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Heroes and Zeros - Game 15

Discussion in 'Latest Chargers News & Headlines' started by robdog, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. robdog

    robdog Code Monkey Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2009
    <img width="290" height="193" title="Donnie Edwards, Antonio Gates and Marques Harris leave the game victorious." alt="Donnie Edwards, Antonio Gates and Marques Harris leave the game victorious." src="http://photos.signonsandiego.com/gallery1.5/albums/061224seahawks/SMHchargers260224x0022.jpg" />

    By MadMike
    <em>Bolt Talk Staff Writer</em>
    9 in a row! I almost killed my Mom while sitting there watching "The Drive – San Diego Style!" I guess 62 year old ladies aren't used to people jumping up and down screaming at the top of their lungs, kissing their wives, and picking up there kids and carrying them around the house in a victory dance. What an early Christmas present for Charger fans! I watched the whole game sitting around the family and had to temper some of my reactions. Randy Cross is lucky he wasn't in the same room with me because I would have sucker punched him for the constant belittling of Our Team and Our QB! Eating crow is not enough Randy, You should put a public apology out in the USA Today for that poor commentating. Anybody else think we are seeing the Brett Farve of the next 10 years? As for the Heroes and Zeros, lets get to them:


    <strong>Philip Rivers – </strong>Say what you will about his 10 for 30 passing. Say what you will about his first 3 quarters passer rating. But this kid just wins. Marty said it best when he said that the only thing he graded Philip on was Wins and Losses. On a day where the wind was gusting up to 18 miles an hour straight down the field (Witness Nate Kaeding's kick into the wind that almost started blowing backwards), the rain was poring, the field was slick, his receivers dropped 5 passes, the Seahawks were getting good pressure from different blitz packages, Philip managed to make all the passes that counted. He threw the deep ball with the tail wind and managed not to overthrow Jackson in the endzone. He made time and waited for the play to develop on the scoring pass in the second quarter. The fact that this guy finishes games so well makes me have faith that he will take us to the promised land. Have faith in Philip! The new Man Law for this week: If you lead your team to a victory in the last 2 minutes of the game you are heretofore known as "The Man"
    <strong>Vincent Jackson – </strong>In a game against a team with possibly the best group of WR's in the league on the other side of the ball, VJ was the best one on the field all day. He dropped a couple of passes but the elements can be blamed for most of that stuff. His routes were run well. His speed is extremely deceptive as its more predicated on his long gait than actual leg speed. This helps him get DB's to misjudge him and bang he's 5 yards open deep. This guy is really using the extra playing time to his advantage and quickly becoming our true #1 receiver.
    <strong>O-Line – </strong>Run blocking was solid again but the pass blocking was not up to par. They kept Philip from getting sacked too much but they were getting pushed into the pocket a lot causing some hurried passes. The rain and slick turf did not help them in pass blocking but also did not help Seattle handle our rush blocking. LT gets 123 yards and has a 40+ yard TD called back. The line continues to be a strong point for the Chargers. Roman Oben was solid in backing up Marcus McNeill.
    <strong>J-Wall Williams – </strong>Jamal absolutely blew up the Seattle line all day. Hasselback was having to move out of a crushed pocket all day long which helped the pass rush. He also collected another 8 tackles pushing his total to 66, third on the team!
    <strong>Shawne Merriman – </strong>Everybody has an opinion on whether Shawne should be allowed to play in the Pro-Bowl and whether he can be named DPOY with a positive test. Shawne keeps proving he is a legit candidate every game he plays. He is absolutely relentless and has a major nose for the ball. He is knocking passes down left and right. 15.5 sacks is a monster year. Had he played those 4 games we may be talking about him breaking the single season sack record. Still he is tied for the league lead and one of the major reasons our D is so feared.
    <strong>Clinton</strong><strong> Hart – </strong>The best stat out of last weeks game? 1<sup>st</sup> half leading receiver for the Chargers: Clinton Hart with 2 Interceptions for 15 yards. Clinton made some good stabs on an overthrown ball and a tipped ball. He is playing solid safety and I think should be above Jue on the depth chart.
    <strong>Donnie Edwards – </strong>We will miss this guy next year. He just plain has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He knocked away at least 2 passes, and I thought it was more like 4. He got a half sack, made some nice tackles at the line of scrimmage, and in general played a fantastic game.
    <strong>Nate Kaeding – </strong>Nate, 2 kicks into that wind, in that rain, on that wet field? You're the man. The first kick was actually starting to come back at the very end because the wind was so strong. He has been clutch all season. I cant wait for his chance to redeem himself for the Jets playoff game in 2004. He will nail it!
    <strong>Cleo Lemon – </strong>I know he's on the Dolphins whom we all hate but got to give Cleo props for a solid game even in a loss to the Jets.

    <strong>The Announcers – </strong>I cannot say anymore about how bad they were. The only bright spot was making them crap their collective pants at the end and shoving that big foot in their mouths after it was done.
    <strong>The Elements – </strong>Does anyone need more poignant a sign of how important this weeks game is after weathering the rain and wind in Seattle? Lets bring it home to San Diego boys!
    <strong>Poor play due to weather – </strong>Both sides had their issues with misfired passes and dropped balls. Hasselback had his second worse game at home in 3 years. This week Rivers and Hardwick spent some time in the showers snapping the ball. They had no issues in the game with snaps. I think if we are going to face anymore rainy games we ought to get the WR's in their with them and practice catching the ball when its wet.
    <strong>Mike Scifres – </strong>Not sure what is wrong with Mike but he has been a little off the last 2 weeks. Doesn't look like anything major but we need him to get on track for the playoffs.
    <strong>13-2. First place alone atop the AFC West.</strong> <strong>#1 Seed for the Playoffs. </strong>Well folks, 1 more game and then the second season starts! The Chargers need to come home this week and put the game away early. No playing around with a team that may suck but has a lot of weapons. This may be the worst O-line we have faced all year and I expect our D to get a ton of sacks and pressure Warner all day. Kurt cannot handle pressure at all. Lets get into him early and often and come out with a Pass and Michael Turner oriented game plan. Give LT a quarter or two of play and sit him. Let Philip carry the team with his arm and get him firing on all cylinders for the post season. After hearing those schmucks on TV talking about the Seahacks 12<sup>th </sup>man the whole game, We need to show them what a real 12<sup>th</sup> man is. Let's get the Q rocking and rolling and send our boys into the bye week knowing they have home field advantage and what an advantage it really is! <strong>Lets Go Bolts!</strong>

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