the strength and angle of his blocks. No one loves to hit and open holes more then Neal. No one in the league does it better. Here's to you Lo!
    <strong />

    <strong>O-Line – </strong>Continuing on the LT theme, his season does not happen without the fantastic run blocking this group has been doing. The left side of this line has been destroying defenses all year. Mike Goff has been a pulling machine helping LT spring some of his best runs. Nick Hardwick and his extra 15 to 20 pounds has helped keep the pocket integrity in place and kept people from getting at LT in the backfield. Olivea has kept some of the best rushers off of Rivers and helped seal off the cutbacks by LT all year. AJ, get Dielman's deal done now. We need him. Here's to you O-Line! Come by my house fro BBQ steaks anytime. You deserve it.
    <strong />

    <strong>Vincent Jackson – </strong>LT theme is still going. This season does not happen without the blocking the Receivers have done down field for LT. He is picking up 8 instead of 3 yards. He is picking up 15 instead of 8 yards. A lot of those extra yards at the end are due to VJ and the others sealing off the secondary and keeping them away from their RB. VJ and Floyd are making names for themselves this year and it will be hard to keep them off the field next year.
    <strong />

    <strong>Eric Parker – </strong>He is still a go to guy for Rivers especially on third down and he continues to make the tough catches. When he got pile driven in the first quarter I was worried. But he sprung back up and made some great plays the kicking game and making catches late in the game. There is no one more fearless on this team than "Spiderman".
    <strong />

    <strong>The Shawne'sShaun's – </strong>3 sacks between them. Two forced fumbles. 11 tackles. 1 pass defended (Although you got to raz him a little for letting Losman make him drop that sure INT). "The Bash Brothers" were back in action on the cold tundra in Buffalo. Merriman was everywhere on the field making plays. He forced the first INT to QJ. He almost got one himself. The sack and forced fumble he had on Losman in the first half was done one armed as he was held all the way to the QB. With these two guys back, we are a force on Defense again. Also, I love Cesaire. He is a great backup. But man we need Castillo back. Once he returns, its back to shutouts and bashing teams.
    <strong />

    <strong>Donnie Edwards – </strong>The LB's were great in this one but man Donnie had an insane game with 18 tackles. He was hitting his holes, wrapping people up, and not letting anything break for a long gain. Even after losing Randall he kept everything going well and worked great with Wilhelm and Cooper.
    <strong />

    <strong>The Front 3 – </strong>J-Ball was just crushing the pocket all day long. Losman rarely was able to stay there. Igor was crashing the right side and made a big dive for the first fumble recovery. Cesaire was getting pressure and keeping the tackles off of the OLB's so they could get at the QB. Just a really great game played by these guys.
    <strong />

    <strong>The Secondary – </strong>They gave up 2 touchdowns but they played great ball. Another pick for Jammer giving him 4 on the season. Clinton baby, when you intercept the ball late in the 4<sup>th</sup> with a big lead and the other team has no timeouts left, you go to the ground. Don't try to get yards. Don't try to "Make a Play". Just go down son. That fumble could have cost us. As for the stonehands exhibited see the Zeroes section. As a whole, the secondary did a great job. I saw one long pass that D-Flo was covering step for step with Evans and then you saw Jue fall over and cover over the top. It was textbook. The ball was batted away. Evans never had a shot. Losman was lucky Jue didn't have a better angle on it or it was a pick. That was the play where I jumped up from my seat and told everyone in the room, "That's how you cover the deep ball in the NFL folks!"
    <strong />


    <strong>Players who try to injure other players – </strong>Whether it happened to Hart or not, there are players who seem to think its OK to deliberately attempt to injure other players. This is a contact game and people are going to get hurt. I love seeing someone get absolutely blasted by another player. Great hitting is fun to watch. But I never hope for someone to get injured. I never want a guy to go down that way. If your team isn't man enough to beat the other team straight up, then take your hits and get better.
    <strong />

    <strong>Stonehands – </strong>I know there is a reason DBs are DBs and not WRs. Usually comes down to hands. I understand not coming down with apick when your fighting the WR for the ball. But we have had at least 10 INT's dropped where our guy was unmolested and still could not catch it. Jue dropped a perfect pass thrown to him against the Bills. D-Flo dropped two yesterday, one of which would have gone for 6. I know Jammer did some eye-hand and catching work in the off-season last year. It appears to be working. Lets get the rest of the secondary on that training course and we could be a much better team.
    <strong />

    <strong>Weather – </strong>I love watching those snow bowl games on the TV. I hate having my team playing in those snow bowl games. Rain, Sleet, and Snow just make me nervous. FYI to teams in the northern part of the US: Build dome stadiums! Its not even a new idea guys. You will never host a Super Bowl. You may think you gain an advantage because your team is used to it, but "½ of your team was born in California or Texas and is not used to 15 degree game weather. Kicking in 30 degree temperatures with 16+ MPH swirling winds is no fun. Just ask Scifres and his punt that got slammed by the wind and pushed back about 15 yards and 10 yards to the sideline. Ask Kaeding and his 38 yard field goal that curved almost as much as it went forward.
    <strong />

    <strong>10-2. First place alone atop the AFC West.</strong> <strong>#2 Seed for the Playoffs. </strong>You couldn't have asked for much more this weekend if you're a Charger fan. The entire AFC West lost except for us. The Colts lost to the Titans. Baltimore got beat. What a great weekend. Our team has learned how to finish games this year. They are playing like a family. Everyone backing each other up and trying to win for the team. Now its time to finish this season strong. Lets sweep the last 4 games. Hopefully go into January as the #1 seed and make everyone have to come to San Diego to try to take use down. And I stress Try! Now is the time for the fans to take over games at home. We need to be loud. We need to give our team the best 12<sup>th</sup> man they have ever had. Don't sell your tickets to opposing team fans. Get your jersey's on, get your tailgate fired up, and let's help push this team into the playoffs. I don't know about you, but I'd like to be vacationing in Florida come February! Let's Go Bolts!

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