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Heroes and Zeros - Game 13

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers Hall of Champions' started by robdog, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="313" height="208" title="Vincent Jackson hauls in a long pass in the second half. Jackson had receptions of 35 and 55 yards." alt="Vincent Jackson hauls in a long pass in the second half. Jackson had receptions of 35 and 55 yards." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061210broncos/SMHchargersbroncos260214x0022.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>

    7 in a row people! Our team is on a great run and lets hope this run extends through February. Sweeping the Donkeys is a good landmark for this team. The Broncos have always owned a piece of our soul as Chargers fans and I think this weekend our boys raided the Denver treasure trove and got it back for us. The team played extremely well for about 55 minutes of this game. We just need to shore up the other 5 minutes and we got ourselves a Superbowl team. This year all of the chips seem to be falling into place with teams losing when we need them to, and our team turning it on to close out games. We control our own destiny now. Sweep the last 3 and the road to the Superbowl for the AFC comes through San Diego! As for the game, lets get to the Heroes and Zeros:
    <strong>LT's (a.k.a. Heroes):</strong>

    Ladainian Tomlinson – </strong>Probably not fair to put him in a category that is labeled with his name but-. What else can I say that has not been said about this guy. The greatest player to ever wear a Lighting Bolt uniform. One of the greatest human beings to play professional sports. The All-Time Single Season Touchdown record holder. As a Charger Fanatic for 25 years, As a fan who lived through Fouts and Humphries as well as Friesz and Leaf, As a fan who lives in the LA area with 95% Raider fans surrounding him, As a fan who was at the Playoff game against Miami in 1995, As a fan who watched Ryan Leaf play with great skills and no heart, As a fan who watched as NFL Purebloods (The Mannings) called our team poor and un-fixable, As a fan who had to choke back the emotion last Sunday as you were hoisted into the air by your team, scratch that, your football family, As a fan I thank you for this year. Whether we get the rings or not, whether we win a playoff game or not, this has been the single greatest year for me as a fan, and the reason I have never wavered in my support of the Bolts for the past 2 "½ decades. Thank you.
    <strong>Lorenzo Neal – </strong>There is no thanking LT without thanking this guy. No FB has ever lead a RB better than this guy has all year. He is not just punching holes in the defense, he is obliterating one or even two guys on almost every run. The Bumblrooskie for a TD was just magic and well deserved by Lo. This is a Pro-Bowl FB and a fantastic person to boot. I hope he keeps playing and retires with LT (A long shot I know).
    <strong>O-Line –</strong> How can you thank a RB without thanking the guys who blocked for him every play. I am prod of how well these guys have worked together to become a cohesive, impressive unit. I know in the beginning of the year, we all had some questions especially about the LT spot but man has the rookie McNeill stepped up and played in my consideration, a Rookie of the year type season. I always wanted us to have a line like KC with all of the pulling and second level blocking they did, and now we have it. And it is a thing of beauty. Good job boys!
    <strong>Vincent Jackson –</strong> Anybody else doubt that this kid is our #1 receiver come August next year? He is making great strides and is starting to become a deep threat for us. If we can establish a deep passing game with AG on the short to medium stuff, LT will be running all day long.
    <strong>Philip Rivers – </strong>Just another day at the office. Of course it was a 136 passer rating day, but to Philip it's just another W on the way to something more important. I'll tell you what, standing next to my seat at the Q, looking down on the field, watching this guy point out coverages, yelling at players to get into the right spot for the play called, smiling a grin ear to ear when Lo got in the endzone on the Bumblrooskie, is there any question that this guy is not just a good QB, but the take charge Field General with skills to match that we have been waiting for over a decade to see?
    <strong>Kassim Osgood – </strong>Continues to make an art form out of special teams play. He beat a double team as a gunner to catch that punt by Mike Scifres that landed at the 7. He better get his Special teams slot this year to make up for losing it last year to an injury.
    <strong>Shawne Merriman – </strong>Can a guy who was suspended for 4 games be the Defensive Player of the Year? That is the question Shawne Merriman keeps answering every week. Since his return he has only gotten 10 tackles, 4 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 1 recovered fumble, 2 passes defended, and forced a pick. I know people are talking about Jason Taylor getting the nod and I believe he is a worthy candidate, but he is not the game changer that Lights Out is.
    <strong> </strong>

    <strong>Stephen Cooper – </strong>9 tackles and a sack for the future starting LB of the Chargers. A great game by Stephen who was around the ball all day and made some great hits when it counted.
    <strong>Luis Castillo – </strong>Just great to see the guy back on the field making plays. I love Jacques. He is a good player and a great guy. But Luis is a Manimal. He is a major playmaker and the sack on 4<sup>th</sup> down in the 4<sup>th</sup> quarter was a huge play.
    <strong>The Kickers – </strong>Nate continue to be absolutely solid and Mike Scifres continues to be a weapon for this team.
    <strong>Not LT's (a.k.a. Zeros):

    <strong>Lack of Focus – </strong>It seems like whether its for the whole first half, or for the whole 3<sup>rd</sup> quarter, our team loses focus. We keep playing so well and then all of a sudden a team jumps back into it, or lights us up to start a game. We need to work on maintaining focus for 60 minutes and making sure no team hangs around with us long enough to get "Lucky".
    <strong>Halftime Show – </strong>Is it me or have we had absolutely nothing going on at halftime all year? Love the Seal team skydiving in. Love the Navy and Air Force planes flying over. But where are the marching bands, Pop Warner teams, Special Olympics, or at least a performance by our Charger Girls?
    <strong>Noise from the Donkey Fans – </strong>I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to feel that the Denver fans are spoiled rotten whiners. They are hammering there team for the whole first half as SD marches on them and makes Cutler look silly. Then bango, they score a few points and they are telling me how our team is week, our secondary is week, LT is nothing against Denver, and how we will never have what they have, a Superbowl ring. 20 points later they were whining about Shanahan, Cutler, and Cleveland D-Lineman. All I can say is shut your piehole, get out of our house, and don't expect Charger fans to give you sympathy because our team is better and we just swept your butt out of town.
    <strong>11-2. First place alone atop the AFC West.</strong> <strong>#1 Seed for the Playoffs. </strong>The Chargers are in the drivers seat now. We are in control of our fate. Just keep winning boys. The fans will be here in force to help you win playoff games. Just bring the games to San Diego with another 3 wins. The Broncos called 2 timeouts and had 2 false starts that I attribute directly to the Charger fans at the Q. We can make a difference. Lets give the whole team some love this weekend when we play on Primetime against the last team to beat us, KC. I would love to keep LJ in check for once and to pound KC at home with our fans making a difference like theirs do in Arrowhead. Lets rename the Q the Thunderdome! (And yes I'm well aware that Jack Murphy Stadium is not a dome!) <strong>Lets Go Bolts!</strong>

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